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Incoming Contracts

Archilogical Artifacs in the Archive on Eriadu
A scholar in the Archive has contacted someone concerning an ancient artifact that could be related to the fictitious Jedi. This is likely a time-sensitive opportunity if the message recipient shows interest. The expected reward is unknown but could provide information or materials relating to the Jedi.

Accepted Contracts

Levea’s Bounty Hunter Trouble
Levea has contacted Shahyr asking for help with a predicament she is in. Shahyr owes her and she is calling upon the favor. This is likely a time-sensitive operation if you are to stop the bounty hunter before Levea is found. The expected reward would be fulfilling Shahyr’s obligation to Levea.

The mission details are to infiltrate a Black Sun establishment and secure data on a bounty hunter contracted to Levea. This was done and the hunter is revealed to be a human named Rosh Solik. Now he needs to be found and stopped.

Completed Contracts

Retrieve the Imperial Defector on Felucia
This contract was paid in full by Bail Organa.

Discover the Nature of the Sarlaac Project
This contract is offered by Bail Organa of Alderaan. A sum of 1000 credits will be paid to each member upon return with details about the nature of the secret project code named “Sarlaac Project”.

500 credits was paid upon partial completion of the task, the arrival from Cato Neimoidia with information that he had fled to Cloud City on Bespin where he was involved in a deal with the Empire. Another 500 credits was paid upon return to the Resurgence with Darga, information from his computer on his space yacht, and a ship full of slaves.

Ensure that Koroma Moro wins the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament
This contract is offered by Switch. Ensure that Captain Koroma Moro wins the Sabacc Tournament by whatever means you have at your disposal. Five percent (5%) of the total pot will be paid to the group if he wins.

40k credits were transferred to the group upon Koroma Moro winning the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament.

Crystals on Phemis
A black market vendor on Eriadu tells of recent seismic activity on Phemis that has created access to crystal deposits. This is likely a time-sensitive opportunity due to Emperial forces working to secure the site. The expected reward would be crystals for use in lightsabers.

The contact was correct. The gaps in security allowed access to the caverns containing Rubat crystals. Escape was interrupted by some troopers and TIEs but managed to succeed. A total of three crystals were recovered by the force sensitive members of the group.

Job Board

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