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Campaign Specific

1. This is a Star Wars game using the Fantasy Flight Games ruleset in the ________ era.

2. This will be an open campaign which requires extra work for preparation. You are free to travel where you want and engage or pass on any opportunities made available.

3. The group needs a decisive leader who will make choices when the path is not clear. Many times in the past with open campaigns, and sometimes in railroading ones, we get bogged down by indecision. The leader can delegate to another as needed, but I need someone to be able to make definitive choices… go north, go south, stay, leave, help, don’t get involved, etc.

4. I need notice if you are planning any major changes from the current course of action so that I can prep for the events as needed. Online play with MT requires some setup if you want a tactical event, making a token is not just cut and paste. As such, you will find that many encounters may be narrative and not include the use of tokens. FFG Star Wars actually lends itself to this approach well and is actually the “default”. Most encounters do not include tactical maps. Consider maps a perk of a well-planned event.


1. Be mature adults. No personal squabbles between players. Characters may have disagreements but keep this in character. We are all here to have fun and don’t ruin it for the others.

2. No intentional anti-group relationships. You may have a small conflict in beliefs with an individual character but your character is not going to oppose the groups desires and needs, otherwise he would not be in it. You are a group working together for mutual benefit. This may seem to be a given but I have had those in the past that try to stir the pot and it seems worse in online games where people have more anonymity. To insure the enjoyment of the game for everyone else, this will not be tolerated.

3. Be reliable. My desire is to keep the full group through the entirety of the campaign but we need you to be dependable. Vacations will happen and life will interfere. This is expected but just give us notice so we can plan around it. Nothing sucks more than me waking up at 6am after 5 or less hours of sleep only to find out that I have just 2 players that show up. Not to mention, the inconvenience to the other players that could have planned something else with their day. This is just basic respect. The best way of sending notice is a via group email.

4. Make a character you are happy with. I know you want to plan a well-rounded group but make sure in the process that you create a character that you are going to want to stick with. I don’t want any character-hopping as you try to figure out what you want.

5. Be ready on your turn. You have an entire round to have your actions planned out and the mechanics researched, with minor variations due to other’s actions. If you are not ready, your turn will be skipped with a “Wait” action. You will have ~15 seconds to at least reply with a summary of your actions. You may then take extra time to type out a narrative or make the roll(s) after I announce modifiers. Taking too long only makes everyone else get bored while they wait and drags game play to a near halt.

6. Keep your character sheet updated. Don’t upload or send me a sheet every time you purchase or use up an item, your Wounds change, or you earn XP. Do upload or send a new sheet when you spend XP. Your token on MapTool will reflect things that are in constant flux.

7. Help out on the site. The site will be a much richer experience for all if you assist in keeping it current. It is a wiki which means that you may create your own links and entries for the lore that you obtain as we progress. “Lore” is more of a general group knowledge thing whereas anything player specific should be related in your individual journal. I won’t penalize for not getting involved but you will get perks for extra involvement. I’ll try to keep things updated as we progress but it is a big job and help is appreciated.

8. My responsibility is to ensure everyone enjoys the game. Some of you know I have no qualms killing players if a bad result comes up but I will not do it out of spite. I will attempt to ensure you are challenged and you may very well bite off more than you can chew, however your friends are there to have your back. I wish to have a group of characters survive the campaign, from beginning to end, and I will do my best to make sure that happens.

9. I am not a rules lawyer. I don’t have every single rule memorized and I expect you to be fair and honest in the use of your abilities. I will double check things as needed but I will not micromanage you. If I make a mistake in a ruling bring it to my attention and I will correct it, but do not argue. If it has no real impact on events I will note the error but will not make any retroactive changes because that just slows the game down. If it is a major error in your favor that could be life impacting then I will make whatever changes are needed. If you forget to use an ability then you will just have to wait till your next turn to use it and I will not go back to change events after your turn is over. I forget monster abilities sometimes too and the same thing applies. The only exception is if I forget to apply an ongoing effect. I will just apply it at the time it is remembered.


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