Session 26 Log

Taragnor has connected.

Tabris has connected.

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated a Power

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Dark Side Points4

Tabris: Yeah that figures

Garrion: accept your destiny….

Jamil Deen: I tried, you wanted to do a light side game =P

Garrion: haha, well it is really a grey ame

Garrion: not so much stickly light side

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points1

Jamil Deen: Slightly better

Jamil Deen: Need more double lights

Cedric has connected.

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points2

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points1 Dark Side Points3

Cedric: hey

Garrion: well the force dice are stacked for dark

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points1 Dark Side Points3

Garrion: msince the dark is “easier”

Jamil Deen: lol yeah, I can see that

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points1 Dark Side Points2

Korbyn: plus Jamil is evil

Jamil Deen: No way man, my morality is at 67

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points2

Korbyn: give it a couple of weeks… :P

Garrion: yeah, he actually pretty decent guy

Garrion: now Dol on the other hand….

Jamil Deen: Just cuz I capped that guy for a crime lord’s amusement doesn’t mean I’m evil

Korbyn: lost cause

Garrion: who we missiong, sachi

Discipline Check Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points1 Dark Side Points1

Korbyn: think so

Jamil Deen: Yeah, I told her server was up

Jamil Deen: She logged onto Discord but not here, lol

Korbyn: T here?

Taragnor: yeah I’m here

Taragnor: was just semi-afk while waiting to start.

Garrion: haha, discord telling on you Ty… says you playing Skyrim

Taragnor: heh why I haven’t linked my discord to steam…

Jamil Deen: lol

Jamil Deen: Don’t want us all to know how much of a NEKOPARA fan you are?

Shahyr: =P I just have Mod Manager up

Sachi has connected.

Shahyr: y

Korbyn: yup

Jamil Deen: Yup, hear you

Taragnor: yeah

Jamil Deen: Is that what we did? I totally fell asleep at the end, lol

Korbyn: just so everyone know, my new power lets me defend those engaged with me with my reflect or parry abilities, as though I was the target.. so I can reduce ranged by 5 and melee by 3 damage

Jamil Deen: noooooooooooooooo

Sachi: Does anyone happen to know how to get the toolbar back on top of the window? >>;

Shahyr: * we encoded my holographic costume with the diatech guard unifroma and I walked Prasla in to there offices to hack the plans and detaisl of our targte =D

Sachi: Yeah

Jamil Deen: Nice

Sachi: I accidentally dragged it away and Restore Layout did not fix it x.x

Sachi: Ah I fixed it

Sachi: Apparently I just had to drop it in the exact right magic spot

Korbyn: I didn’t even know you could move it

Sachi: Me either lol

Korbyn: destiny it up and lets skin this cat..

Garrion: The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points4

Korbyn: 3 and 3

Korbyn: do the korbyn flilp

  • Korbyn brings the ladies back.

Jamil Deen: Yeah that sounds about right

Sachi: Oooo yeah~ I remember doing the hacking and stuff

  • Jamil Deen practices his Move power, having managed to increase his strength with it to the point of being able to move a human sized object

Sachi: brb, gotta grab a beverage rq

Korbyn: ya, you did awesome…. got in clean, got our stuff and got out cleaner

Shahyr: and you maanged to leave a personal backdoor into the Diatech mainframe

Jamil Deen: Nice

Korbyn: and left bread crumbs

Korbyn: " so are we going in hard, or try to sneak about?"

Jamil Deen: “I would prefer stealth if we can manage it… The less attention we draw to ourselves on this planet the better.”

Shahyr: “Well, we only recieved the composition of the exterior patrol team. They don’t seem to have kept records of any patrol patterns, however.”

Korbyn: " I"m hoping once we are in, Prasla can hack in someplace close to the door and check out the inside"

Shahyr: “Once we get Kix-luv inside, we can certainly tap into any internal security.”

Korbyn: " it might be wise to take in disguises, or something to hide our faces "

Prasla: Oh nice going forgetting to click my token before the afk macro

Shahyr: “Oo, makeovers! I have my theatrical kit still.” * wink *

Jamil Deen: “I agree, disguises would be advantageous.”

  • Prasla nods.

Jamil Deen: “We should strive to be as inconspicuous as we can.”

Korbyn: " or just something to cover our faces"

  • Shahyr already seems to have a more typical human color of skin and hair

Dol Malik: “A simple mask would work. doubt we need a full disguise.”

Jamil Deen: “Would masks not draw attention to us though? Are their personnel typically masked?”

Prasla: “yeah, there’s that…”

Korbyn: " ya, just wear dark clothes at a cold weather mask" ( i.e. ski mask or whatever that might be in star wars )

Shahyr: “I heasr criminals on some planets use leg sock nettings to hide their faces,” she jokes help[fully

Prasla: “Haha, yeah, I used to do that when I borrowed the service shuttles!~”

Korbyn: " well I think we really only need the mask for inside… outside the video should be looped "

Dol Malik: “There were only few guards stationed according to Prasla’s intel.”

Dol Malik: “I doubt we’d be able to blend in with them.”

Dol Malik: (there were only like what 12 guards or something?)

Jamil Deen: “Hm… So then you want to go in with guns blazing, so to speak.”

Shahyr: “Wel,l the whole point it to not even encounter them.”

Korbyn: " we sneak until we cant.. then do the Dol "

Dol Malik: “It’s a big place, and there aren’t too many guards, I was thinking of just sneaking our way in.”

  • Jamil Deen nods…

Dol Malik: “With your abilities to sense people and the building being relatively large, it shouldn’t be too much trouble.”

Shahyr: “Do the Dol.. that has a nice ring to it. Kix-luv, note that down for strategy planning as the frontal assault option.”

Prasla: “So it’s like a sneaking mission? In and out, no one sees a thing? At least, that’s what we’re going for…”

Korbyn: ( can we find or make just some simple masks, just cloth covering our faces, or cowls or the like…. )

Jamil Deen: “Yes… The ideal would be that they never even know we were there.”

Korbyn: ( sunglasses and a hat )

Shahyr: (( you be jedi.. the (in)famous deep cowls ))

Jamil Deen: (Rubber Palpatine masks?)

Jamil Deen: (lol yeah I mean I have the hood that I wear most of the time anyway)

  • Shahyr is in diatech secuity look with sunglass type scanner goggles

Cedric1 has connected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Prasla: Yeah I can attach a hood to my armor~

Prasla: Yep~

  • Cedric1 will use his trenchcoats hood and some other cloth so his being a Torgura isn’t so obvious .
  • Korbyn will use his trenchcoats hood and some other cloth so his being a Torgura isn’t so obvious .

Shahyr: “So, to not surprise you later… If they do spot us here’s my base story. I’m upper echelon and you guys are me team. Were testing security measures and response times. Might be able to get the patrol to move along and let us continue.”

Korbyn: "You can try talking our way out, but I don’t think ti will be too likely "

  • Jamil Deen smirks… “You could berate them for their failure to respond sooner and tell them that their pay is going to be docked if they don’t get back to work.”

Prasla: “Gotcha, ma’am!”

Shahyr: “Times-a-wasting. Lets get into position.”

  • Shahyr sparks her stun master in the air to test that it has juice

Dol Malik: (How many guards were there in total according to Prasla?)

Dol Malik: oh okay yeah, not many at all.

Dol Malik: “If they catch us, lets just shoot our way out. Shouldn’t be difficult given their numbers.”

Korbyn: " lets go "

Korbyn: ( only when we get close )

Jamil Deen: Heh, don the disguises once we get there

  • Shahyr just heads there like an employee heading to work
  • Shahyr tries to maintain a stern visage, but her excited grin occassionaly peeks thru

Korbyn: " best keep the droids on standbye, incase we neeed to get out of here quick "

Prasla: “You hear that, Pixie Squad?~ Keep a sensor on my channel!”

  • Korbyn keeps watch for the patrols.

Jamil Deen: Beepboopchirp

Dol Malik: Guess stealth up tot he door and try to pick the lock on a side door?

Dol Malik: Nobody used the front door so it’s probably trapped

Korbyn: do we know of any alternate entrances? from the skimatics?

Korbyn: either one closer to our destination?

Korbyn: (back door I guess?)

Korbyn: ( I can’t fly yet )

Jamil Deen: Yeah back door

Jamil Deen: I might be able to levitate myself with Move, lol

Shahyr: (( there’s the jumping ))

Jamil Deen: Yeah I don’t have the vertical jump yet though

Korbyn: ( I don’t got vertical jump, Jamil might be able to move one of us up there then drop a rope down, not sure?)

  • Korbyn gets his disquise down.

Korbyn: dif?

Korbyn: for percept?

Prasla: If we make it a team roll I got 5 green

Korbyn: ok, I get rid of one setback

Perception Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency
Success 5 Advantage2

Prasla: On Education

Prasla: Or that works too

Prasla: I was about to ask if anyone had the skill



Korbyn: (heh, when it comes to percept.. I"m good )

  • Prasla cracks her knuckles

Korbyn: I"ll do the physical one

Jamil Deen: I can assist Korbyn maybe?

  • Shahyr Could break physical, but she nkow J and/or K are better experiences at it
  • Korbyn attacks the physical lock with Jamil’s help. ( crap )

Jamil Deen: I got 1Y1G for Skullduggery

Prasla: Is it Skullduggery or Mechanics?

Prasla: Oh yeah let them do it

Shahyr: oh rly? I’ve 3g…

Korbyn: ok, so assist from jamil?

Shahyr: I thought you were a cunnign type as well

Prasla: I can do Computers though if we can use that for the electronic bit

Jamil Deen: However assist works

Korbyn: same dif for the computers?

  • Shahyr just offer general encourangement.. if Inspiring can work here

Korbyn: don’t see why not?

Leadership Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Advantage4

  • Shahyr is no help

Prasla: Aww

Skullduggery Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 0 Threat1

Prasla: So 4 diff on Computers?

Korbyn: crap

Shahyr: can pass one off boost to each tho I guess

Korbyn: Korbyn gains 1 Strain

Jamil Deen: Yeah difficulty 4 on computers

Korbyn: ( least didn’t fail badely. can try again?)

  • Shahyr excitingly joshes K aside and tries herself…

Skullduggery Check Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 0 Failure3 Threat2

  • Shahyr breaks a nail

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: Do I get a setback or just on the lock? SOrry

Korbyn: best do computers first actually Kix, so no alarms go off ?

Prasla: Oh pff

Shahyr: you’ve got tools, Prasla

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Threat2 Triumph1

Prasla: oooo

Korbyn: wow, nice

Jamil Deen: noice

Prasla: Better not be any alarms

Prasla: “Woo!~”

Korbyn: ( can she use her triumph to give me some info on the physical one?)

Prasla: Does my Resolve reduce that strain btw? (I always take at least 1)

Korbyn: nice

  • Korbyn tries the door again. ( gonna flip a destiny to remove a purple )

Korbyn: Korbyn spends a Destiny Point!

Skullduggery Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 1 Advantage1

Prasla: “Whenever (I) suffer strain, (I) suffer 1 less strain per rank of Resolve, to a minimum of one”

Prasla: Doesn’t apply to voluntary strain, i.e. ability costs

Prasla: Prasla gains 1 Strain

Prasla: Woo~

Korbyn: (bag, will use the advantage to get the door open extra quick )

  • Korbyn closes the door quietly after. ( that good for the advantage?)

Jamil Deen: Just so long as we’re in without being discovered, lol

Korbyn: else will just heal a strain


Shahyr: right click – view image for bigger

Shahyr: even magnifies to larger than my screen

Prasla: I right clicked saved that motherfucker as

Prasla: Put it right in my google drive with the other cheat sheets~

Korbyn: Korbyn recovers 1 Strain

Korbyn: (stairs probably easier if they got em ?)

Korbyn: ( btw, there camera’s in here? best to kill them as well )

Korbyn: (outer and inner?)

Shahyr: “Maybe Kix-luv can hack into security from down here and lay in some glitch traps for the patrols? Isolate a turbolift for our use only, lock doors behind them and have the pads issue errors a coupel time before letting them thru?”

Korbyn: (ya, if we could.. didnt’ realise we could )

Jamil Deen: “They’ll know something is wrong if we do that… Best to just remain undiscovered.”

  • Korbyn steps away from the group a bit and tries to listen if any guards are walking about.
  • Jamil Deen reaches out with his Sense power to see if he can detect anyone nearby

Prasla: “We’re on a tight timetable, yeah…?”

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Dark Side Points3

Jamil Deen: lol of course

  • Shahyr is thinking about the crime/mystery holovids and offering suggestions for the dramatic events therin. =D
  • Korbyn tries to sense out guars as he listens for them.

Jamil Deen: No

Skullduggery Check Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Force Force
Success 0 Failure2 Threat3 Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points1

Korbyn: 2 light for me

Jamil Deen: He just didn’t clear the roller

Shahyr: “Well, I’m sort of a secret patrol guard so…” she starts walking towards the nearest turbolift

  • Korbyn extends his senses to see if can sense any guards. ( forgot to get rid of the difficulty from before )
  • Korbyn will keep it up if he can. " lets go "

Korbyn: ok, will do so for now

Korbyn: 1 dice

Jamil Deen: Gonna stick with Shahyr

  • Korbyn will activate my defensive ongoing power with my other force dice.

Dol Malik: yeah I’ll follow according to plan until the shit hits the fan heh.

Prasla: I’ll stick with her~

Jamil Deen: Yeah I’ll go ahead and put a Force Die on my defense power as well

Garrion: 80

  • Shahyr steps in
  • Korbyn steps in last.

Shahyr: “We want to be wuick right/”

Shahyr: ?

  • Jamil Deen nods
  • Shahyr puches code for mainframe’s floor

Korbyn: (whatever floor we need to, heh)

Korbyn: ( how tall this building, btw?)

Korbyn: (whatever floor gives us access to the server…. access might be different then the actual server room )

  • Shahyr leans towards Prasla, takes her hadn to tilt the data bareak her own way to consult the floro plans and hit s the correct floor indicator

Garrion: 25

  • Korbyn puts a finger to his lips.

Shahyr: (( hopefulyl we’re just passing them.. us up – them down =D ))

Korbyn: (it as we are going, or someplace where we are heading to ?)

  • Shahyr steps u pto the doorway, seeing as how she’s a ‘guard’

Korbyn: (heh, can all 5 of us hide?)

  • Prasla tries to be inconspicuous at least
  • Korbyn will hide and see what Shahyr can do.
  • Jamil Deen is hanging back for now

Shahyr: kk, just a reminded about the quality of my suit… “Diatech security uniform (2 setback to discover falsehood)”

Perception Check Ability Ability Ability
Success 1 Advantage3




  • Korbyn puts a finger to his lips.

Shahyr: ^ he did that

Jamil Deen: Yeah he shushed us

Jamil Deen: Why else would he do it lol

  • Korbyn puts fingers to lips and points outside.
  • Shahyr recalls floor plans and immediate turns to head towards the mainframe
  • Korbyn shrugs and exits the lift. " should we keep it here". ( whisper)

Korbyn: (there like a hold level, or don’t move button. or that too obvious?)

Prasla: I’m gonna boldly follow Shahyr~ Kix is all in on being eager

  • Jamil Deen shrugs

Jamil Deen: Just leave something in the doors so they can’t close

Korbyn: (there more then one tube?)

  • Korbyn lets it go, can still get to us in another one.. getting held might draw attention.
  • Shahyr continues along as if she belongs
  • Korbyn goes next to Kix, keeping his senses going and scanning for life.

Jamil Deen: Moving stealthily but following Shahyr

Jamil Deen: Basic is without difficulty dice?

Stealth Check Ability Ability Ability
Success 1 Advantage4

Dol Malik:
Stealth Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 2 Advantage1

Stealth Check Proficiency Proficiency
Success 2




Jamil Deen:
Stealth Check Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 3 Advantage1

Stealth Check Ability Ability Ability
Success 0 Advantage1

Jamil Deen: lol well they definitely hear Prasla

Shahyr: not specifically sneaking, no .. right

Prasla: :x

  • Prasla seems to be just as consumed by Mission Impossible-esque fantasy as Shahyr

Korbyn: " time to goto work, Prasla "

Shahyr: “Tiem for your fun, Kix-luv.”

Korbyn: ( I sense anyone in that direction?)

  • Prasla cracks her knuckles

Korbyn: " wait, I sense a movement" ( whispers)

Prasla: What’s the difficulty on that again?

Prasla: Ooo

Prasla: Computers?

Prasla: >>; Sorry

Korbyn: (does the ripple seem to stay in range or go out of range in a bit?)

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Challenge
Success 0 Failure1 Triumph1

Korbyn: " might be someone on the other side of the door"

Prasla: awwww dwam

Korbyn: dif on percept?

Jamil Deen: Triumph give her a boost on next attempt or something?

Shahyr: tri could give you an upgrade on next attempt

  • Korbyn points toward the footsteps.
  • Jamil Deen takes up cover somewhere and readies his blaster rifle

Prasla: Yeah I feel like i could get at least not nothing for the triumph?

Shahyr: “Want me to intercepty adn delay?”

Prasla: I was browsing the cheat sheet but nothing seemed immediately useful

Shahyr: triumph → upgrade next check is a standard/common usage.. like 2 adv = boost

  • Korbyn assists Prasla in openning the door again if he can.

Prasla: Oh, that one was a one-time deal?

Jamil Deen: Get boost or upgrade on next check to open the lock

Prasla: Or you just meant I wasn’t gonna open the lock that time, which I thought I didn’t have to specify

Korbyn: well you do have a card that would give you another triumph, which would mean a success

Korbyn: actually I do, if I can use it?

Shahyr: it short ciruits just right

Prasla: My card might as well just say “gain reputation with G, lose reputation with other players”

Korbyn: actually wouldnt succeed on this one anyway.. so try doing a free card Kix, might get lucky

Jamil Deen: lol

  • Shahyr at leastg moves to stand between possible incomming guards and the rest of the party

Korbyn: draw a card with the triumph prasla, no loss?

  • Korbyn will take cover.

Prasla: Yeah, why not~

Plot Twist Cards: deals one card from the top of the deck.

  • Shahyr is following her adventurous “Reward: Excitement” motivations

Plot Twist Cards – Card 24: card turned face up.

Korbyn: ( else jamil and I have ‘lockpicks’ )

Prasla: Hmmm~

Korbyn: (turns out the guard is an old flame of Shahyr’s.. hehe)

Prasla: “Someone unexpectedly returns a favor?~”

Jamil Deen: lol

Shahyr: or a Big Fan of her seldom leading role

Jamil Deen: Could be someone else trying to break into the mainframe

Prasla: (that wasn’t Prasla talking, that was me quoting one of the options from my card)

Jamil Deen: Scratch my back I scratch yours

Korbyn: Away From Keyboard

  • Shahyr is sure she can tlak her way out of anything.. so is out in the open

Jamil Deen: She’s out in the open while the rest of us are hiding

Shahyr: Reward: Excitement motivates her.. so she just HAS to try ouit the role

Shahyr: “I’m Jasmine Skaal. I’m leading a surprise test of the security systems at this establishment. I must say, so far you are doing quite poorly. You didn’t even lock down the turbolifts?”

Shahyr: “To force any intruders to use the stairs? Duh. Are you neophytes at this or something>?”

Jamil Deen: (I think this is the part where Han shoots the comm)

Prasla: :3

  • Shahyr takes out datapad. “Potential security gap,” she talsk as she enters data, “Emplyer hostage situation assures turbolifts are always active.” * pause to look back up * “Sorry what was that? What’s your security clearnace and identifation information, newbie?”
  • Korbyn drops his sense and clicks both ongoing force powers. ( both offensive and defeensive)

Shahyr: “You don’t have clearance for that information. And this is a TEST, remember? I need to make sure YOU know what’s going on. Now, shall we start again?” * winning- disarming smile *

  • Shahyr turns on her charms

Prasla: (Ohhhhh we shoulda shot them before they reported in)

Shahyr: “Like they’re going to ELL you.” * eye-roll *

Shahyr: TELL

Jamil Deen: I’m shooting

Prasla: Yeah we might as well now

Dol Malik:
Vigilance Initiative Check Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage1

Shahyr: (( we had to recon knowing the name of the dude “Vigo” or whomever.. so I don’t have da name to drop do I? ))

Jamil Deen:
Vigilance Initiative Check Ability Ability Ability
Success 2 Advantage1

Cool Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 5 Advantage1

Vigilance Initiative Check Ability Ability Boost
Success 4

Shahyr: oops.. init button…

Cool Initiative Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage3

Shahyr: that 5.1 was so much better =D

Cool Initiative Check Ability Ability
Success 3

Prasla: Do I already count as being in cover?

Korbyn: Back

Shahyr: “Good, you checked in. You’re test results are looking up.” * makes notation in datapad

Shahyr: don/t suppose I can have that 5.1 results I rolled for non-inite button Cool check up ther? =D

You say to the GMs: Security Patrol added a Weapon

Garrion says to the GMs: Security Patrol added a Weapon

You say to the GMs: Security Patrol added a Weapon

Garrion says to the GMs: Security Patrol added a Weapon

Korbyn: ( we got a map or this just arbitrary?)

Security Patrol:
Cool Initiative Check Ability
Success 0

Shahyr has received initiative.

*****Start of Shahyr’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Shahyr: “Now, I’m sure your contact just didn’t get the memo, or isn’t supposed to know. If they check with that twli’lek at the front desk he should remember i came in with some of my team.” *charm or negotiate to have he check again

Shahyr: Congenial: The character may suffer 1 strain to downgrade the difficulty of a Charm or Negotiation check; or upgrade an incomming Charm or Negotiation check.

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 1 Strain

Shahyr: Pheromones: Zeltrons add to all Charm, Deception, and Negotiation skill checks.
Special Embellishment: Charm: Adds a second automatic to Charm checks.

Charm Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 5 Threat1

Prasla has received initiative.

*****Start of Prasla’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Shahyr: ^ so auto adv cancels that threat

Prasla: Well, since no one’s shooting, I’m just gonna use both my maneuvers to aim unless it’ll give my position away

Prasla: Yeah I figured I might, so I’ll just stay put until something happens; I might be reckless but I’m just an engineer!

Korbyn has received initiative.

*****Start of Korbyn’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Korbyn: I said this before, but incase you missed it will drop my sense and switch to ongoing offensive power, already had the defensive power going and will wait

  • Korbyn delays until they act.

Jamil Deen has received initiative.

*****Start of Jamil Deen’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Jamil Deen: I’ll delay

Dol Malik has received initiative.

*****Start of Dol Malik’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Dol Malik: I’ll wait too for now

*****Start of Security Patrol’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Korbyn: (heh, they ain’t empire, so they safe from him )

Shahyr: “Remind him I was interviewing a new member when he passeed me thru”

Shahyr: (while waiting) “So, you ramnk and fiel guys get a good health plan?”

Garrion: 100

  • Shahyr contintues smooth talking

Korbyn: (well that either real good or real bad )

Shahyr: “Oh dear. You actually buy that company line? You poor man.”

Prasla: :x

  • Shahyr has her master, yeah.. small enough to palm covertly as a manuver…

Shahyr has received initiative.

*****Start of Shahyr’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Jamil Deen: Heh, how many guards are there?

Korbyn: (no blasters, better to be quiet…ish ?)

Prasla: :x

Shahyr: if you can specifically sense Shahyr’s emotions, she seems perfectly willing to start walking off with them so the rest of you can keep working

Shahyr: too bad then

Prasla has received initiative.

*****Start of Prasla’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Prasla: :x

  • Shahyr with start walkign but attempt to covertly palm her stun master…

Shahyr: diff?

Skullduggery Check Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 3 Advantage1

  • Prasla looks at the person next to her and gestures questioningly toward the guards… Unfortunately I’m pretty sure the stun setting on a blaster is at least as loud as the kill setting…

Shahyr: (( you need to invent a Silencer for Blasters there, Prasla ))

Prasla: iirc it’s noisier, like BWEEEOOOWWW

Prasla: Well, I’m the computer girl so I’m just gonna stay hidden for now

Korbyn has received initiative.

*****Start of Korbyn’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

  • Korbyn will delay until Shahyr makes a move, one way or another.

Jamil Deen has received initiative.

*****Start of Jamil Deen’s Turn*****

Declared Action: Default Action

Jamil Deen: (What’s the largest object in the immediate area?)

Korbyn: ( I assume they still in short range?)

Jamil Deen: Anything Silhouette 2?

Jamil Deen: And yeah what range are they to us

Korbyn: ( it like a horse or something.. large filing cabinet perhaps?)

Jamil Deen: Okay… I’m gonna use Move and try to smack one guy into the other

Jamil Deen: I got the Strength upgrade so I can spend pips to affect larger Silhouette

Jamil Deen: Yeah I have that

Korbyn: (maybe yank their comm gear from them?)

Jamil Deen: Well I can’t up the number of targets

Jamil Deen: So basically I’m just gonna try to smack one of them into the other or into a wall or something

Jamil Deen: But yes I have the Control: Hurl upgrade

Jamil Deen: The Force user can hurl objects to damage targets, by making a ranged combat check combined with a Move power check, dealing damage equal to 10 times silhouette.

Jamil Deen: Give me a sec to stat up the attack

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated Force Toss

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen: Gonna drop my defense power and use my full Force Dice pool on this

Jamil Deen:
Force Toss Attack Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Force Force Force
Success 1 Advantage1 Light Side Points3 Dark Side Points1

Damage 11 /

Korbyn: (wow, actual light side pips )

Jamil Deen: Yup, and one to upgrade Strength to Silhouette 1

Jamil Deen: And I got 3 lights

Jamil Deen: So spend 2 lights to whomp the guy

Jamil Deen: Yup

Jamil Deen: Since they’re in short range

Dol Malik has received initiative.

Dol Malik: Well since everyone else is being stealthy… I figuer I’ll try using my sword.

Taragnor says to the GMs: Dol Malik updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen: lol did I actually take the guy out? Awesome

Dol Malik: They within melee range if I rush em?

Dol Malik: Yeah tht’s what I meant heh.

Dol Malik: okay manuever to rush em, then attacking with my sword

Dol Malik:
Reinforced Vibrosword Attack Ability Ability Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 6 Advantage1 Triumph1

Damage 14 / Critical 2, Cortosis 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1

Jamil Deen: Awesome

Jamil Deen: Slices in half

Korbyn: forgot the dif

Dol Malik: oh oops

Dol Malik:
Skill Check Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Threat2

Dol Malik: okay so 5 successes then and 13 damage

Dol Malik: Hmm.. guess I’ll just say I dropped him quietly.

Korbyn: sliced em very quietly

Jamil Deen: Silent Assassin

Dol Malik: NOt really looking for a bloodbath exactly heh, so minimizing blood would actually be preferable.

  • Shahyr seems to pout a little. “So much for my ongoing improv.”

Dol Malik: As opposed to him leaving a giant bloodstain on the ground.

Prasla: “That was awesome!”

Jamil Deen: “Let’s finish up here quickly.”

Korbyn: " can you mimic their voices and check in?"

Shahyr: * turns back to Prasla * “Keep going, we’ll hide these guys.”

  • Jamil Deen goes to help Dol hide the bodies

Korbyn: " Kix get to the door, I"ll help you"

Korbyn: ( get 2 boost from me )

Prasla: Difficulty?

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Challenge
Success 0 Advantage4

Dol Malik: (Try to stuff em in an office/closet/whatever0

Prasla: ffffff

Korbyn: (toss em into an empty room?)

Dol Malik: (Somewhere out of the way)(

Jamil Deen: Hide them in an office or some shit

Dol Malik: (if there’s a janitoris closet I’ll use that)

Shahyr: “From my point of view, they don’t need to check in immediately. But their contact might expect another call at a time in which they’d be shoving me out the front doors.”

Dol Malik: (otherwise just throw em behind a desk in one of the offices

Prasla: “Rrrrrrr… I freakin’ hate crackin’ software… Gimme something with wires and shit…”

Shahyr: whatever hqppended to that auto triumph from the extra card?

Korbyn: oh right, can I use that card, was gonna until we got hit by the guys

Jamil Deen: Yeah he did say he wanted to use that card on the next roll

Jamil Deen: lol he said that before

Prasla: :3

Korbyn: ok, roll again prasla.. gonna use it

Prasla: ok…~

  • Korbyn assists her again. ( really helping them )

Korbyn: used

Korbyn: 2 blue aond one triumph from K

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Challenge
Success 4 Advantage2

Korbyn: of course, don’t need it this time

Prasla: And this time it didn’t really matter, of course

Shahyr: I was thinkign about the spare card Prasla got for her previous 0 success triumph.. it can produced a side effect.. which you said kinda was the definition of a triumph… =P

Jamil Deen: lol

Korbyn: 5 success, 2 adv and 1 triumph

Shahyr: ah well .. maybe this triumph can set off alarms in the basement… =P

Prasla: “Finally!”

Prasla: “Ugh!”

Jamil Deen: lol no

Jamil Deen: Oh, we should grab the commlinks off those guards though

Shahyr: then she can be primed for mainframe hackl and grab that upgrade

Korbyn: (I think we better wthout.. maybe triumph to give her auto upgrade openning any remaining doors in this place…..)

Jamil Deen: In case somebody calls them up asking about Shahyr

  • Korbyn goes with her to keep an eye on her.
  • Prasla creeps into the mainframe room, darting from corner to corner like she’s in a cheesy movie

Jamil Deen: Did the guards have any access keys or anything too? Would grab that if so

Jamil Deen: Okay

  • Jamil Deen takes a guard commlink to listen in to enemy comms

Prasla: :x

Shahyr: “No code cyclinders? Then they probably arren’t allowed in here. So we can just close the door and wait”

Jamil Deen: Time for that data breaker and data spikes?

Prasla: Aw yeah

Korbyn: (shahyr can you use your voice thingie to replicate the guards voices if they call?)

Korbyn: ( flip a destiny)

Jamil Deen: Might want to flip Destiny too

Prasla: I’ll flip a Destiny AND burn a dataspike

Prasla: Prasla spends a Destiny Point!

Korbyn: burn it all

  • Shahyr can try and Computer-ize it into a properly mimic’d voice… it’s similar to what I did inthe crystal dream

Prasla: Do I get assist boost(s) too?

  • Korbyn will assist her if he can.

Prasla: I’m gonna use my Touch of Fate here then~

  • Korbyn cries.

Jamil Deen: lol

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Challenge Challenge
Success 4 Advantage4 Despair1

  • Jamil Deen takes up another cover position inside the server room

Jamil Deen: Oh shi-

Prasla: ohhhhhhhhh no

Korbyn: damn

Jamil Deen: Touch of Fate? lol

Prasla: Nope, it just adds 2 boosts

Jamil Deen: Oh, derp

Prasla: I do have a reroll talent but it only works on Mechanics checks

  • Korbyn keeps an eye out for danger as Prasla works.

Prasla: “Aw, no problem!”

  • Prasla is blithely unaware of her mistake as of yet

Jamil Deen: Gonna re-up my defensive Force Power too btw

Shahyr: “Great work, Luv. Now let’s scram”

Jamil Deen: “That’s not good…”

Korbyn: " that can’t be good"

Jamil Deen: “Damn, they’ve made us.”

Shahyr: .. isn’t an incomplete scan kind of negating her successes tho?

Jamil Deen: “They just put out a call for all units to converge on the mainframe.”

Korbyn: " lets go , we need to leave.. up or down?"

Jamil Deen: Just so long as we got what we came for, heh

Shahyr: ah, so good data in already obtain portion of data stgream.. got it

Prasla: “MYNOCK SHIT! I don’t think it finished… I hope the checksums are intact…”

Jamil Deen: “I say up, let’s see if we can steal a speeder.”

Jamil Deen: “We’ve already alerted them so no need for subtlety.”

Korbyn: ( btw, there a building close to this one that we could jump to ?)

Korbyn: no power, they probably don’t work?

  • Prasla tucks her data thingy into her pack.

Jamil Deen: lol, time for stairs

Korbyn: " lets try the room, maybe there a speeder up there?"

Korbyn: roof?

Jamil Deen: That’s what I said

Shahyr: “Alright then! Time for the keen action sequence!” * she grins and hustles *

  • Korbyn keeps his lightsaber in his hand, but not activated yet.

Jamil Deen: What kind of stairs are these? Really sturdy built into building frame or like, suspended from flimsy looking metal rods?

Korbyn: (music boy.. start the chase music )

Prasla: “Well, good news is most of it transferred… So we probably got what we need!~ As long as we’re not missing some of the checksum data I need to verify the results.~”

Prasla: (I’m just trying to create dramatic tension :3 )

  • Korbyn makes for that speeder.

Shahyr: “Security business! We’re commendearing your speeder”

Jamil Deen: (Wondering if I can use my card on this)

Cedric has connected.

Cedric1 is disconnected.

Jamil Deen: Well guess too late for my card

Prasla: Ooo

Jamil Deen: I was gonna use the “You lose your way” entry on my Something Lost card and have the guards head to the server room first

Jamil Deen: Or like, not come after us immediately

Prasla: I suppose depending on the reading some of the lines in the plot twist card could be positive for us, like we end up in an enemy of my enemy situation

Jamil Deen: lol yeah, some of those cards you just gotta be creative with how you use them

Korbyn: (use it in a bit once we get into traffic.. I assume there are aleways speeders flying around )

Prasla: “Awwwww.”

Jamil Deen: Yeah, now I use my card, lol

Korbyn: (heh, Dol take the wheel )

Dol Malik: heh okay.

Jamil Deen: And we totally ditch these guys

  • Prasla tries to grab the controls if she can, unless Dol has Planetary piloting skill

Dol Malik: I’ll drive]

Prasla: Are there any guns?

Dol Malik: well I got 4 greens in it

Prasla: That’s better than me~

Dol Malik: I dont’ really have “skill” but got 4 agility.

Prasla: I got 3 agi but I’m only trained in space

Dol Malik: okay I’ll drive then. you can shoot.

Korbyn: (probably not wise to use lightsabers now)

Jamil Deen: Nope, blasters

Prasla: My blaster could actually dent a lightly-armored hull…

Korbyn: dol and shahyr in front, rest of us in back

Dol Malik: could borrow my sword.

Dol Malik: The other guy was blocking blasters with those.

Dol Malik: So should be a good lightsaber substitute.

Korbyn: (heh, can I bodyguard the speeder? )

Dol Malik:
Piloting – Planetary Check Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure3 Advantage5

Jamil Deen: lol

Jamil Deen: Heh damn

Prasla: o.o

Jamil Deen: Well we’re boned

Korbyn: (nevermind, we crashing )

Jamil Deen: Can I use Move to right the speeder? lol

  • Prasla hangs on for dear life…

Korbyn: " kix, use that hand canon and shoot em "

Dol Malik: “Everyone hold onto something!”

Prasla: “Noooooooooooooo! I don’t wanna die on a stupid rooooooooooooock!”

Jamil Deen: Like can I use my Move power to slow this thing down? How big is it?

Korbyn: " Dol… drive straight "

Shahyr: (( perfect time fo the normally bad something lost card… we spin out of control, passing other vehicles and such and somehow losing our pursuers ))

Jamil Deen: Or help Dol regain control of it

Jamil Deen: Heh okay, well if I put two pips into Strength I can affect a 2

Dol Malik: heh yeah any assistance would be.. helpful.

Shahyr: “We’ve got this!” she grins, her excitment perhaps spreading…

Leadership Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 4 Advantage2 Triumph1

Jamil Deen: I’m just trying to stabilize it yeah

Jamil Deen: To make Dol’s work easier

Jamil Deen: Yeah that’s what I’m going for

Prasla: Yeah that’s kinda what I picked up on

Dol Malik: Okay so I’ll get an upgrade form you, and what’s Shahyr’s roll give me?

Dol Malik: oh right

Jamil Deen:
Skill Check Force Force Force
Success 0 Light Side Points2 Dark Side Points2

Shahyr: ^ well, looks like my INspiration cna both boost and upgrade Dol.. two boosts (one for adv, 1 for Inspiring)

Jamil Deen: Well looks like I gotta burn a dark

Prasla: ooooo

Dol Malik: didn’t you just need 2 light?

Dol Malik: oh.

Dol Malik: so 3 to use it total

Jamil Deen: Yeah I need three total

Jamil Deen: Since it’s Silhouette 2

Jamil Deen: Bigger than the dude

Dol Malik: gotcha.

Jamil Deen: So I’ll flip a Destiny and take 1 conflict from the dark pip

Jamil Deen: Jamil Deen spends a Destiny Point!

Dol Malik: okay 2 boost from Shahyr, and 1 upgrade from Jamil.

Shahyr: and my tri also upgrades you

Dol Malik: heh so much for me flipping one.

Jamil Deen: Jamil Deen gains 1 Strain

Dol Malik:
Piloting – Planetary Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Advantage4

Dol Malik: lol.

Jamil Deen: lol fuck me

Shahyr: … you frogot my triumph upgrading you

Dol Malik: yeah I did

Dol Malik: oh wait.

Dol Malik: you had an upgrade too

Jamil Deen: Should have had two upgrades

Dol Malik: oh yeah forgot the second one.

Dol Malik:
Astrogation Check Proficiency
Success 1

Jamil Deen: Unless he can replace that two advantage green, lol

Jamil Deen: Guess we’re crashin’

Prasla: :x

Shahyr: well, my boosting affects all of you for 1 boost for 4 rounds of this chase

Jamil Deen: Hopefully my card makes the guys lose us in the chaos

Jamil Deen: Jamil Deen gains 2 Strain

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 2 Strain

Prasla: Prasla gains 1 Strain

Dol Malik: Dol Malik gains 2 Strain

Korbyn: " who taught you to drive , Dol ?"

Korbyn: Korbyn gains 2 Strain

Jamil Deen: “Oof…”

Jamil Deen: Yeah I want these guys to lose us, heh

Jamil Deen: Maybe the ship we clipped hits their ship or something

Jamil Deen: Or makes them dodge away and then they lose sight of us

Dol Malik: “Damn…”

Shahyr: “Strategic crashing! Great thinking Dol!” she slaps him on the back, bit smiel on her face

Shahyr: big smile

  • Korbyn looks around, " where the hell are we now/?"

Jamil Deen: “Any landing you can walk away from, as they say…”

Jamil Deen: “Let’s get out of here.”

Korbyn: ( the speeder close to the edge or anything?)

  • Dol Malik nods.

Dol Malik: “Lets move.”

Shahyr: “Maybe time to call in the pixies, righ Kix-luv?”

Prasla: “We gotta get Shahyr!”

  • Prasla nods vigorously.

Korbyn: " Jamil, can y ou toss the speeder off the edge? they won’t be able to see it as easily down below "

Jamil Deen: “Not easily… I still don’t have mastery over moving larger objects.”

Prasla: “Yeah, we should probably get outta here… Callin’ Pixie Squad! We need a pickup, they might be on our tail!”

  • Korbyn looks around for a way down or off this platform.

Korbyn: " better just to hide and get to street level and blend in "

Jamil Deen: (Or go up to a higher/lower landing platform and wait for our ship)

Korbyn: " security coming or something "

Shahyr: “No problem” * she fiddels with a control somewhere and her outfit flickers into a set of banal casual everyday wear

Korbyn: " go down to a common level and lets find a crowd "

Prasla: “Damn, never mind! We gotta lay low ffor a bit… I’ll let you know where to meet us, okay?”

Korbyn: ya

Jamil Deen: Heh yeah, basically just step off the elevator like nothing happened

  • Shahyr was likely absorbed in admiring the action sequence and is last into the lift

Jamil Deen: Sirens? I dunno man, must have been some accident somewhere

Korbyn: ( one thing Korbyn knows is how to get lost in a crowd )

Prasla: (dang, it actually slipped my mind that we knocked them out >>;;;; )

Prasla: Before they escorted Shahyr out, lol

Jamil Deen: (I guess she was thinking we left Shahyr behind)

Prasla: That was just a brain fart

Prasla: Told you my brain is shit late at night T_T

  • Korbyn leads the others into the crowd.

Skullduggery Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Setback Setback
Success 0 Advantage4

Jamil Deen: lol man we are killing these rolls tonight

Shahyr: all these net zeros tongiht =/

Korbyn: perhaps with all those advantages we don’t blend in, but we don’t stick out either

Shahyr: neither a failure NOR a success… so what is it

Jamil Deen: It is a quantum superposition of success and failure

Korbyn: btw, could I have gotetn a boost from my background?

Korbyn: can I still?

Skullduggery Check Boost
Success 0 Advantage1

Jamil Deen: lolololol

Korbyn: son of a…

  • Korbyn hustles the others off someplace..

Korbyn: disappear

Shahyr: “It was horrible, those poor people. I hope someone managed to survive.” quietly tries to deflect suspition to non-esistent other culoprits

Prasla: Yeah let’s vanish :x

  • Korbyn leads the others thru the crowd, it doesn’t seem like much but with his training he is able to lose any persuit.
  • Shahyr is a bit pouty again.. being unable to continue the scene and make peopel think the culprits were IN the wreck…

Korbyn: ( can we tell where we are? how far away as we? we near any public platforms?)

Shahyr: less conspiquous to go to them I’d think

Jamil Deen: Figure we can just have the bots pick us up and then fly back to the other district where our decrypter is

Korbyn: " have them meet us here at platform 72 "

Shahyr: (( its the answer to everything, so it’d have to be platform 42 ))

Korbyn: still a crap ton of people out right?

Prasla: (brb~)

Korbyn: this still a world with literally trillions of people on it?

Prasla: Away From Keyboard

Korbyn: ( would it seem more out of place for us to walk about.. or for a ship to come pick us up ?)

Korbyn: do we want to wait until morning?

Korbyn: probably like what? 1:30 am or so?

Dol Malik: probably makes more sense to wait.

Dol Malik: A ship pickup seems pretty noticeable

Korbyn: well if we gonna wait anyway, might as well walk there and sleep, maybe havbe the droid monitor comms

Jamil Deen: lol yeah I mean it’s freakin’ Coruscant, there are literally hundreds of thousands of ships going around at all hours

Jamil Deen: That’s like being in New York City and pointing at some random dude getting into his car and saying THAT MAN IS SUSPICIOUS

Prasla: Back

Jamil Deen: Also since my character has spent a lot of background time on Coruscant I could probably advise you of what would be considered normal travel routines

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 5 credits.

Jamil Deen: Yup

Korbyn: " alright, lets head for the Chopper "

  • Shahyr will eventually swagger into the garage, greeting chooper like an old friend. “Hey chopper! We finished that research on the swoop bike we were talkign about”

Shahyr: * wink *

Prasla: “Heya Chopper!”

Prasla: “Well, we barely scraped by! But hopefully we’ve got enough for you to work with.”

  • Korbyn will stay near the entrance to the shop and keep an eye out.

Shahyr: “Yup we’ve got the schematics right here,” * moves Prasla in front of her

  • Shahyr gently and encouragingly pushes the young genius on in ahead of her
  • Prasla presents her data chip (or whatever it’s on) somewhat bashfully, holding it in front of her face at first before placing it in Chopper’s hands like a normal person

Shahyr: Leavea

Jamil Deen: “I think we can manage.”

Dol Malik: “Killing one man, shouldn’t be too hard.”

Shahyr: “Well, some of the boys like that kind of job. RIght Big D?”

Korbyn: ( so long as not boba fett, should be ok )

Jamil Deen: (Boba Fett is like, totally inept though if you really think about it)

Shahyr: (( its that Other guy.. the one dressiong almost exactly liek bobba ))

Korbyn: (bosk is in rebels)

Dol Malik: “I wouldn’t really say I like it… unless he’s empire.”

Shahyr: “Oh, imp BTO’s are always hiring mercs and Hunters.”

Prasla: “Hell yeah! I’d love to!”

Computers Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 3 Advantage2

Prasla: Whee~

Korbyn: ( problem is taking this guy out wont really solve the problem, they can just hire another?)

Jamil Deen: (Hey we’re just doing the job we were hired to do man)

Korbyn: ( could fake her death somehow )

  • Jamil Deen shrugs

Shahyr: “Your guess is likely more informed than mine. Unless,” frown, “Unless HE was involved with them.”

Shahyr: “Morac Khan” she answers flatly

Korbyn: ( KHAAAAAN !!! )

Shahyr: “He’s a wealthy Mirialan with.. eccentric,” sour face, " tastes"

  • Prasla frowns, picking up on some unsavory implication

Shahyr: “Well, she was kind of his bodyguard, and I did kinda woo her into helping me escape from him so…”

Prasla: “Well, good for her! And you.”

Prasla: “He sounds like a total jerk.”

Shahyr: * shrug * “Is a mannequin worht spending money on a bounty hunter?” * flat tone *

Jamil Deen: “Hm…”

Prasla: “Even more of a jerk… But getting overlooked ain’t so bad.”

Prasla: “I’m kinda used to it.”

Jamil Deen: “Not being noticed has its perks.”

Shahyr: “I don’t liek thinking about it. He had about as much emotion as a Load Lifter Droid”

Jamil Deen: No, two dings means it’s done. But not like that! They have to be louder and closer together.

Garrion: Rosh Solic

Garrion: Solik

Garrion: Rosh Solik

Korbyn: knowledge underworld? or he know about him?

Shahyr: “A name is always a good start…”

Korbyn: that 4?

Jamil Deen:
Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Threat1

Korbyn: boost from by background?

Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure3

Underworld Check Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1 Threat3

Korbyn: and the boost put me over the top

  • Korbyn lets everyone know what he knows.

Korbyn: (knowledge warfare from dol ? maybe?)

Jamil Deen: “Not much to go on. Dol, you ever work with him?”

Dol Malik:
Warfare Check Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure3

Korbyn: boost from me, for the info to jog his memory?

Dol Malik: heh.. yeah bvoost wouldn’t make a difference anyway

Jamil Deen: “If they’re unauthorized then how is he getting paid for them?”

Shahyr: “That someone hwer eon Coruscant, or elsewhere?”

Shahyr: here on …

Korbyn: " can you find a picture?"

Shahyr: “Well, we can start by telling her some of this, and continue from there.”

Korbyn: " what about public records?"

Korbyn: ( do bounty hunters have to be liscensed or anything? probably not )

Prasla: “No description or nothin’? Aww… Yeah, they apparently kinda caught me and shut down the power on us… Like I said, it’s my first time doin’ this kind of thing…”

Shahyr: “Maybe we can use Dol in a con as someone looking to hire this guy. He probably has a handle at the Club.”

Prasla: Yay~

Shahyr: ^ handler

Korbyn: " with Shahyr assisting him perhaps"

Korbyn: " should you get in contact with your friend?"

Prasla: wasn’t Luke’s bounty hunter kid hooked on death stix

Prasla: I read a lot of it in like the early to mid 90s and tapered off later

Prasla: So the latest stuff I’ve actually read is like… pre-prequel movies

Prasla: Well, before I started playing this

Shahyr: "Dealing with criminal and Hunters.. that eally isn’t my thing. You guys can start planning more and I’ll clue Levea in on what we know so far.’

Shahyr: (( we’re doing stuff in your background element, mr criminal korbyn.. you should have some ideas =P ))

Korbyn: " we can check out that bar I guess. see if he is even still here on Corusant "

Korbyn: (any note in the file when the bounty was actually offered and accepted?)

Korbyn: ( we can wait on her, he probably won’t be there until evening anyway?)

Dol Malik: “Information gathering isn’t really my specialty either.”

Prasla: “Yeah I ain’t much of a talker about stuffer.”

  • Shahyr knows its been some time, so will go straight to ther ship to give Levea and update and check on her status

Shahyr: “Hey darling it’s me. We turned up some intel with your friend’s help.”

Prasla: (I’m getting pretty tired, I’m still getting over this flu T_T )

Shahyr: “Yeah, chillin’ in out once Hutt owned luxury yatch.”

Shahyr: “We each impressed him in our own ways. Me, I talked circles around a group trying to renegotiate a deal with him. But anyway, the guy looking for you is some human named Rosh Solik. Ring any bells?”

Perception Check Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Challenge Setback
Success 3 Threat1

Korbyn: .

Shahyr: “So” not quite stare “we’ve got a couple slim leads. He hangs out at a joint called the Umbra Club. I figure he has a lady friend or handler there. Mayb we can learn more. It like, we don’t even have an image of this dude. Oh, and the data had somethign about a Tower? Some kind of business deal? Whatever, Prasla and Chopper coudl fill you in more on that angle.”

Shahyr: “Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention to the nitty gritty of their data crunching.”

Shahyr: “We can keep workign this club angle for a bit, but at least one of the boys has a special project on his mind that all this is keeping him from. I’m not likely to keep their support forever.”

  • Shahyr asks prasla if she’s around… (Tyg himself didn’t quite catch it. =P )

Prasla: I’m around! I’ve just been sleepy + cat in my lap

Shahyr: “Zelcon.. no, not Zeltron.. Zel-KON

Shahyr: M

Shahyr: “Zelcom.. no, not Zeltron.. Zel-KOM

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric1 has connected.

Prasla: She’s the fluffiest kitty I’ve ever touched but you’re super lucky if she lets you pet her on the reg

Shahyr: “If I could talk my way out of HIS clutches, I can talk my way out of anything.” * confident grin * “Laters” – disconnect -

Shahyr: “Wonder what she’s NOT telling us.” she ponders aloud

Prasla: mmmmmm

Shahyr: korbyn adn dol – clubbing up the underworld in Umbra… lol

Shahyr: who knows

Dol Malik: heh okay

Korbyn: " shahyr probably should ocme with us, do a little honey talking"

Shahyr: J and/or K are the streetwise guys, and Dol is, well DOL. He can pass for eiher a HUnter or someone lokoing to hire a hunter

Shahyr: hey, you boys need to practice diplomizing sometimes too

Prasla: I have a rank in Streetwise but my cunning is 2 :x

Korbyn: I got streetwise covered

  • Shahyr methinks she’s napped over the dome of one of the pixies

Prasla: I’m 1y2g in Charm that’s my best :x

Korbyn: sure

Korbyn: heh, probably should take our face

Shahyr: “I guess I can come along,” * shrug * “But I’m blanking on a Role to play out for this stretch”

Shahyr: “It’s not as fun without a proper Part to Play.”

Korbyn: " so whats our story… we want to hire him?"

Shahyr: “You;‘re the one used to shady dealings. What’s the best con for this?”

Korbyn: " simple is usually the best "

Korbyn: (ya, take taxi )

  • Korbyn will pay for it

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 10 credits.

Korbyn: ah

Korbyn: " looking to find him to kill somone who wronged you… something big…he probably isn’t some little job sort of guy "

  • Korbyn will head up to a spot at the bar that is open.
  • Shahyr sits with prasla, watching the dancing girls (if there are any)


Korbyn: " a drink for each of us "

  • Prasla splits her time between watching the dancing girls and subtly trying to get Shahyr to look at her
  • Korbyn nods and waits for him to pour them.
  • Dol Malik sits down with the others figuring he’ll let them do most of the talking.

Prasla: I dunno, she was talking like I was there so I played along

Korbyn: ( I guess we can all be here?)

Cedric1 says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 5 credits.

Prasla: I’m actually very tired and my body kinda aches T_T I think I slept twisted last night

Prasla: I’m up for that~

  • Shahyr is giving the boys a chance to flex their underworld muscles

Prasla: (not IRL, I couldn’t do that now x.x )

  • Korbyn will get his drink and see what he can pick up from talking among the crowd.

Perception Check Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2

Dol Malik:
Perception Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 2 Threat2

Garrion: Blankers

Korbyn: do I know what those are?

Garrion: Coco District

Garrion: twi’lek Artifact

Korbyn: dif?

Dol Malik:
Core Worlds Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Threat1

Core Worlds Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 0 Threat1

Core Worlds Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 2 Threat3

Shahyr: methinks he faded awya and is one with the force

Korbyn: not sure

Shahyr: kk

Korbyn: sure, they probably come back for a drink

Shahyr: yeah, at some point whe he’s done woerking the room and we all sit toegterh again…

Korbyn: ( do I know the slang term for a bounty hunter, or someone who does things like that?)

Shahyr: well in swtor days, it was just Hunter. lol

Korbyn: ( should I say the underworld word for them… hitters, hunter, airraiter )

  • Korbyn will call the bartender over, " excume me.. "
  • Korbyn lays a 50 piece credit on the bar and covers it with his hand, " information, if you are the sort of person that might have some "

Shahyr: (Whisper) “Psst, if they ask who sent ya lookingh, say it was Igren.” * wink *

Korbyn: " my employer is looking for a hitter… an experienced one… human if possible "

Korbyn: " he any good?"

Shahyr: (( hes alive.. so he’s not bad ))

Korbyn: " he contracted with them now.. I wouldn’t want to step on any toes "

Korbyn: (sting?)

Garrion: Speng

Korbyn: " how long ago did you see this Speng?"

Korbyn: " what’s the name of this hitter?"

Shahyr: (( “you don’t want that death stick” “nah, I don’t wnat this deathsrtick” “You’re gogin to go home asnd rethink your life.” “I’m heading hom to rethink my life” ))

Korbyn: " thanks… send a drink of whatever Speng is drinking on us "

Korbyn: " that’s all, thanks "

  • Korbyn looks back at the others once he leaving, ’ this seems promising "

Cedric has connected.

Cedric1 is disconnected.

  • Shahyr drums her fingers bit, looking disappointed for soem reason. “You knwo what you did wron gthere, right?”

Korbyn: " what’s that now?"

Shahyr: “Your offer was far too big for a simple contact point name. Start small, the’ll henge up and be forgetful if they want more.”

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 50 credits.

Shahyr: “Big first offer liek that, they might think you’re rollign in it and set up someone to releave you of it.”

  • Korbyn shrugs, " sometimes starting at the right price means you are serious and not trying to mess around… "
  • Korbyn will wait until Speng gets his drink, " you want to handle the next part?"
  • Shahyr rubs the shoulders of her sleepy twilek friend.. knowing she probably stayed up all night thinking about what she coudl have done different during the info heist hacking sequence

Korbyn: ya

  • Shahyr might even tell Tyg what’s a good Role she can play and a Con for her to use

Shahyr: =D

Prasla: “mmmn… gotta brush up on the newest sniffer software…”

  • Shahyr rolsl for morality…

Prasla: (uhh

Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 4

Shahyr: ooo

Korbyn: heh, broke into the black sun base and escaped

Tygaran says to the GMs: Shahyr updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen:
Discipline Check Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage2

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage1

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 1

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen: difficulty?

Jamil Deen:
Underworld Check Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn added a Talent

Dol Malik:
Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 0

Prasla: Well, I’m particularly slow and sluggish in general, I’ve had the flu all week

Dol Malik: Well I mean for most of it I kinda let Shahyr do most of the infiltration cause she had a plan.

Dol Malik: heh, well I mean that was more a social type thing, so fgured it was a Korb/SHahyr thing.

Jamil Deen: Heh well nothing really to do other than wait for the data to be decrypted and then figure out our next step

Korbyn: na, is fine

Taragnor: Nah, I mean there’s always going to be some sluggish parts in a game.

Taragnor: It’s still way fast compared to GURPS heh.

  • Shahyr did so much during the hesit, so I openned the doors for the skullduggeists sand wise street punks to do some stuff =P
  • Shahyr can face it up with sweetness and light is the thing to do, but is leery of having direct dealings with unsavory peoepl for unsavory deeds =P

Jamil Deen: You said another 10 XP right?

  • Shahyr picks up a second rank of a setback reducing talent…

Shahyr: Kill With Kindness: Remove from all Charm and Leadership checks the character attempts.
Convincing Demeanor: Remove from any Deception or Skulduggery checks.
Plausible Deniability 2: Remove from any Deception or Coercion checks.

Shahyr: go ahead and try to throw thow setbacks at my deceptions =D

Korbyn: just picked up contioned and +2 to wounds

Shahyr: about 20 more xp away from IMproved Scathign tirade…

Shahyr: and antoher 15 xp to get that 3rd dice in my coercion skill =/

Shahyr: kk, night all

Prasla: I just got the last filler talent I need in Exile~ (it’s not actually bad)

Korbyn: nice, later…. 14 wounds, 14 strain…

Prasla: But it’s gonna be bingo city the next few sessions~

Prasla: I can’t decide which Technician one I want~

Prasla: I like them botyh

Korbyn: oh you got that sentinal book, Prasla

Shahyr: signatuer abilities.. tho I’ve read that you can ONLY take one for each spec you have and ONLY for your initial career. You only ever have ONE Career

Korbyn: ya, can only do the base career you started with

Prasla: Yep, fortunately the ones I have in mind are the ones for my career :p

Korbyn: not sure my base career is be useful anymore, since my char is sort of trying to leave it, heh

Prasla: One of them lets you create a gadget that lasts for like a scene, the other lets you selectively reroll some of the dice out of a pool you just rolled

Shahyr: once I get imp scatghing and three dice in coercion, I need to head to dedication to get my will up to 3 for discipline…

Korbyn: for me, ya.. but the career is Sentinel

Prasla: A signature ability could still be cool to have

Prasla: If you get to the end of your tree at least

Korbyn: not really sure I will go to the end with it, well I will with one column, not sure about the rest.. you genereally need 2 talents in last row to be eligible right?

Tygaran is disconnected.

Prasla: Yeah

Prasla: Which two depends on the specific ability I think

Korbyn: ya, that line up with signature tree

Prasla: I do like making gizmos, but I’m leaning toward the reroll one cause Kix is more of a modder than a builder

Korbyn: I just need to work toward dedication and +1 force rating

Session 26 Log

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