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A hyperlane, also known as a hyperroute, hyperway, hyperspace route, hyperspace lane, spacelane, star-route, trade route, or jump route, was an area of space that had been deemed safe for hyperspace travel. A spaceship could safely travel these routes without colliding with a body in space, or some other phenomenon such as a black hole. There were five major routes in the galaxy, with hundreds of secondary routes and thousands of minor ones. Scouting new hyperspace routes was an incredibly dangerous task for an explorer. In many parts of the galaxy hyperlanes also involved periodic re-entry into realspace. This was so as to manually maneuver the ship towards the next hyper-point. It was in these spots that pirate raids were common. The Galactic Empire and other governments often sought to lessen this threat by constructing deep-space platforms at hyper-points.

Major Routes

Corellian Run

Corellian Trade Spine

Hydian Way

Perlemian Trade Route

Rimma Trade Route

Notable Secondary Routes

Regions / Sectors / Systems

Deep Core

Core Worlds




Inner Rim

Expansion Region

Mid Rim

Outer Rim Territories


Unknown Regions

Wild Space


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