Allowed Material

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Official Material

Edge of the Empire Age of Rebellion Force and Destiny
Core Rulebooks
Core Rulebook Core Rulebook Core Rulebook
Career Sourcebooks
Enter the Unknown-Explorers Stay on Target-Aces Keeping the Peace-Guardians
Dangerous Covenants-Hired Guns Desperate Allies-Diplomats Savage Spirits-Seekers
Fly Casual-Smugglers Lead by Example-Commanders Endless Vigil-Sentinels
Far Horizons-Colonists Forged in Battle-Soldiers Disciples of Harmony-Consulars
Special Modifications-Technicians
No Disintegrations-Bounty Hunters
Location Sourcebooks
Suns of Fortune Strongholds of Resistance Nexus of Power
Lords of Nal Hutta

Unofficial Material

Consolidated Index Species Menagerie Starship Repair Rules
Spark of Rebellion

Allowed Material

Star Wars: Champions of the Light Garrion