Space Combat

hex-based space combat rules

Source: C. Steven Ross

Range Band # of Hexes Away
Close In the same hex or adjacent
Short 2
Medium 5
Long 10
Extreme 20

A starship executing the Fly Maneuver moves a number of hexagons up to its current speed in the direction that it is facing. In addition, the starship may turn its facing during the Maneuver a number of times as indicated below. These turns can be executed at any point during a Fly Maneuver.

  • Starships of Silhouette 4 or lower can
    change their facing up 180-degrees (3 faces).
  • Starships of Silhouette 5 to 7 can change
    their facing up 120-degrees (2 faces).
  • Starships of Silhouette 8 or higher can
    change their facing up 60-degrees (1 face).

A hexagon occupied by a starship of Silhouette 5 or higher cannot be entered by any other starship of any size. Conversely, multiple starships of Silhouette 4 or smaller may occupy the same hexagon.

Firing arc and shield zones are determined by relative placement of starships on the hex map. If multiple shield zones are in an attacker’s firing arc, the attacker chooses the shield zone to be attacked.

In the case of smaller starships occupying the same hexagon, the attacker chooses the relative positions of the starships during a combat check; except in the case of Gain the Advantage.

Replace Gain the Advantage with the following:

Gain the Advantage

Starship Action
Prerequisites: Silhouette 4 or lower, in Close Range to an enemy Starship

Make an opposed Piloting check against one enemy starship in Close Range. For each point of speed your starship is travelling higher than your opponent, upgrade your check, and vice versa. On a success, you determine the relative positions of both starships during attacks against each other while occupying the same hexagon until your opponent successfully uses this action against you.

(This allows a skilled TIE Fighter pilot to outflank a heavily armed Rebel fighter, stay out of its firing arc, and blow it out of the stars.)


Asteroid Field

to all Piloting checks
Flying through an asteroid field requires a Piloting check with a difficulty equal to half the number of hexes moved during the Fly Maneuver, upgraded a number of times equal to half the starship’s Silhouette (round down all)
Each – The starship suffers 10 Hull Trauma (reduced by Armor) and 1 System Strain.
Each – The starship suffers a Critical Hit.

Gas Cloud

to all Piloting checks
Starships in a gas cloud cannot use Shields and upgrade the difficulty of all Computers, Gunnery, and Perception checks.

Gravity Well

to all Piloting checks
Treat as Difficult Terrain (spend 2 movement to move 1 hex).

Space Combat

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