(Deceased) Armen Arandis

Human Imperial Tactical Officer and Gambler


Lt. Arandis wears his Imperial uniform during the tournament, and each day it looks crisp, clean, and neatly pressed. He is young, perhaps not long out of the Imperial Academy, and his cool gaze is disrupted only by a long scar that cuts diagonally across his face, starting at one temple, crossing his right eye, and ending at his upper lip. Lt. Arandis is the picture of Imperial discipline, and he is also an excellent gambler.

He appears to not be comfortable in his current environment. He was a bit standoffish to Lemaj (Jamil) but the ice was broken and he revealed the following:

“I am a tactical officer aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer the Assiduous. We are on special assignment duty, based out of Prakith.”

“I just learned the game a little over a year ago, in the Academy. My Tactics instructor used sabacc analogies frequently to illustrate his points, so I sought out the game.”

“Sabacc is a game of skill, but also one of luck. Much as in battle, best-laid plans can go awry due to random elements. Unfortunately, my fellow shipmates have ceased to be a challenge for me, so I requested leave to come play in the tournament in hopes of seeing how I fare against the rest of the galaxy.”

(Dol Malik has declared it a secondary objective to kill this character)

Good card player, tactical precision, methodical. “You see how perceptive and shrewd a card player Lt. Arandis is, along with one more quirk—after each hand, he stacks his cards neatly on top of one another and slides them face down back to the dealer. Lt. Arandis does this every single time, with practiced motion, like clockwork.”

Other Info: (recovered from datapad from Baron Kithris)

Missive from Coruscant: Transaction codename SARLACC065824 set to occur during Cloud City Sabacc Tournament as planned. The Hutt has assured us that his agent will be present to receive the handoff. An officer from the Assiduous will be taking part in the tournament. The transaction will occur during play so as to avoid arousing suspicion. You are responsible only for observing this transaction and making sure that the Hutt’s agent does nothing to endanger the secrecy of the arrangement. Under no circumstances are you to interfere with the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, send a confirmation message to Coruscant standard relay 88-Shen- Xesh-3, then return to Chandrila. No further instructions will follow.

The datapad contains travel logs that identify him as Baron Kithriss, a wealthy noble from Chandrila. The logs show that prior to coming to Bespin, he spent a great deal of time on a political retreat in the Deep Core, seemingly at Palpatine’s behest. Baron Kithriss’s datapad includes instructions to meet up with his “retainers” and travel to Bespin, securing accommodations at the Yerith Bespin hotel and awaiting further instructions. Moreover, he is to let no one know that he is an agent for the Empire, and he must maintain complete communications silence except to receive instructions on his data pad.


(Deceased) Armen Arandis

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