Session 25 Log

Sachi: Hihi

Sachi: ~

Korbyn: hey

Taragnor: hey

Tabris: Osu~

Korbyn: we all here?

Tabris: No Ty

Tabris: And waiting on G to get back

Garrion: howdy

Tabris: Ah, hey G

Garrion: just 8 mimnutes late, no XP penalty for me

Tabris: lol

Taragnor: heh

Sachi: Yay, hiya G~

Garrion: give me a few, still not had dinner so will be getting a bite here and there

Garrion: still need Taragnor on Discord

Korbyn: so where did we go again? alderan?

Tabris: Yeah we stopped at Alderaan and got the ship repaired

Tabris: On our way to Coruscant

Garrion: one thing i want to point out to everyone who i not had a chance to tell yet… a slight change to the way Conflict is handled

Korbyn: right that was like 900 each right?

Tabris: Yeah

Garrion: it is more of a sliding scale dependent on your current moral status


Taragnor: ah okay, so subtact 900.

Tabris: Yup

Taragnor: k will do

Tabris: Yeah so basically we’re gonna plateau at around 70 and never go any higher lol

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla Loses 900 credits.

Garrion: the more depraved you are the less henous acts will affect you

Prasla: Oh do I have my strain threshold back?

Garrion: the more righteous you are the more those same acts will affct you

Taragnor: heh wow… guess I’m at 85 now. Almost broke heh.

Garrion: it is exponential and not linear

Garrion: let’s see, what had you lost it for?

Garrion: the bad air?

Garrion: yes, several weeks have passed so you should be good now

Garrion: we are going to skip past alderaan and head straight into Coruscant unless you had something specific you wanted to do… like befiend little Leia

Tabris: lol

Jamil Deen: Yeah be like “Hey Leia, we met your real dad and killed him! Only not really”

Garrion: give you all a sec to review the conflict deal and answer any questions

Korbyn: seems ok I guess

Jamil Deen: Just seems to me like it’s going to make us end up plateauing and never reaching the upper end of the scale

Garrion: no, you still get your normal roll to increase

Tygaran has connected.

Jamil Deen: Yeah but I’m gonna pick up Conflict a lot more easily and that’s going to be more difficult to overcome

Garrion: so if you don;t do anything bad then you still gain, just that bad acts will affect you more the nicer you are

Garrion: the thing i’m going for is that stealing wouldn’t affect Dol sitting at 45 the way it would Korbyn sitting at 81

Garrion: Dol could care less about petty theft

Korbyn: so its not the act, its the person performing the act then ?

Garrion: i think it will do a better job at maintinging the “average norm” and not allow everyone to all be paragons

Garrion: the righteous paragon has to really work at maintianing it

Garrion: yes, it affects the individual performing it, but knowing inaction can gain you conflict through compliance too

Garrion: the typical accomplice

Garrion: now that is not saying that Korbyn will take conflict for Dol’s misdeeds…

Garrion: what it is saying is there needs to be some roleplay with Korbyn expressing his disapproval

Korbyn: of which there will be many

Garrion: and not condoning the act

Garrion: but ioltimately he can’t force Dol.. unles she has jedi mind trick

Garrion: he has

Taragnor: poor Dol, he kills one space Nazi in a bathroom with his bare hands and now all of a sudden he’s the immoral one.

Jamil Deen: I dunno, seems to me like as long as we’re fighting the Empire and gunning down Stormtroopers and such we’re never gonna go above 89

Jamil Deen: Since that’s where killing in self-defense is ranked

Garrion: stormies are “the enemy”

Garrion: now a empirial tech is different than a stormie

Jamil Deen: So I can cut down a squad of Stormies and still maintain 100 Morality?

Garrion: for Dol many instanses involving Imps will be “impassioned killing” since it is a weakness of his and he can’t control himself

Garrion: not if they are no threat

Korbyn: so long as what we do for a mission is for the mission and not personnal gain

Garrion: if you are on the streets of Coruscant and there is a squad walkign down the street you ma gain a little for blatant killing spree

Jamil Deen: lol if we’re on the streets of Coruscant I ain’t doing shit, Darth Vader and the Emperor are like right around the corner at the local sandwhich shop

Garrion: but if you are on a mission and could compromise your mission then it would be acceptable because they are a known agressive threat that will try to stop or kill you if discovered

Korbyn: Vader probably at his castle on Mustafar.. hehe

Korbyn: actually it probably still being built

Garrion: “mission objectives” are never wrong

Jamil Deen: Incidentally now that I’m at Force Rating 3 I apparently qualify for the power that eventually unlocks Force Lightning

Garrion: it is your job

Jamil Deen: Too bad it’s a Dark Side power

Korbyn: nice

Prasla: :3

Garrion: so stealing data from the black sun is not “wrong”

Korbyn: should look into that force surpression tree, it kind of cool

Garrion: you are doing it as part of your mission

Jamil Deen: Heh okay, I guess as long as you aren’t too strict with the application of the morality then it won’t be too bad

Jamil Deen: Where the only way to reach the upper end of the scale is to be a pacifist and help old ladies cross the street and such

Garrion: now if you find out you are being duped and you were coerced into stealing info on rebel sympathizers and now the empire has it, you could feel remorse about that

Garrion: we will just play t by ear

Garrion: i’ll always warn you when you are about to commit a “violation”

Jamil Deen: Okay

Jamil Deen: 4 5 6

Prasla: I hear ya!

Shahyr: check

Taragnor: oyh I should probably get on Axon.

Jamil Deen: Alderaan

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen: I don’t remember actually stopping at Corellia, lol

Korbyn: also might be good to let perhaps the senator or his office know we might be looking to upgrade our ship and see if he knows of any or perhaps some contracts to see if we can get any deals or the like

Prasla: Prasla recovers all Strain!

Taragnor: It was just the repairs I think.

Prasla: Are my wounds all better?

Jamil Deen: Oh right, yeah Shahyr was wanting us to pick up cargo as our cover to get into Coruscant

Prasla: Prasla recovers all Wounds!

Korbyn: well what sort of registery do we have? are we traders, or what?

Taragnor: Well I did want o get our ship repaired.

Jamil Deen: Yeah we got it repaired on Alderaan

Taragnor: ah okay.

Prasla: The yacht is silhouette 4?

Taragnor: Could say we’re on vacation?

Jamil Deen: We came to take the tour of the ruins of the Jedi Temple, heard it was a great attraction

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: ah okay… so it’s basically like the Atlanta hub.

Prasla: Hm, if we get 10 xp this time I could buy the talent that lets me take it as my signature ship… Or I could keep going with the top of the Exile tree >.>

Jamil Deen: We’re totally kosher

Jamil Deen: Got a bill of sale and everything

Jamil Deen: Hey, I gave him a chance to surrender with both arms still attached, not my fault he refused

Korbyn: can you change your signature ship?

Prasla: Yeah you can

Korbyn: what does that do for ya?

Prasla: G can impose a cooldown if he feels I’m abusing it, yeah

Garrion: The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points5 Dark Side Points2

Prasla: Right now it’s one of the Z95s, cause why not

Korbyn: well we did spend bunch of time cleaning it up and some time fixing it up, I woudl assume that enough

Prasla: Yep~

Jamil Deen: Yeah, she’s gotta buy another talent to up the size

Korbyn: up to you Sachi

Duty: 5
Morality: 64
Obligation: 61

Prasla: Yeah, 2 people can’t have the same one so I don’t wanna hijack the yacht if you guys have plans for it~ I think we talked about it earlier, but I’m pretty much equally happy whether “my” ship is our yacht/home or my fighter; it’s not like it stops me from working on the other

Jamil Deen: Intriguing

Shahyr: (( we’re already on the case =D ))

Korbyn: pretty sure rest of us dont care too much, not like any of us are gonna have signature ships

Prasla: Maybe I’m the only one who was excited to fly a starfighter ^^;

Jamil Deen: Yeah I’m good with going to Coruscant

Shahyr: Quad 715 on Coruscant – Black Suin slicing mission Contact = “Chopper” (Quad L42, Bessilisk, ’Chopper’s Garage’), find and dissuafe Bounty Hunterl

Jamil Deen: Black Sun assassin was hired to kill her, we need to bust into their shit to figure out who the assassin is

Taragnor: heh nah I wanted to try a space battle.

Jamil Deen: I think

Prasla: I totally was thinking of taking a pilot type spec if I didn’t do modder, but I figured I probably wouldn’t get one for a while >>;

Taragnor: i mean it’s Star Wars gotta have some kinda space fight.

Korbyn: I’m assuming we won’t be able to be flinging our lightsabers around too much

Jamil Deen: lol yeah, I’m still considering taking the Starfighter Ace spec at some point

Jamil Deen: lol no

Jamil Deen: He’s talking about in general

Shahyr: uh… no

Prasla: …I just meant in general

Taragnor: Yeah heh, I just meant in general, was responding to Sachi.

Jamil Deen: I can totally stick that landing

Shahyr: (( oh good.. I was afradi you’d say the anakin obiwan chase on Mustafaran lava… ))

Taragnor: (He’s saving the lava chase for a few sessions in)

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: we leaving the fighters behind?

Taragnor: Yeah we may wanna leave the fighters behind except for the one in our bay

Jamil Deen: Yeah we might wanna leave the fighters at Alderaan

Shahyr: So… we take an approach to Corruscant ‘airspace’ with a more direct path towards Quad L42… *

Taragnor: flying in with a bucnh of fighters may draw attention.

Jamil Deen: We don’t have a “bay” there’s one just docked to the hull

Taragnor: oh, so they could see the docked one?

Jamil Deen: Kinda like on Hunt for Red October where the midget sub docks to the big sub

Taragnor: I thought it was liek a mini cargo bay it sucked it inot

Jamil Deen: Heh no

Jamil Deen: It’s just a docking collar on the top of the ship

Shahyr: it’d be in plain viedw if we took it along

Taragnor: oh… yeah so probably no fighters then

Korbyn: na, the ship is only one silluette bigger then the fighters

Jamil Deen: lol yeah, no fighters in Coruscant airspace

Jamil Deen: Only 3? lol

Korbyn: ya, leave on on Alderaan, I"m sure they will be fine.. haha

Shahyr: take all the droids, they can back up for computers/ship maintenance, etc


Jamil Deen: Yeah, we can get Senator Organa to let us stash the fighters somewhere

Korbyn: they can stash em someplace for us probably ?

Jamil Deen: Yeah leaving ’em

Korbyn: some small out of the way or abandoned hanger bay…

Jamil Deen: Yeah I mean we just need some hangar space, heh

Taragnor: We just need Prasla to soup up the weapons systems like she did for her pistol.

Jamil Deen: lol

Taragnor: That thing will be taking out star destroyers in no time

Shahyr: * unless someone else really wants to pilot the approach, Shahyr will do so… (3g pilot)

Jamil Deen: Need to do like Rogue One and just put an Ion Cannon on this thing

Jamil Deen: I got 3 greens for piloting too, I could do it maybe

Jamil Deen: I was the getaway pilot on Phemis

Taragnor: I go 4 G piloting.

Jamil Deen: Nah don’t let Dol pilot, he’ll try to strafe the Star Destroyers

Dol Malik: So I’m prolly the best pilot even though I don’t have any actual piloting skill

Prasla: I got good piloting

Prasla: 1y2g

  • Korbyn mans the turret as usual, though doesn’t expect trouble.

Shahyr: well, since we learned the forward guns are pilot only, Shahyr would only volunteer when combat is assumed a non-option =P

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: Yeah it ain’t gonna make a huge difference unless something happens

Jamil Deen: Yeah heh

  • Jamil Deen lets Shahyr do all the talking

Prasla: I have the same score in Gunnery too so it probably wouldn’t be bad for me to pilot it if we’re all aboard

Jamil Deen: Parts and technical support for the forest moon—err, I mean

Shahyr: “Basic cargo run into quadrent L42.”

Prasla: (But yeah I’ll let Shahyr do the talking if she’s here; Prasla’s confident in Shahyr’s honeyed tongue)

Prasla: o3o

  • Jamil Deen seems more and more nervous the closer they get to Coruscant

Jamil Deen: As long as it’s not LV421

Dol Malik: (Do we have any idea where we’re actually going?)

Shahyr: L42 was where there was a local contact…

Dol Malik: well I mean we don’t wnat to park in New York City when we need to be in LA or something.

Korbyn: (better off linking up with contact, lets do that first )

Korbyn: get lay of the land so far

Jamil Deen: (Oh, that should have been LV426, my bad)

Prasla: Sector ZZ9, Plural Z Alpha

Shahyr: “Affirmative. Following guide path…”

Korbyn: ( wonder if Corusant has weather?)

Jamil Deen: Smog

Jamil Deen: Lots of smog

Korbyn: has no water right?

Jamil Deen: Municipal sources

Jamil Deen: Yeah I mean it’s just one giant city

Korbyn: standing water, lakes…. stuff like that to make clouds, etc

Jamil Deen: Yeah none of that

Shahyr: super-wealthy people Might have a rooftop pool or garden-pond

Korbyn: oh incase you didnt’ notice G, I bought some scanner goggles as well, so we all can see in the dark

Prasla: Yay~ Oh shit, I should get some too

  • Korbyn hides his lightssaber in his overly wide belt and just keeps his blaster in view.
  • Jamil Deen hides his lightsabers in his cloak

Korbyn: ya, we don’t need to park anyplace expensive

Dol Malik: yeah no popwer armor

Dol Malik: would the Cresh Luck armor look too out iof place?

  • Korbyn wears his normal armor with a coat over it.
  • Shahyr sets holo-suit to ‘skintight leather’

Dol Malik: okay, I’ll go with that then.

Dol Malik: Can I take my rifle?

Dol Malik: kay, don’t want to wear anything that draws attention.

Dol Malik: heh okay.

Dol Malik: Yeah wasn’t sure if wearing armor in town was normal.

Prasla: So my armor wouldn’t look conspicuous either? From the book it looks like it’s pretty much a flak jacket-type armor

Prasla: It’s made for engineers, tho

Dol Malik: okay I’ll go luck armor and rifle then

Jamil Deen: Open carry is totally legal dude

Dol Malik: Yeah heh.

Shahyr: just put a cloth cover over it… like anime dude/chick with a covered sword… lol

Jamil Deen: Haha yeah

Dol Malik: Was just not sure if it’d draw a lotof attention on this planet.

Korbyn: yup put it in a guitar case

Dol Malik: well I’ll bring the rifle for now. since we’re in the slums anyway.

  • Jamil Deen seems on edge as they land, taking extra care to hide his lightsabers and making sure his cloak and hood are secure

Dol Malik: yeah.

Jamil Deen: Yeah I got a rifle too, will do the same with it

Dol Malik: Just slung over the soulder.

  • Prasla just makes sure her blaster is secure and inconspicuous in its holster.

Korbyn: each 5 I gues

Dol Malik: I assume the vibrosword is okay too.

Dol Malik: yeah heh

Jamil Deen: “It’s been a long time since I left here… Though I’ve never been in this part of the planet before.”

Dol Malik: well I assume I could have bought one.

  • Shahyr heads with others to Chopper’s Garage

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 5 credits.

Dol Malik: yeah I mea I’d have bought one for carrying it

Prasla: :3

Dol Malik: dont’ want some ultra sharp death sword on my belt.

Dol Malik: Yeah heh… anyway I wanted one. Don’t figure it’s that big a deal to assume I got one.

Dol Malik: k done

Korbyn: " we taking a droid with us, or leaving them here to guard the ship?"

Dol Malik: “DOubt an astromech droid will be much use in a city.”

Jamil Deen: “Best to leave them on the ship probably…”

Shahyr: (looks towrard Prasla) “You made htem, luv, it’s your call”

Dol Malik: (unless it’s like R2 where it’s a super hacker)

Korbyn: " have one monitor comms in the city, just in case we pick up an chatter or unwanted attention and let us know over the comms "

Jamil Deen: SUPA HACKA

Prasla: “Hm, let’s have ’em stay here…”

  • Prasla turns to the droids.

Korbyn: (he R2 is like 500 xp char, hehe )

Dol Malik: ah. heh.

Prasla: “Okay, guys?~ Just keep yourselves comfortable and make sure the ship’s ready to go when we get back, all right?~”

Korbyn: " don’t let anyone but us on here "

Korbyn: ( are we looking for these droids to gain xp ?)

Korbyn: (heh, never even thought of it actually )

Prasla: I wouldn’t mind if they did~ I dunno if I immediately wanna bring them with us

Jamil Deen: Yeah I’d rather leave ’em for now, but we can look at other scenarios later

Korbyn: ( perhaps one might be nice to get a better, btu don’t think need all three )

Prasla: It’s conspicuous >.>

Jamil Deen: lol yeah

Jamil Deen: It’s really conspicuous

Jamil Deen: Especially if we’re going into a seedy part of town

Jamil Deen: lol yeah

Jamil Deen: Plus all the places that don’t serve their kind

Korbyn: ( might be nice to level up one of them, but all three is unnecessary )

Dol Malik: Well what if one droid adventures with us and the others don’t

Dol Malik: ?

Korbyn: ( even if only one goes ’ adventuring’ ?)

Shahyr: well, there’s the ‘normal’ upgrades… buy equipment to integrate into them.. or ‘cybernetics’ for attribute/skill buffs

Jamil Deen: Let’s just worry about it later lol

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn updated their character sheet

Korbyn: ok

Shahyr: buf 4-arm dudes

Shahyr: big

  • Jamil Deen is constantly watching his back and glancing around nervously as they walk down the street
  • Korbyn feels good being back on the seedy side of town.

Prasla: Tony Tony Chopper? :3

  • Dol Malik lets Shahyr handle this
  • Korbyn moves off to the side to where he can keep an eye on the shop and the front at the same time and casually leans against the wall.
  • Dol Malik stays near Shahyr trying to look intimidating.

Shahyr: “Greetings.” * smile * “An ex-girlfriend of mine, tho we’er still on good terms, recommonded your services.”

Shahyr: “A lovely zabrak named Levea.” she says in a soft conversational tone that doesn’t carray much past him and the group (stage voice control and all =D )

Shahyr: “Certainly. These are my associates for the project.” she waves at them as she follows him

Dol Malik: (I’ll go with her)

  • Prasla follows, unless Shahyr tells her not to
  • Jamil Deen follows along as well, casting nervous glances here and there
  • Korbyn will follow.

Shahyr: j and k can guard the doorway if its small office

Jamil Deen: lol yeah we can stand guard outside or whatever

Korbyn: ya, can stay by the doorway

Korbyn: they keep the door open?

  • Shahyr guides Prasla to a couple adjacent seats and sits with her
  • Korbyn taps his comm as he stays outside, " let us listen… will let you know of any problems out here "

Shahyr: “Short introduction. Big D there is our main heavy lifter as it were. And this lovely lady is our resident geniud.” * smiles at Prasla "

Shahyr: “Not as yet. Most of use don’t know Coruscant very well, and figured some local intel on the research point would prove invaluable”

Prasla: “I’m Prasla! You can call me Kix, but… No one else does.”

Dol Malik: “Big D works fine.”

Prasla: lol

  • Prasla grins.

Dol Malik: (What package was this again?)

Korbyn: ( info on the bounty hunter I think )

Shahyr: (we need to steal some info on the hunter from the black sun computers)

Dol Malik: (Oh okay, so we went to the guy that can decrypt it before we have the actual data?)

Prasla: (mmmm yeah, I need to get a slicer kit then >.> )

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh. unless you want Dol to start ripping out hard drives)

Jamil Deen: (lol, be like that scene from Zoolander)

Jamil Deen: (Where they end up taking apart the iMac)

Jamil Deen: (The files are INSIDE the computer!)

Shahyr: “I imagine my lovely assistant can either whip something up or J and K cna figure who to talk to, to set us up”

Dol Malik: (heh.. yeah now I get it)

Prasla: Looks like it’s 500cr and rarity 4

Prasla: For regular slicer gear

Dol Malik: “Depends what needs slicing.”

  • Dol Malik gestures down to his vibrosword
  • Korbyn can assist.
  • Shahyr does a kinda ‘ta-da’ gesture at Prasla

Shahyr: (( she has a 3g2y pool.. but I let her answer herself) ))

Prasla: “Wellllll… I guess you’d say I’m a slicer relative to any of them… But… Not really any…”

Prasla: 179 in EotE

Shahyr: the 500 cr has no mechanical benfits, justa bunch of ‘stuff’… From what I understand, it’d be the ‘right tools for the job’ and be a boost

Prasla: Yeah

Korbyn: (maybe see if he knows specific systems the black sun uses, might give extra bonus’s to rolls and stuff if have the right gear )

Prasla: Pretty much it seems like “the stuff you need to do slicing costs this much”

Prasla: (Yeah I have 0 talents related to slicing btw)

Prasla: (My Computers skill is good though)

Shahyr: you can do basic slicing with just a datapad, so I figure this it the ‘right tool’ option

Prasla: (Well, decent)

  • Prasla nods earnestly, making notes in her datapad.

Prasla: “Yeah, we kinda end up doing a lot of stuff by the seat of our pants…”

Shahyr: “Yeash, I’d image we want more a smash and grab than a sit and decode on site.”

Prasla: They’re basically a consumable that gives you a bonus on slicing, right?

Korbyn: data breaker, 1000 credits… gives 2 boost dice

Prasla: Sorry, I was having a computer moment

Prasla: And couldn’t switch windows >>;

Korbyn: black ops databreaker is better

Jamil Deen: Brute force it, buy like 5 of them

Prasla: I doooo wanna get a data breaker…

Prasla: I can’t afford one myself though >>;

Prasla: Well, I could’ve before we had to repair the ship

Jamil Deen: lol, well I can chip in a little, it’s for the mission after all

Korbyn: I got 3K left… what bout the rest of ya?

Jamil Deen: I’m at 709 right now

Prasla: I have 796

Jamil Deen: You buy the breaker and I’ll buy some spikes

Shahyr: “Looks like our other boys’ skill at scrounging and info collection will need to be employed”

Prasla: I can chip in on spikes

  • Korbyn will throw 1000 credits into the pot.

Prasla: (Sorry, trying to find where data spikes are >>;;; )

Prasla: (Oh I thought i’d seen them somewhere)

Jamil Deen: It says they’re in Special Mods

Shahyr: “I understand, but if you have a more specific notion of where the research point might be, that’d eb great. All we have right now is Quad 715”

Jamil Deen: Dataspike

Jamil Deen: Yeah, page 51

Prasla: Ah, there they are

Prasla: Yeah I can get like 3~

Prasla: Do I gotta make a roll?

Korbyn: so we need slicer gear for 500, the data breaker for 1000… what else?

Prasla: Does the data breaker count as slicer gear actually?

  • Korbyn can find em.

Prasla: In the description for the data breaker it says you get the 2 boosts instead of the one for having the “right tools”

Prasla: so to me it seems like the data breaker would suffice by itself?

Prasla: Hm, yeah I suppose!

Prasla: Well I kinda thought the data breaker was the advanced version

Prasla: But all right, 2 dataspikes then

Jamil Deen: I’ll toss you 100 credits for the other spike

Korbyn: ya, it only gives bonus to slice computers

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen Loses 100 credits.

  • Korbyn will get Kix’s shopping list and go shopping with her.

Prasla: Yeah like the slicer gear it seems like gives you the “right tools” bonus, and then the breaker thingy gives you the boost instead of that, but at the cost of being obviously illegal? I’m not really sure

Prasla: Heh I’m down to 96cr >>;

Dol Malik: Yeah I got 75

Prasla: Good thing I didn’t customize my armor!

Dol Malik: heh

Prasla: Eh I already did it in the character generator

Prasla: I’m over it

Shahyr: soudns like ‘slicer gear’ is the 1-boost “tool for the job” while the breaker is more advanced, as it gives 2 boost

Prasla: I’m actually not averse to taking Slicer later >.> It’s an option I was thinking about, but my next tree I’m thinking is gonna be artisan

Korbyn: Away From Keyboard

Prasla: Hm, actually yeah for now I’ll do that since you said it’s ok

Prasla: Since I’m so low on cash

Prasla: Yeah do I gotta make a roll to get the spikes?

Prasla: It’s rarity 3 R

Shahyr: relvant text – Special modification page 51

Jamil Deen: What’s the difficulty?

Jamil Deen: Oh, I keep forgetting that Skullduggery is the one I put a point in and not Streetwise

Prasla: I got gy and I get to remove a setback on Streetwise

Jamil Deen: Yeah I can remove the setback too

Jamil Deen: I got Street Smarts

Prasla: Hehe I just got it ^^;

Jamil Deen: So I can assist or however that works

Prasla: What’s your cunning?

Jamil Deen: 2 lol

Korbyn: Back

Prasla: Ah can I get a boost from him assisting me G? Hehe, mine’s 2 also ^^;

Korbyn: so we ready to see if I can find the stuff?

Shahyr: basically, spiek reduces action type to a manuver and reduces computer difficulty by 2 to a minimum of simple

Prasla: Oh yay~ You good at streetwise Korbyn?

Korbyn: yup

Korbyn: 4 green and one setback gets kicked

Prasla: Ooo yay

  • Shahyr will thank Chopper for his sound advice before we run off to find and obtain our mission gear…

Prasla: I only got 1g1y and remove a setback

Korbyn: what difficulty?

Jamil Deen: AVerage plus setback

Korbyn: any bonus assists?

Streetwise Check Ability Ability Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure2 Advantage3

Jamil Deen: Wow

Korbyn: shit

Prasla: Awww

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: rolled all advantages

Jamil Deen: Well I guess Prasla can try with an assist, lol

Jamil Deen: Hm

Korbyn: ya, if can use that roll to assist another in finding, perhaps narrowed the places we can find it to a few?

  • Shahyr just asks aroudn whil the others team up…

Streetwise Check Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 1 Threat1

Prasla: Actually, damn

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: I shoulda remembered

Prasla: Korbyn we coulda done a team roll so you could use my 1 skill and upgrade one of your dice

Prasla: Instead of the boost

Jamil Deen: Oh well, we found the stuff at least

Shahyr: heah, time for my negotions to kick in…

  • Shahyr will attempt to barter the price down, pointing out unlikely many purchasers…

Jamil Deen: Ouch

Shahyr: Congenial: The character may suffer 1 strain to downgrade the difficulty of a Charm or Negotiation check; or upgrade an incomming Charm or Negotiation check.

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 1 Strain

Shahyr: Shahyr spends a Destiny Point!

Negotiation Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Challenge
Success 0 Advantage2 Despair1

Shahyr: doh!

Jamil Deen: Oof

Prasla: x.x

  • Shahyr looks at her card…

Jamil Deen: lol, yeah good use for that card

Shahyr: “Failure turns to fortune!” is on my card =D =P =/

Jamil Deen: Failure turns to fortune

Prasla: :x

Jamil Deen: Turn the despair to a triumph

Korbyn: heh, definently

Korbyn: else ya gonna get pinched

Dol Malik: heh… they’re just a few stormtroopers.

Prasla: I don’t wanna be a damsel in distress!

Jamil Deen: lol it’s fucking Coruscant

Jamil Deen: This is the last place we want to start fighting Stormies

Jamil Deen: The absolute last place

Shahyr: even just removing the despair and turning it to a bas success would be 1 net success… triumph would be cooler tho =D

Dol Malik: DOl refers to this as a Target-rich environment

Korbyn: especially like an hour after we get here

Korbyn: gives her a success as well

Jamil Deen: lol

Shahyr: “Lovely” * winnign grin *

Prasla: “Mmm… My toast’s been burning lately…”

Korbyn: actually make it cheaper, since is buing a toaster and not a slicer, thus the triumph, hehe

Shahyr: (I had two base adv as well)

Jamil Deen: I love when book price is “special deal”

Shahyr: “Wouldn’t want to make a scene.”

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: toss in some free… doohicky

  • Shahyr waves over J or K .. who ever carries the money

Jamil Deen: Toss in a free dataspike lol

Jamil Deen: 100 each

Shahyr: “I belive we have deal”

Jamil Deen: Korbyn was chipping in 1k for the databreaker

Korbyn: (what actually holds teh data? the data pad?)

Jamil Deen: It’s like a hacker’s iPad

Korbyn: (oh ok, was wondering if we needed somtehing special to hold it _)

Shahyr: security breaching aps

Prasla: data breaker:Star Wars::cyberdeck:shadowrun I think

Jamil Deen: So we got the data breaker and one data spike, how many more spikes do we wanna get?

Jamil Deen: I marked off 100 credits for one

Shahyr: at least two stage, from what I’m seeing in special mods… “Disable Security Program” is one, “Access Systems” is another

Prasla: Dataspikes go away when you use them

Jamil Deen: Yeah so like how many more do we wanna buy

Korbyn: (anyway we can custumize it, or no since don’t know the system?)

Shahyr: yup, lokos like “Disable Secuty” as a manuv ratehr than action, and -2 diff on the Computer check (for th espike)

Jamil Deen: Not without knowing the system

Prasla: We’d probably have to access the system, disable at least one security program, and then run at least one command to copy the data from what I’m seeing of the slicing rules in SM

Korbyn: go in as cleaning crew or the like?

Jamil Deen: All depends on how long until this assassin dude finds Levea, heh

Shahyr: “This is somewhat time sensitive.. I don’t want the hunter to catch up to Levea while we go for the long con…”

Korbyn: lets go get some eye balls on the building and see what we can learn

Dol Malik: Yeah I mean it depends on how long the other stuff will take

Prasla: “Yeah, you gotta point… We gotta move!”

Jamil Deen: So…. Do we buy more data spikes….?

Dol Malik: what are we breaking into anyway? Like a big skyscraper type thing?

Cedric has connected.

Shahyr: “We’ll case the place, and plan our next step”

Jamil Deen: They’re one time use and we only got one, lol

Cedric1 is disconnected.

Dol Malik: Well yeah we can atleast case the place, see what it looks like

Dol Malik: So we don’t even know what building we’re breaking into?

Jamil Deen: Heh, probably need to make some more Streetwise checks to find it

Korbyn: use streetsmarts to see what I can find out about where it is and any other info?

  • Shahyr looks at J and K “So which one of you worked at gang level before? You might know who or how to id or actual deastination”

Jamil Deen: So I guess we’re not buying more data spikes?

Prasla: What was the price we ultimately got again?

Jamil Deen: Well we got one thrown in for free, normal book price is 100 credits

Korbyn: " that would be me "

Shahyr: we spent 1000 cd and got the break dand one spike

Prasla: I wanted to buy some spikes too

Korbyn: buy like 2 more?

Jamil Deen: Yeah get at least 2-3 generics

Prasla: Yeah

Prasla: I was thinking 3

Prasla: Or 5

Jamil Deen: I threw in 100 credits for one

Prasla: 4*

Prasla: Ooo

Jamil Deen: Hopefully we can find them somewhere

Jamil Deen: Yeah

Prasla: I’ll give it a shot~?

Jamil Deen: Sure, go for it

Streetwise Check Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0

Prasla: aw

Jamil Deen: x_x

Streetwise Check Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Threat2

Prasla: sad fuckin trombone

Dol Malik: lol

Korbyn: boobs helps

Shahyr: “This guy is kinda pricey, but I think they have a better supply…”

Jamil Deen:
Streetwise Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0

Jamil Deen: lol

Jamil Deen: Prasla has boobs though

Prasla: We’re all puking up the butt tonight

Jamil Deen: Sorta

Jamil Deen: Maybe

Dol Malik: lol.

Jamil Deen:

Jamil Deen: Okay so 360 for 3 of them

Jamil Deen: I tossed in 100

Jamil Deen: So 260 from whoever else

Shahyr: “I think these guys are more used to wheelign and dealing. Let’s just pay the asking price and call it a deal”

Korbyn: yup

  • Shahyr will thank Chopper for his sound advice before we run off to find and obtain our mission gear…

Shahyr: ^ I did that at the time so….

Prasla: Yeah mostly I just didn’t know anything else to say to him, then we started talking about buying stuff

Jamil Deen: I was being quiet and imposing anyway

Dol Malik: yeah heh I didnt have too muhc to say yet.

Prasla: Ok I bought 4 dataspikes, and then Jamil bought one and we got one with the data buster?

Dol Malik: (to Prasla) “I hope you understood all that stuff he was talking about.”

  • Prasla waves merrily, thanking him on the way out

Jamil Deen: Yup

Jamil Deen: However many you paid for, plus one from me, plus one for free with the data breaker

Prasla: “I think so! I mean, I’ve heard of a data baller, I’ve just never had a reason to use one before…”

Prasla: “Thanks, Chopper!~”

Shahyr: “Ok boys,” after buying gear, “Lets see if you can doa better job finding our reseach point than you did finding a couple merchants.” She softens the slight criticsim with a flirty smile

Korbyn: (how far away is the ship?)

Dol Malik: (how big is a quadrant?)

Jamil Deen: Head back to the ship heh

Korbyn: might as well just stay aboard

Shahyr: we’ll likely need some kind of transport to get to Quad 715 anyway, so might as well rest in ship

Dol Malik: (heh okay, wasn’t sure since usualyl there’s only 4 quadrants.)

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh.)

Dol Malik: heh okay

Dol Malik: Yeah having more than 4 quadrants was kinda confusing.

Jamil Deen: I hope we’re not in the sector that gets the plate dropped on it

Korbyn: haha

  • Shahyr pats the ‘heads’ of the droids once back on the ship. “Hey pixies, hope you had a good day crewing on data nodes.. or whatever”

Jamil Deen: I heard you say my name but I was afk so I didn’t hear everything

Jamil Deen: Haha

Dol Malik: heh.

Jamil Deen: lol yeah

Jamil Deen: Jamil is doing the whole “A Jedi can never love” thing

Korbyn: " so tomorrow we look for the base and see what we can see…"

  • Prasla skips onto the ship, excited to have some new toys
  • Jamil Deen nods…

Dol Malik: you’re not a real jedi anyway.

Jamil Deen: I’m pretty damn close

Dol Malik: Jedi probably wouldn’t have murdered that dude in cold blood :P

Jamil Deen: lol

Shahyr: (( blue poweder that turns in baked bread soup .. just add water… ))

Korbyn: another 5 each

Jamil Deen: Yeah and if I hadn’t done that then our mission would have been blown before we found Deenia or anything

Dol Malik: hehe.

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 1005 credits.

Shahyr: probably cheaper to fly and re-dock, wouldn’t it be?

Korbyn: that area more expensive?

Shahyr: better having our spare gear closer at hand tho

Jamil Deen: Yeah it’s probably a wash with the speeder rental

Jamil Deen: So let’s just fly over there

  • Shahyr has no spare gear requirements so.. up to you guys =D

Jamil Deen: UberCoruscant

Prasla: I’m a little more comfortable with being close to our stuff but it’s up to y’all

Dol Malik: heh yeah whatever. I dn’t really care

Dol Malik: Probably betteer being closer so we can blast off if need be.

Korbyn: is all the stuff easily portable and concealable on a person?

Shahyr: spike and breaker, yeah

Dol Malik: So what does Prasla have to break into exactly? Like does it have to be the central computer or just any computer port in the building

Dol Malik: ?

Shahyr: prolly depends on their network sophistication

Dol Malik: k

Dol Malik: Yeah jsut curious how indepth we gotta be.

Dol Malik: Well guess we can check it out to see how big of a structure it is.

Shahyr: migth be a good idea to take the smarter pixy to assist Prasla

Dol Malik: Well it’ll be harder to sneak a droid n tehre assuming we’re using some stealth and not just full assault.

Dol Malik: If it’s a big skyscraper or something, we probably don’t want to go in guns blazing

Prasla: Yeah we should case the joint

Jamil Deen: Knowledge Underworld to know of any Black Sun people based out of Coruscant?

Dol Malik: We got any idea what the building is used for?

Prasla: Computers is a good one for me, so’s Perception

Dol Malik: Obviously data is stored there… so they must have some kinda idea what the building does.

Prasla: Underworld’s not bad either, my Int’s pretty good, but it’s not as good as Computers

Prasla: Ok, I’m going with Computers~

  • Shahyr goes the people route…

Streetwise Check Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0

Prasla: Could I get a boost from having a bot help me with Computers, or something like that?

Shahyr: and gets nowhere

Prasla: Or at least have it take less time?

Dol Malik: Guess I’ll go with Shahyr and help make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. The investigation angle isn’t really Dol’s thing.

Shahyr: ^ p3 shoudl at least be able to assist and givea boost

Dol Malik: SO he’ll act as backup for the noncombat chars in case they get into trouble

Dol Malik: assuming Prasla can do computers wihtout much risk

Jamil Deen: Assisting Prasla with her Computers check

Shahyr: Prasla.. p3 has int 2 adn training in computers so can assist her

Jamil Deen: Dol was with Shahyr

Prasla: Well we’re doing hacking, I dunno how far “out” that requires going

Korbyn: (back)

Jamil Deen: Dol is with Shahyr, he’s playing bodyguard

Shahyr: dol and shahyr.. J and K (unless they separate)

Dol Malik: yea. I went with Shahyr.

Prasla: even if we gotta go to some public buildings, I figure having one R2 droid with me isn’t real suspicious

Dol Malik: Figure that amkes the most sense for Dol, since she’s asking sensetive qusestions and could attract trouble.

Jamil Deen: I got same odds on either check so I’ll go with Knowledge Underworld, I have a talent that reduces research time for knowledge skills by 50%

Dol Malik: Yeah, It’s mostly trying to break into a fortified building with a droid may be tough. At least if we’re trying to sneak

Dol Malik: I mean it’s basically a giant trashcan, ain’t very stealthy.

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 4

Prasla: ooo

Jamil Deen: I got same odds on either check so I’ll go with Knowledge Underworld, I have a talent that reduces research time for knowledge skills by 50%

Jamil Deen:
Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure2

Jamil Deen: Nope

Korbyn: will see if I can go eyeball the right place, maybe ask around a bit or just listen and see if I can pick up any patterns from my criminal past to see if I can find it. ( invoke my aspect )

Jamil Deen: My gang did it like this, and Black Sun is just a big gang…

Korbyn: people walking in and out, obvious and non-obvious guards, stuff like that

Korbyn: this more perception or streetwise?

Korbyn: ya, gonna be perception.. woudl rather look then talk

Korbyn: dif?

Perception Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Advantage1

Korbyn: also got my ability to find stuff at x2 speed, if that helps

  • Korbyn returns back to the others with his info.

Dol Malik: “So we know where we’re going yet?”

Shahyr: “Well, I couldn’t find anyone of interest. Either they were being cagey, or just without knowledge”

Korbyn: " I think its one of a few places "

Korbyn: can I go back and look again with the knowledge I already know to narrow it down

Dol Malik: “Maybe I’ll cehck out those places, see if I see anything…”

Dol Malik: (Well if it’s an HQ guys have to be coming and going alot right?)

Dol Malik: (how can a headquarters be secret anyway?)

Jamil Deen: (Underground entrance lol)

Korbyn: ( all the buildings she found corralate with the ones I found?)

Dol Malik: (Well I mean, like they want people to do business with em, since they’re mercs)

Jamil Deen: Heh they’re not mercs, they’re a crime syndicate

Dol Malik: (Couldn’t we just put the word out we wanna hire them?)

Prasla: “Hmmm…”

Dol Malik: (oh I thought they were a mercenary company)

Jamil Deen: lol no

Dol Malik: (oh okay, that makes more sense then)

Korbyn: ( like trying to hire the mob…. )

Dol Malik: (So we’re basically infilitrating the mob’s HQ?)

Jamil Deen: (Yeah more or less)

Prasla: “Well well… I think I found a potential target…”

Prasla: (Yeah Black Sun = space mafia)

Jamil Deen: (It’s like landing a boat on Sicily and asking for the nearest Cosa Nostra office)

Dol Malik: (Yeah okay… so Dol won’t be useful for that then. We need a hardcore gangster like Jamil for this one)

Jamil Deen: lol

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh, I was confused, I thought they were mercs for some reason)

Korbyn: ( black hole sun ?)

Jamil Deen: (I like how Dol has no problem mowing down countless numbers of Stormies but the thought of murdering a single black-hearted criminal makes him waver)

Dol Malik: (Well we didn’tknow the guy was a criminal or what he did)

Dol Malik: (I mean.. it was just Darga tellnig us to execute the guy)


Dol Malik: (Dol doesn’t want to kill innocent people)

Korbyn: great video

Jamil Deen: (We’re going against a crime syndicate man, they ain’t innocent lol)

Korbyn: ya, used them to take over Mandalor in the clone wars cartoon

Korbyn: that before us

Dol Malik: (Wel yeah these guys Dol doesn’t care about)

Jamil Deen: (Yeah they do business with Darth Maul, they’re stone cold evil)

Dol Malik: (I was just saying the dude in Darga’s palace that you murdered)

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh.)

Dol Malik: (If they’re doing business with a Darth, they’re evil)

Dol Malik: (heh okay)

Dol Malik: “I saw some high-end tech around here too.”

  • Dol Malik will pointout on the map what streets the stuff was at.

Korbyn: ( do we know if need more energy consumption for a database computer? or not enough to matter ?)

Korbyn: ( if like huge archive )

Jamil Deen: (Hm, well there were reports of speeders going out at odd times of night and disturbing people, and this place sends speeders out)

Dol Malik: (What kind of businesses these guys into? Drugs? arms? etc. Maybe we could just grab a drug dealer and interrogate em.)

Jamil Deen: (Yeah drugs and arms I think)

Dol Malik: (DOl is ready to find the location Assassin’s creed style, by beating u p random people on the street)

Prasla: (Yeah the usual space mafia stuff I think)

Korbyn: (seems like a place not too obvious would be the right plac e)

Dol Malik: (I mean seems like we don’t got much to go on, so maybe just interrogating a gang member might work, figure all the local criminals would know)

Dol Malik: (They tend to know who is in charge)

Korbyn: ( see if all owned by same guy or same group of guys?)

Korbyn: think 3 or 4

Dol Malik: yeah lol. I mean can we truly even eliminate one?

Dol Malik: What do we even know about what we’re looking for?

Korbyn: which have night time activity?

Dol Malik: Well I mean the clues narrowed stuff down to these 4 locations. Not really seeing how we’d knwo which is the correct ones besides a random guess. heh.

Jamil Deen: Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, night time activity

Korbyn: that’s #2 ?

Jamil Deen: Where are the complaints that Prasla looked up centered around?

Korbyn: that probably not it.. too many witnesses

Prasla: Hmm…

Prasla: I’m kinda guessing it’s the one with the complaints, but that’s mainly a hunch

Jamil Deen: Well I figure if the complaints have a pattern we can use that to narrow it down

Jamil Deen: Like if they’re all from people around one location in particular

Dol Malik: (I’ll watch the mall at night after it’s closed)

Dol Malik: (FIgure that one should be easy)

  • Korbyn will be on teh stake out.

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh, you’re the perception master)

Jamil Deen: Let’s stake out the residential building too, if it’s half taken up by one politician and his family they might have ties to the Black Sun maybe

Shahyr: was there overlap between prasla and korbyn’s potential locations>?

Korbyn: which place complained about he speeders? that ’s probably not the one we want

Dol Malik: (So what kinda stuff would the HQ be used for? Liek would they have parties and such there?)

Dol Malik: (Or it only for the top members to meet and such?)

Prasla: Ohhhh

Prasla: I getcha

Dol Malik: (who is the local authority around here? Stormtroopers or are there are actual city cops?)

Jamil Deen: Heh, well there’s some local politician in the residential building, he might have the pull to get the complaints dismissed

Jamil Deen: You said it was a politician and his family right?

Jamil Deen: What info can we find on him?

Dol Malik: yeah have Prasla dig up his financial stuff

Dol Malik: any scandals etc.

Jamil Deen: Yeah, look into this dude

Dol Malik: And Dol and Korb will take the mall

Prasla: :3

Jamil Deen: Like I said, somebody with some pull with the authorities is getting these complaints dismissed

Jamil Deen: And this guy is a politician

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 4 Advantage2

Prasla: mmmm delicious dirt

Dol Malik: (lol)

Jamil Deen: lol

Dol Malik: (was gonna say)

Prasla: ahaha

Jamil Deen: This is his public background?

Jamil Deen: Yeah that’s like, way too generic and non-descript, he’s gotta be our guy

Dol Malik: lol.

Jamil Deen: Can we get anything on his family?

Dol Malik: I mean if he’s a crime lord most of his dealings would be in cash, so the income aint’ really gonna show it except maybe stuff to launder the money

Jamil Deen: Yeah heh

Jamil Deen: Heh, lots of debt, that’s another marker for crime syndicate involvement

Dol Malik: Well it’d make him in debt to the mob, but the boss usualyl ain’t in debt

Dol Malik: We’re looking for the boss I figure.

Jamil Deen: Well maybe this guy can get us to the boss

Korbyn: " should we do more looking, or pay this fellow a visit…?"

Dol Malik: (maybe, I figuer though if we’re gonna go the route of intimdiating someone, we can just grab a street cop or a gang member)

Shahyr: “So.. we’ve got to start somewhere. Shall we go chat him up? If he’s been a philanderer in the past, I could play the role of an upscale escort slash personal secretary…”"

Dol Malik: (they’d prolly know the shit)

Dol Malik: (Cops usually know who the bosses are, they just can’t get em on actual charges)

  • Korbyn wants to go stake out area 3 and see if he can learn anything else.

Jamil Deen: (Heh, well you can use your “I’m a respected former space marine” angle and talk to them maybe)

Korbyn: sort of plain one

Dol Malik: (actually DOl’s reputation got smeared by the empire and such)

Dol Malik: (So he ain’t really well respected anymore, they basically ruined his rep)_

  • Shahyr will try chatting people up inside the mall…

Jamil Deen: (lol… Okay well go beat it out of somebody then)

Korbyn: unless the others find something better

Dol Malik: (Yeah was letting you guys do your thing first before I started trying to beat it out of someone)

Jamil Deen: Guess I’ll stake out the other office building

Jamil Deen: CUGs?

  • Shahyr makes a note of it for potential holosuit encoding…

Shahyr: ave? hard?

Computers Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1

Dol Malik: (Hey did that poltiicans shopping records have any shit for computer parts?)

Dol Malik: (Figure whoever is runing this place would have to buy a lot of computer hardware and such.

  • Shahyr downloads the mall’s store directory/map for Prasla to analyze later (potential missing space etc)

Prasla: lurr durr

Dol Malik: (Well the wife could be the mob boss too)

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: lol that’d be awesome

  • Shahyr will regroup with others back at the ship after getting the store layout/map data

Korbyn: dif?

Computers Check Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1

Prasla: (Brimbo Haflax’s Mafia-Free Bar and Grill: “Enjoy Your Burger Without the Murder”)

Dol Malik: (can we put the locations up on a dartboard and have Jamil use the force and throw a dart?)

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: anything I can tell from that?

Jamil Deen: Prasla would do that, she has Seek

Prasla: (I could try my Seek power! That’s basically what that is)

Prasla: (I

Dol Malik: heh yeah, I think we need some help, since all these places seem like they don’t realyl stand out.

Prasla: (I’ll give it a shot! I should use it a lot cause it ain’t like it’s likely to work)

Computers Check Force
Success 0 Dark Side Points1

Prasla: Aw

Prasla: Can’t even go dark side cause I need 2

Prasla: Another reason why I wanna go on with the exile tree and get another force rating >>;

Dol Malik: heh yeah seems like the 2 force dice is huge.

Jamil Deen: Yeah, 3 is even better

Dol Malik: (Well anyone else got any ideas or you want me to start beating people up?)

Jamil Deen: Well I was gonna stake out the other office building

Prasla: It’s why I wanna get Artisan next, it’s a techy tree and I can get another Force rating from it

Dol Malik: front door is probably trapped heh.

Korbyn: no, mainly wanted to observe

Prasla: (brb, gonna grab a snack~)

Prasla: Away From Keyboard

Korbyn: ya, have the whole day right?

Korbyn: ya, will try to look at it from diffeerent spots, see what is best

Korbyn: um, during the day won’t care.. at night will stealth

Korbyn: is a semi-busy area right during the day?

Korbyn: oh, then I guess will use stealth

Korbyn: will flip

Korbyn: Korbyn spends a Destiny Point!

Korbyn: to lower the difficulty

Stealth Check Proficiency Proficiency
Success 0 Advantage3

Korbyn: crap

Korbyn: yes




Korbyn: can I use the advantage to book it out of there before they get there?

Korbyn: ok will use it to give me some advantages

Korbyn: ( is multiple people or just one?)

Korbyn: ya, gonna stay put and act surprised by all the hub bub

Korbyn: " oh hey… hello… sorry to bother you…. was looking for a bar, but seems I got lost "

Korbyn: " oh I"m sorry… is a stupid bar, one of those fancy one’s with a secret door to get in.. pain in the ass "

Korbyn: ok

Prasla: Back

Korbyn: no

Korbyn: dif?

Prasla: Euh my mom got this “extra creamy vanilla” ice cream and it tastes a little too much like straight up sugar

Deception Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Threat1

Korbyn: Korbyn gains 1 Strain

Korbyn: " you know the place.. called the rusty cylinder?"

  • Korbyn goes with them out.
  • Korbyn frowns, " I hope those dicks werent playing a trick on me "
  • Korbyn appologizes and leaves.

Korbyn: (anything else I could pick up from them? their gear or the like?)

Korbyn: ok, will head up to a good vantage pt and see what I can see.. then head back to the ship if not much else happens

Dol Malik: (Can get a look at who comes out of the speeders and how they’re dressed?)

Dol Malik: (how tall is the building?)

  • Korbyn will head back to the others.

Jamil Deen: I was staking out the other office building

Dol Malik: (Guess I’ll stake out the residence for the hell of it.)

Prasla: Did I spend all day doing that computer thing?

Jamil Deen: I’ll walk in and check the directory if I can

Jamil Deen: Any vacant offices or anything like that, it’s a bunch of different businesses in a shared office space?

Dol Malik: (Or we could just call up Switch, he seems to know everything)

Jamil Deen: (lol yeah that’s an idea, though he’ll probably want money)

Dol Malik: (Well we can offer him black sun files)

Dol Malik: (We’re hacking em anyway, he prolly wants info about thier operations)

Jamil Deen: Sure, amiss in what way?

Jamil Deen: Difficulty?

Jamil Deen: Yes

Korbyn: (heh, research boy, time to put that spec to use )

Jamil Deen: lol

Jamil Deen: Too bad it doesn’t give me anything for a Computers check

Jamil Deen: When you use a Destiny to increase skill does it give you another green or flip one of your existing greens to a yellow?

Dol Malik: green to a yellow

Dol Malik: it only givs another green if you’re all yellow

Korbyn: ( green to yellow, if run out then get another green )

Jamil Deen: Heh, well Lore is the “esoteric random shit” knowledge

Jamil Deen: Okay I’m gonna flip a Destiny to reduce difficulty to two purple

Jamil Deen: Jamil Deen spends a Destiny Point!

Jamil Deen:
Computers Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Advantage2

Jamil Deen: Sadness

Jamil Deen: What kinds of businesses are these exactly?

Dol Malik: Look for the waste management company.

Jamil Deen: Hmm

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: (just head back and let us know, we can focus on it next )

Jamil Deen: Was gonna try one other thing

Dol Malik: I was gonna stake out the residence.

Jamil Deen: I want to use my Sense power and see if I can pick up on anyone who seems to be hiding something

Jamil Deen: lol or not

Dol Malik: (I see any shady individuals? Any mafiosos?)

Dol Malik: (Btw like arethese guys supposedly one nationality or something? Kinda how mafia is italian?)

Dol Malik: (Like any kinda gestures, accents I can look for?)

Perception Check Ability Ability
Success 1 Advantage2



Dol Malik: (can I cehck to see if there’s an expensive cars?)

Dol Malik: (So girls coming in when he’s at work?)

Dol Malik: (oh okay)

Dol Malik: (So no vehicles really stand out?)

Dol Malik: (Any blaster burns, bullet holes in any of em?)

Dol Malik: (I’ll cehck em for combat damage, Dol should be good at spotting that)

Dol Malik: (Or what looks to be a repair job to repair that kinda damage)

Dol Malik: (Looks like it was combat damage repaired?)

Dol Malik: can I get a boost from my soldier knowledge?Figure I saw a lot of blaster damage

Dol Malik: What difficulty btw?

Dol Malik: I’m looking to see if it was repaired from blasterfire/explosives/etc.

Mechanics Check Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Advantage3

Dol Malik: heh well won’t matter anyway.

Dol Malik: Yeah I guess. heh.

Dol Malik: I’ll see who it bleongs to.

Dol Malik: heh okay.

Dol Malik: Well that’s a dead end.

Dol Malik: Alright guess I’ll return back to base.

Dol Malik: If there’s nothing much else to see.

Korbyn: " not much for me, but the security responded real quick"

Dol Malik: “The residence seemed entirely nondescript. NOthing suspicious there at all.”

Jamil Deen: “The place I checked out seemed pretty normal, just a bunch of your standard office building type businesses… But something just doesn’t seem right about the place. Can’t really put my finger on it…”

Korbyn: " hmm, might be worth a second look "

Shahyr: “The mall seems a dead end. Security is really basic; airspeeder’s basically stop when the mall closes. But I downloaded the store layout map,for analysis… just in case there’s negative space where a datacenter might be hidden. Unlikely but…” * shrug *

Jamil Deen: “Perhaps… I could have missed something. I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something unusual even though the place seems ordinary.”

Korbyn: " oh, my place did have alot of speeder traffic at night"

Shahyr: “Too ordinary perhaps?”

Prasla: “That guy seemed pretty normal…”

Jamil Deen: Yeah I’ll give Prasla the list of businesses that were in the building

Prasla: Hm, I suppose I’ll try and narrow it down

Korbyn: Korbyn recovers all Strain!

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 4 Threat1

Prasla: Dwap

  • Korbyn will go stake out the building Jamil indicated might be interesting.

Prasla: More like ZZT

Korbyn: damn, 5 INT ?

Prasla: Mmmhmm~


Korbyn: ( look at the brain on Prasla… damn )

Prasla: Prasla gains 1 Strain

Dol Malik: heh what game is that Sachi?

Prasla: Hehe, ZZT is the name of it

Cedric1 has connected.

Prasla: “Bingo…”

Jamil Deen: lol, bingo

Cedric is disconnected.

Dol Malik: heh.

Prasla: Awwww

Korbyn: damn it

Dol Malik: So it’s a criminal red herring

Dol Malik: at least we can eliminate it.

Prasla: Well, we ruled it out at least

Jamil Deen: Oh, well never mind that then

Korbyn: so #4 is gone

Dol Malik: Yeah. so rule out the residence and that building.

Jamil Deen: Guess it’s the other office building with all the security

Dol Malik: So we got Korb’s building and the mall

Dol Malik: mall isn’t that liekly really…

Dol Malik: so I figure it’s probably the one Korb went to

Jamil Deen: Shahyr said the mall was a bust

Dol Malik: Yeah.

Dol Malik: The residence seemed like a bust too.

  • Korbyn tells Prasla the name of the security company he encountered. ( that the one she found earlier or no?)

Prasla: ZZT used ANSI characters and it came with an editor so you could make your own games; it even had an object-oriented scripting language built in that you could actually do some pretty complicated stuff with (fans used it for WAY more than the actual games that came with it)

Dol Malik: Yeah lets google Diatech

Jamil Deen: Nah different company than the mall security

Prasla: Mmmm yeah interesting

Dol Malik: hehe that’s pretty cool.

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1 Advantage3

Shahyr: “See if you can get some good all around images of the diatech uniform.. we can set it as one of my outfits maybe…”

Dol Malik: Maybe research the onwer of Diatech.

Dol Malik: It’s family owned.. so…

Dol Malik: maybe a mob family?



Korbyn: can I assist her?

Prasla: I was assuming the bot, but we could add a second if you’re helping…? Cause of that ability

Korbyn: by assists give 2 boost

Korbyn: my

Prasla: Yay~

Korbyn: that fine

Prasla: Ooo yeah

Prasla: Oh ok~

Computers Check Boost
Success 0 Advantage2

Prasla: ;3

Korbyn: heh, I got em too

Prasla: oooo

Prasla: lekku touching lekku :x

Korbyn: Leeku powers activate

Prasla: Moi?

Korbyn: can I do that, since I"m working with her?

Shahyr: she’s got that 5 int tho

Korbyn: she get info, I interpret it

Prasla: You got skill?

Dol Malik: her underworld is probably good

Dol Malik: yeah she’s has 5 dice

Dol Malik: Prasla knows her shit.

Korbyn: daunting what check again? underworld?

Prasla: Instead of boosts we could use your skill and my ability

Prasla: If you have Underworld skill

Korbyn: I just get rid of setbacks

Dol Malik: Her left lekku twitchs at the sign of gangster related trouble.

Korbyn: any set backs?

Korbyn: dif?

Shahyr: daunting just means 4 purple

Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure3 Advantage2

Prasla: I guess I’ll have the bot help me research if I can do that >>;

Prasla: For a boost? Aw

Underworld Check Ability Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Threat1

Korbyn: could I have given her some advantage from my boosts?

Dol Malik: (is the diatech HQ in this sector?)

Shahyr: in person at the building in question is liekly what I’d be doing

Korbyn: do one boost P

Korbyn: come on two success

Underworld Check Boost
Success 1 Advantage1

Korbyn: bah, half way

Prasla: no dice

Dol Malik: I mean I doubt the mob would hire out outside security they got enough goons.. unless it’s purely a mob company.

Korbyn: ( well guess can goto this security office and see about hiring them and see what can find out.. perhaps Jamil and Shahyr?)

Shahyr: could we have prasle roll a 4 purple computer to prgroam in a diatech security unform to muy holo costume? I belive that’s the difficulty when we don’t have the garment on hand

Korbyn: well I have seen one, so I could describe it

Prasla: I can sure try~

Shahyr: if you like, but I kind thought that was why the diff is 4 rather than 1…

Korbyn: I did seem them? can I assist her then?

Prasla: Yeah heh

Korbyn: well I did see them

Korbyn: 2 boosts, bang

Prasla: Yay~

Korbyn: gonna hit thta racial ability as much as I can, hehe

Prasla: Hmmm… I’m gonna use my Touch of Fate here and get 2 more

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 1 Advantage4

Prasla: Wow

Prasla: Squeezed by!

Korbyn: sweet, was mine that made it a success

Prasla: Buncha advantages too…

  • Shahyr taps some controls anmd looks like a diatech guard. I’ll use my diguise kit to recolor my exposed skin to human norms…

Prasla: Did I do a real good job?

Prasla: Yesss

  • Korbyn tweets it a bit as Prasla works on it, " no no, that’s a little darker.. the name tag uses Universal character set… and that extra red flare goes there… "

Shahyr: ^ once I recolor my skin, sure. I’ve the disguise kit…

Korbyn: (tweeks)

Korbyn: and I do know a couple of their names

Korbyn: total?

Dol Malik: (I mean I’m thinking we should just break into this building anyway)

  • Korbyn will pay him.

Dol Malik: (These guys are way too suspicious)

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 5 credits.

Korbyn: ( we all going in ?)

  • Shahyr at least

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn Updates Equipment

Dol Malik: (not sure what the purpose of the trip is heh, so not sure if Dol would fit)

Dol Malik: (I mean if you’re pretending to hire em, I could be your chief of security or something, looking to see if they’re a good company)

Korbyn: ( shahyr and Prasla should go, guess me or Jamil should go )

Prasla: :3

Dol Malik: (hehe)

Dol Malik: (Yeah Prasla could hack em maybe)

Korbyn: ( want in Jamil? Korbyn can baby sit Dol )

Dol Malik: (I mean kinda depends on what SHahyr had in mind for visiting)

Dol Malik: (assume she’s just gonna talk)

Korbyn: (ya, just try to inquire about hiring them, see what happens )

Shahyr: well, the only reason to go would be to confirm nefarious connections.. not sure if that’s really required if we’re morally certain of the target building at this point

Prasla: Yeah I can go and see if I can get to a terminal

Dol Malik: (Yeah.. I mean I figure it’s gotta be this one… unless this one is a super red herring and it’s really the mall or something)

Dol Malik: (But this one seems really suspicious)

Education Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1

Education Check Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Threat1

Education Check Ability Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1 Threat1

Prasla: mmm

Shahyr: well, con our way into diatech anyway =D

Korbyn: (ya, can try )

Korbyn: ( you wan to stake out or go with them Jamil?)

Korbyn: korbyn ok with either, though he been seen there before

Dol Malik: (Yeah guess we’ll try Prasla hacking into diatech)

Dol Malik: (Guess let one of the jedi go, figure force pull coudl be good for a distraction)

Korbyn: jamil then, I don’t got it yet

Dol Malik: (So let Jamil or Korb go for that too, someone wtih force move for a distraction)

Dol Malik: (heh okay)

Dol Malik: (Figure can knock some shit over and distract em while Prasla sneaks off)

Korbyn: though I can misdirect if only talking to one guy

Prasla: (I’m not sure Jamil is awake, I was poking him online)

Korbyn: ( I’ll go just for some back up )

Korbyn: ( Dol and Jamil can go stake out )

Prasla: (Let’s do it, I gotta work in the morning~)

  • Korbyn lets Shahyr do the talking
  • Shahyr has entered in mid conversation with the others, starting up her monolog outside…

“… such thing as an intern program perse. But your qualifications are top notch and I’m sure you’ll do well here.”

  • Shahyr is sort of brushing past the greeter, as if she has the right to do so…
  • Prasla is nodding enthusiastically, paying rapt attention

Korbyn: (she in uniform?)

  • Shahyr in diatech outfit and disguised as more human norm
  • Korbyn follows along.

Shahyr: Pheromones: Zeltrons add to all Charm, Deception, and Negotiation skill checks.
Special Embellishment: Charm: Adds a second automatic to Charm checks.

Shahyr: Kill With Kindness: Remove from all Charm and Leadership checks the character attempts.
Convincing Demeanor: Remove from any Deception or Skulduggery checks.
Plausible Deniability: Remove from any Deception or Coercion checks.

Shahyr: so +1 adv adn drop a setback if any

Korbyn: was it boosts to the deception or setbacks to their roll?

Shahyr: forgot those affected negotioations too…

Shahyr: Shahyr spends a Destiny Point!

Deception Check Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency
Success 4 Advantage1 Triumph1

Korbyn: wow





Shahyr: act liek you belong there =D

Dol Malik: hehe

  • Shahyr barely acknowledges him with a nod as she continues talking to the ‘recriuts’

Korbyn: (anything specific from the triumph?)

Shahyr: (lookiog at prasla) “You’ll need to brush up on counter slicing attempts, and you” at Korbyn, “at proper surveilance techniques…”

Shahyr: we’ll use for an upgrade to next check we make…

Shahyr: ^ the triumph

Korbyn: (any offices about?)

Dol Malik: (You’re just looking for a place for prasla to jack in, right?)

Korbyn: no windows?

  • Shahyr prattles on, looking for a side office with a door we can close, which has a computer terminal…

Shahyr: polarizing transparent aluminum…

  • Korbyn will activate his sense and will slowly walk down the corridor, trying to find an empty office.

Korbyn: either thru the sense or just looking thru a window

Education Check Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points1 Dark Side Points1

Korbyn: one light, all I need

Korbyn: ya, looking for one room that doesn’t have anyone it it

Korbyn: in it

Dol Malik: oh, that thing doesn’t work if companions are nearby? damn that power sucks heh.

Korbyn: don’t need radar just yes or no on room being occupied

Shahyr: we’ll just do mundane perceptions then

Korbyn: " move back some"

Korbyn: ( actually non eo the upgrades have anything to do with direction…….)

  • Korbyn motions them up, " here I think "

Dol Malik: We need to build in a cybernetic camera on Korb’s lekku. Can use it to look under doors and around corners.

  • Shahyr pauses walking, continuing her ‘lecture’ in a soft voice
  • Shahyr casually opens said office and escorts them inside

Korbyn: ( just control sense thoughts, and increase range and # of people effected, that’s all )

Korbyn: I would think can at least tell a direction

Korbyn: well either way, will moting them over to the hopefully empty room

Korbyn: " here, get this door open" ( it locked?)

  • Korbyn ushers them in and closes teh door. " see if you can jack in "
  • Korbyn will keep his senses going, seeing if anyone comes close to them.
  • Shahyr walks Prasla to the desk with its likely computer terminal…

Korbyn: ( sachi?)

Prasla: Yo~

  • Prasla cracks her knuckles

Korbyn: get a hacking

Shahyr: “Here ya go luv,” pats terminal

Korbyn: spike em?

  • Prasla starts looking for information on their security protocols… Probably having to get through some of them herself… (Yeah I’ll spike it, I’m not 100% sure what roll I’m supposed to make or what atm)

Prasla: Word

Korbyn: use some destiny if necessary

Shahyr: assuming no security, that action is listed as Simple in special modfications (it has section on slicing ‘encounters’

Prasla: Spike adds 2 boosts

Prasla: I’m just going by what it said in the chargen

Korbyn: data breaker is 2 boosts

Shahyr: spiek decreased the bypass security by 2 diff

Korbyn: sounds good

Shahyr: page 88 has more way to spend you adv adn triumph Prasla (incase you don’t hav eit open as yet)

Prasla: But on that specific action

Korbyn: so difficulty down 2, and 2 boost

Prasla: I think I gotta get access before I can start disabling security?

Shahyr: basic access is simple.. you can’t fail that really…

Prasla: No it’s not

Korbyn: tibnk have to get past security first, like logon security right off the bat

Prasla: It’s 3 he said

Prasla: Unless we’re using something other than the slicing rules in SM >.>;

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Advantage3

Prasla: Woo~

Dol Malik: nice

Dol Malik: slice that shit up

Prasla: “Hmm… Any ICE…?”

Dol Malik: (heh do they have ICE in star wars?)

Korbyn: ( current jobs, see if can access the building security or even skimatic )

Dol Malik: (yeah probably just do a search for the address)

Dol Malik: (And see what fikles they got on it)

Shahyr: ah.. I wasn’t reading enouhg… access system is simple IF ther eis no verification systems

Shahyr: cover tracks for 2…

Korbyn: (back door might be useful, if not now that perhaps sometime later )

Dol Malik: Couldn’t just run a search program on the address?

Korbyn: (cover tracks might be good too, they won’t know we looking so won’t increase security there )

Prasla: Mmm I’m gonna create the backdoor… Depending on how they’re set up it may even help us when we infiltrate the other place

Dol Malik: We know where the builing is so just search on that address probably.

Shahyr: “Access all information on ‘building x’”

Prasla: Ok, it says I can only do that if there’s no security software active, so assuming there’s not I’m gonna search for information on that building

Shahyr: we’re on site, so it’s unlikely there’s more.. unless you gain some threat or something

Dol Malik: yeah just hope they don’t send a Trace IC after you or you’re fucked.

Prasla: “Mmm… Wonder if there’s a way to spoof those.”

Prasla: Oh yeah how difficult is that >.>

Korbyn: ( can still do back door, be good to turn those off before we go in.. or set on timer to go of when we go in )

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty
Success 3 Advantage5

Jamil Deen: Are you needing Computers from me?

Korbyn: crush

Jamil Deen: Ah okay

Shahyr: “Some good deets there. Think you can nick the codes for door access and such?”

Korbyn: (you hanging out with Dol. jamil )

Prasla: Well~ I’m gonna spread decoys AND cover my tracks

Dol Malik: (can she shut down the security at the other building from here? Or build some kind of timed shutdown sequebnce?)

Dol Malik: (Loop the cameras maybe?)

Korbyn: (timed shutdown would be best, nothing to notice until it happening)

Korbyn: ( loop might be noticed )

Prasla: I’m fond of the loop myself

Prasla: But yeah

Dol Malik: (Yeah figure set up a tmed loop, so decide when we wnat to break in, and set the time to activate then)

Dol Malik: (so a delatyed activation on it)

Korbyn: (unless we go right away during the day)

Dol Malik: (Well could just set a timer to trigger it at night)

Dol Malik: (And did we get a schematic of the building?)

Dol Malik: (Definiteyl want to know where their main fframe is)

Korbyn: ( well if going in a night, can’t loop a daytime thing.. unless you can loop it a second before )

Prasla: I’d like one if I can get one

Prasla: (getting sleeepy though)

Prasla: (Difficulty?)

Dol Malik: (Well the loop just triggers it to start replaying the last 10-20 seconds of footage over and over again

Dol Malik: (When the loop actually starts, she could set a delayed activation)

Dol Malik: (So it starts looping at night)

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 5 Advantage3 Triumph1

Korbyn: ( sure, but what if that happens to catch someone walking by )

Prasla: (Difficulty?)

Prasla: ooo

Dol Malik: (well yeah, she’d probably have to program it so that it would loop on somethiong without motion heh.)

Dol Malik: (Well most cameras can determine if there’s motionb efore starting the loop sequesnce)

Korbyn: guess with triump can say that we get lucky and it just catches no one, future success?)

Prasla: Mwahaha

Dol Malik: (Well I mean not hard for a camera to just record if nothing is moving unless there’s a guy standing ther a long time not moving)

Dol Malik: (Then might catch em if he’s super still standing in front of the camera)

Prasla: (Not lying about being sleepy tho)

Dol Malik: (Otehrwise you’d just wait 30 seconds without motion before starting the loop recording heh)

Korbyn: can you find the core, or even see if you run into any mention of dark sun being there?

Prasla: Sure,, is there?

Jamil Deen: Any mention of Dark Sun

Prasla: I mean, is there anything I can find that I’d know is connected to Dark Sun

Prasla: I kinda doubt they’d come out a nd dsay it

Korbyn: put a star on that one

Shahyr: “Oo there. That looks good.”

Prasla: Sure

Korbyn: (just make sure you got everyone else ready…)

Shahyr: “So, we got deets on patrol composition, accurate layouts, a target mainframe…. what else can we nick”

Korbyn: ( the looping or whatever else ya setting up, the deeper ya dig the more possible security you might hit )

  • Shahyr seems as excited about this mini adventure as Prasla in about her hacking

Prasla: diff?

Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 3 Threat2

Underworld Check Ability Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 3

Korbyn: boost from my background? probably don’t matter

Underworld Check Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1

Prasla: “That one…”

Korbyn: Viggo Mortinson?

Prasla: lol

Shahyr: “That’d be them then.. Confirmation!” * excitedly shakes Prasla’s shoulders a bit in victory

Korbyn: " ok, grab what else you can, but I think we should start heading out"

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Advantage3

Prasla: ooooooooooooo uh oh

Prasla: no problem

Prasla: I’m half asleep

Shahyr: 2 adv = valuable data.. maybe ? =D

Korbyn: " set up what you can with camera’s and any codes we might need.. and lets go "

Prasla: all the shit he just told us

Shahyr: kk, no prob

Dol Malik: So long as we got a schematiic and know where we’re goiong, that’s probably good enough

Korbyn: ya, that fine.. no detection is good

Prasla: yeah

Prasla: it done?

Korbyn: ( so that it… we going the camera loot ot start at certain time, schematics, location of the room, as well as any codes we might need .. anything else?)

Korbyn: ( maybe go in and give a couple of the guys off tonight… make it look like an error?)

Korbyn: (mess with the schedule ?)

Shahyr: “Alright, lets get while the getting’s good.”

Dol Malik: (heh yeah could alter the guard schedule so tehy don’t show up for work or somthing)

  • Shahyr will look for an employee exit that will bypass the greeter

Korbyn: ( or have a security alert go off someplace far away at another property as we are going in ?)

Dol Malik: Though that may not work if they have to manually relieve each other

Dol Malik: Yeah. maybe we could send Shahyr in there to relieve one.

Dol Malik: Well we got Shahyr’s disguise maybe she coudl relieve one of em.

Korbyn: they work in groups of 2 or no?

Dol Malik: Yeah I figure we could just call off a couple and Shahyr and Prasla take their place?

Dol Malik: One with a paotrol route thatt goes near the comptuer

Korbyn: need to find or make uniforms then.. also they probably know each other

  • Shahyr can lure people into a stun ambush and the rest of you get uniforms…

Prasla: Away From Keyboard

Korbyn: think just knocking out the camera’s will be enough, rest will just have to knck out or avoid

Shahyr: she just stepped away…

Korbyn: ya, roll for her but flip a destiny as this might be big

Korbyn: and any boosts from all her other rolls

Korbyn: she might get rid of setbacks

Computers Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 2 Advantage6

Korbyn: nope

Dol Malik: yeah midnight works

Shahyr: use some of that 6 to leave a backdoor.. just in case =D

Dol Malik: We got a blueprint yet?

Korbyn: maybe use two advantage for the camera to reset it self is has motion at taht time or something?

Dol Malik: okay cool.

Dol Malik: That knows where the server room is right? The one we want to get?

Dol Malik: okay. cool.

Dol Malik: We know where the other security devices are as well?

Dol Malik: So they’re just aimlessly wandering basically?

Shahyr: it’s an individual choice rather than a compnay protocol

Dol Malik: Well they may show the overall route.

Korbyn: we just need to go in and be quick and knock guys out and tie them up

Prasla: Back

Shahyr: awesome phatom slicing for ya ;)

Prasla: Yay~

Prasla: I really gotta go to bed actually

Korbyn: she make that permanent back door or no?

  • Shahyr feels we’ve gotten enught to finish the mission

Prasla: I said I was

Korbyn: ok good, then ya.. clean up a bit and lets get out of here

Prasla: (before I fall asleep on you like Tab did)

Dol Malik: yeah heh, lets wrap it up and maybe continue next time.

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Challenge
Success 2 Advantage1

  • Korbyn senses outside, wating seeing if any moving living presences are outside, if none are we will leave as we came in.
  • Korbyn nods to them and we go.

Korbyn: and scene

  • Shahyr was goign to see if there was an employee exit away from greeter, actually

Korbyn: possible to go by him as he is talking to someone else?

Shahyr: out thru parkign garage .. that sort of thing

Prasla: I think I got kicked off

Prasla: Or G did

Garrion: i did hear a disconnect signal

Korbyn: no I hear em

Dol Malik: yeah I’m here

Shahyr: shrug

Garrion: just you sachi

Garrion: we wrapping up anyway

Korbyn: jsut head out front door, trying to see if perhaps we can avoid him, I’ll use my force sense advantage power to make him not notice them

  • Shahyr is fond of the “act as if you bleong” stratgey, and just walks on past him then

Korbyn: give him 2 setback to notice them

Korbyn: no

Shahyr: talent…

Jamil Deen: Heh, I got Move, assuming I’m around

Prasla: I can’t hear you anymore G even though I’m connected

Korbyn: ahve misdirect that that only work on one of us, so could use it one at a time as we walk out on him, hehe

Garrion: not sure why

Garrion: we just leaving the building then done

Korbyn: no, just trying to leave as he is talking to someone else

Korbyn: yes, on all of us

Korbyn: but while he talking to someone as well, if possible

Prasla: What the fuck

Prasla: All of a sudden if I quit remote desktop your voice goes away until I disconnect and reconnect from Discord

Prasla: It’s never done that before

Shahyr: did you accidentally hit the ‘deafen’ toggle, Prasla?

Korbyn: why two setbacks? for prasla and shahyr?

Korbyn: Korbyn spends a Destiny Point!

Korbyn: one red, 1 purple

Prasla: No, it wasn’t that

Prasla: maybe it was cause I did it while he was actually talking, are you talking now?

Shahyr: he was talking just then

Prasla: What the fuck, this is stupid

Stealth Check Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Boost Difficulty Challenge Setback Setback
Success 4 Threat3

Korbyn: bang

Dol Malik: heh well we’re stopping soon anyway.

Dol Malik: Hopefully now, casue Korb just left the building and the scene is over heh.

Dol Malik: I’ll type out the relevant stuff for you Sachi as far as XP.

Korbyn: one strain for each of us?

Prasla: Yeah I’m really fuckin tired

Prasla: Nah I’ll just reconnect and minimize it

Prasla: I hear you now

Garrion: we are done sachi

Prasla: It’s just inconvenient as fucking shit

Dol Malik: Yeah G says we’re done.

Prasla: Maybe if I reboot it’ll fix it

Prasla: Yeah I heard

Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 0 Advantage4

Garrion: you exited the facility

Shahyr: oops, supposed to be me..

Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 0 Advantage3

Dol Malik:
Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage3

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage1

Shahyr: I somehow rolled for prasla I think

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 3

Jamil Deen:
Discipline Check Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage2

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn updated their character sheet

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated their character sheet

Garrion: 10 XP prasla

Prasla: Yeah I can

Dol Malik: k 10 XP then

Shahyr: I’ll ad d a macro later, but I now have basic Scathing tirade

Korbyn: sweet, got my signature ability for Protector…

Korbyn: Circle of Shelter: Force talent. When an ally engaged with the character suffers a hit from a combat check, the character may use a Parry or Reflect incidental to reduce the damage the hit deals (even though he is not the target of the combat check).

Prasla: Oooo awesome!

Dol Malik: yup

Dol Malik: cya G.

Shahyr: night

Prasla: Night night everyone!~

Korbyn: so anyone stading next to me I can block either 3 melee damage or 5 ranged damage

Jamil Deen: Gonna crash, later all

Dol Malik: cya Sachi

Tygaran is disconnected.

Sachi is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn added a Talent

Taragnor is disconnected.

Cedric1 is disconnected.

Session 25 Log

Star Wars: Champions of the Light Garrion