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System Compatibility Chart

Simple (-) TN8 DC0-4
Easy () TN8 DC5-9
Average () TN10 DC10-14
Hard () TN13 DC15-16
Daunting () TN17 DC20-24
Formidable () TN23 DC25-29
or may grant improved outcome equivalent to increased TN/DC.
Attribute Values
1d 8-10
2d 11-13
3d 14-16
4d 17-19
5d 20-23
6d 24+
Agility Dexterity Dexterity
Brawn Strength Strength, Constitution
Cunning Perception? Wisdom
Intellect Knowledge, Mechanical, Technical? Intelligence
Presence ? Charisma
Willpower ? Wisdom
Skill Values
+1d +2 to +5
+2d +6 to +9
+3d +10 to +13
+4d +14 to +17
+5d +18 to +21
+6d +22 to +25
+2 bonus grants and -2 penalty grants .
+5 bonus grants and -5 penalty grants .
+10 bonus grants and -10 penalty grants .
+20 bonus grants and -20 penalty grants .
Astrogation Astrogation N/A
Athletics Climbing, Jumping, Lifting, Running, Swimming Climb, Endurance, Jump, Swim
Brawl Brawling Atk
Charm Con, Persuasion Persuasion
Coercion Con, Intimidation, Persuasion Persuasion
Computers Computer Programming/Repair Use Computer
Cool Will
Coordination Acrobatics Acrobatics
Core Worlds Planetary Systems Knowledge
Deception Con Deception
Discipline Willpower Will
Education Scholar Knowledge
Gunnery Artillery, Starship Gunnery, Vehicle Blasters Atk
Leadership Command, Tactics N/A
Lightsaber Lightsaber Atk
Lore Knowledge
Mechanics Any Repair Mechanics
Medicine First Aid, Medicine Treat Injury
Melee Melee Combat Atk
Negotiation Bargain Persuasion
Outer Rim Planetary Systems Knowledge
Perception Search Perception
Piloting (Planetary) Repulsorlift Operation Pilot
Piloting (Space) Space Transports, Starship Piloting Pilot
Ranged (Heavy) Blaster, Firearms Atk
Ranged (Light) Blaster, Firearms Atk
Resilience Stamina Endurance, Fort
Skulduggery Con, Forgery, Pick Pocket N/A
Stealth Hide, Sneak Stealth
Streetwise Streetwise Gather Information
Survival Beast Riding, Survival Ride, Survival
Underworld Knowledge
Vigilance investigation Ref
Xenology Alien Species Knowledge


Regarding adding languages to the game: I tend to want a concrete list of known languages, but my personal take is not to add an entirely new skill set, but rather to allow each rank of a Knowledge skill to also add a known language appropriate to the Knowledge. Of course an interpreter bypasses all of this.

Knowledge (Core) – would allow a language from species in the core
Knowledge (Rim) – species from the outer rim
Knowledge (Underworld) – species prominent in the underworld (Huttese would almost always be learned with Rank 1 for example)
Knowledge (Lore) – tending towards dead or outdated languages, but also could indicate languages from strongly religious cultures or prominent mystical groups
Knowledge (Education) – extremely common species or those with high technical aptitude
Knowledge (Warfare) – Warrior species
Knowledge (Xenology) – pretty much anything except your own species

Dice Statistics

33% 67% 63% 63% 83% 66% 8%
33% 33% 50% 75% 75% 66% 8%
70% 70%

GM Stuff

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