Character Creation and Advancement

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Creating Your Character

Before you begin creating your character, review all the allowed material so that you can have a detailed concept and know what your options are. Also review the house rules for modifications you should be aware of. You may mix and match as desired from among the source material as long as you follow all requirements. A great tool to assist you in the task of character creation and maintenance is OggDude’s Character Generator. You do not have to use this tool but it can vastly assist the process if you do.

1. Determine Character Concept and Background

Develop your character concept and select a Background from any official Fantasy Flight Games source material.

2. Determine Starting Obligation, Duty, and Morality

Select from any combination of Obligation, Duty, or Morality fitting your character concept. You may select an Obligation (up to a maximum value of 15) if it fits your concept but it is not required. If you opt to use Obligation it will grant additional XP and/or credits, but you are subject to it as well. You may select a Duty (up to a maximum value of 10) if it fits your concept but it is not required. Since Duty is optional you may not receive XP and/or credits from decreasing it, but you would be missing out on the other potential rewards it brings. You may also select Morality if it fits with your concept and wish for it to factor into character development, but it is only mandatory if the character is Force Sensitive. If you choose not to engage in Morality, you do not get the XP and/or credits option that comes with it. (Note that this varies from the core rules stating that you may only receive bonus XP and/or Credits from a single source, since you could potentially earn it from both Obligation and Morality.)

3. Select a Species

All species from official Fantasy Flight Games source material are available. Further species contained in the The Unofficial Species Menagerie may also be used, however species listed in official Fantasy Flight Games Core Rule Books and supplementary material will always take precedence. In the case where a species’ statistics are used from an unofficial source, and during the campaign are canonized from an official source, the player has the option of choosing which version they wish to use.

4. Select a Career

All careers from official Fantasy Flight Games source material are available.

5. Select a Specialization

All specializations from official Fantasy Flight Games source material are available.

6. Invest Experience Points

At this point you may invest the Starting XP granted to you by your species selection, as well as bonus XP awarded via Obligation, Morality and the GM. Note that no skill can be raised higher than rank 2 and no characteristic can be increased higher than 5 during character creation.

7. Determine Derived Attributes

Determine your derived attributes based off your Species, Characteristics, and other factors from investing XP.

8. Determine Motivations

Any Motivation from official Fantasy Flight Games source material may be used.

9. Choose Gear and Appearance

Characters will start with 500 base credits, plus any bonus credits they received from Obligation and Morality, to purchase equipment. All equipment of Rarity 7 or less from official Fantasy Flight Games source material is available to be purchased. Complete any descriptive details about your character.

10. Determine Group Resource

The group as a whole must agree on a common resource from those available in any official Fantasy Flight Games source material. This step will be omitted due to the nature of the campaign and “Group Resources” being supplied as part of the story.

11. Submit the Character to the GM

Completed characters should be submitted to the GM for final approval. This can be done by using OggDude’s Character Generator. Export the completed character and send the .xml file to the GM. Additionally, use the Dynamic Style Sheet (DSS) titled “Star Wars: EotE – Automated” to fill in your character data on the character page.

Advancing Your Character

Bonus points will be granted based on character actions and campaign progress. New characters entering an ongoing campaign will follow the steps above for creating new characters, but will then be given a number of bonus points by the GM to further advance the character.

Earned points will be posted to the Adventure Log after each session (usually a day or two). Total XP will be adjusted accordingly by the GM and posted on the Experience Points page. The pool of XP reflected on this page may be used to purchase character upgrades but is subject to the normal rules for Investing Experience Points. You have until the next session to notify the GM and purchase any relevant abilities. Unless the campaign has seen significant down time, the GM will limit improvements to what would be warranted in a short period of time – a single talent learned, a single skill rank improved, a single specialization acquired, a single force power learned. (Note that you may purchase a new Specialization and a Talent for that specialization at the same time, as those are different components.) At the start of a session all improvements are “locked in” for that session. The player may flip an available Destiny token once per session to open up the opportunity to spontaneously learn a new ability if they have the points for it.

The GM will also alter Morality (also Duty and Obligation as needed) after each session and post the adjusted results to the Duty, Morality, and Obligation page.

When you update your character by spending CP, record the changes on your character page of this site. The entry should be placed under the “Character Point Expenditure Log” entry created by the GM and contain the date of the improvement, what was purchased, and the XP change. Refer to the example shown below:

XP Expenditure Log

8-1-15: 100 Starting XP used for Creation
10-2-15: Astrogation skill 1 (5 XP)
10-15-15: Astrogation skill 2 (10 XP)
10-15-15: Researcher talent (5 XP)

Periodically update your character using OggDude’s Character Generator and send the exported .xml file to the GM. Also, make sure that you update the character sheet on the site when the character is improved.

Character Death & Replacement

In the unfortunate event of character death, you will create a new character with the same XP value. Follow all the requirements for creating and advancing a new character above. Voluntary character retirement is highly frowned upon and will therefore be cause for loosing 10% of your earned XP. Note that attempts to kill your character on purpose to avoid the retirement penalty will not grant any reprieve. If the GM deems the death intentional then the same rules as retirement apply.

Character Creation and Advancement

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