Star Wars: Champions of the Light

Session 10

A Knife in the Dark


Day 141, 15 BBY


Darga’s Palace, Cato Neimoidia

Short Synopsis

In the middle of the night, Prasla was thrashing about during nightmares. Prasla jolted awake, still in a daze, prompting Shahyr to also wake. Shahyr noticed intruders in their room approaching their bed. With little warning they attacked and Shahyr was able to get out a fleeting yell for help before she was silenced. Prasla was being choked out when suddenly the door opened. Prasla’s yell had wakened Korbyn who in turn woke Dol and Jamil. Dol was the first to reach the room and upon opening the door faced the large shadowed form of the wookie. Dol opened fire but it was not enough to stop the wookie who in turn blasted, knocking him down, with his bowcaster. Jamil and Korbyn entered the fray and working together the 3 managed to defeat the midnight assassins. One quarren was questioned though the answers created just as many questions. Unfortunately time was not on their side as the blaster fire had drawn attention and others were approaching. There could be no survivors for they had seen Jamil and Korbyn wield lightsabers. They proceeded to eliminate the surrendering quarren and ensure the others were down for good. During the interrogation Shahyr was tended to and stabilized. The assassins left her in bad shape. Dol took Shahyr to the med bay to make sure she stayed safe. The others tried to evaluate the events of the night to determine who was behind the attack and for what cause.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Earned XP (Source) Δ Duty Δ Morality Δ Obligation
Dol 10 (Session Tasks) 0 -6 0
Jamil 10 (Session Tasks) 0 0 0
Korbyn 10 (Session Tasks) 0 -2 0
Prasla 10 (Session Tasks) 0 -2 0
Shahyr Unconscious 10 (Session Tasks) 0 +2 0

Salvage Summary

Item # Location Found Description Value (Cr., ea.) Carried by
Note 1 Twi’lek “Slave” Handwritten message ordering hit on Shahyr and group. Korbyn
Vial 4 Twi’lek “Slave” Trihexalon Poison ? Prasla
Vibroknife 1 Quarren Assassin EotE: 167 Dol
Bowcaster 1 Wookie Slaver EotE: 162 1250 Jamil
Credits 5 Wookie Slaver Standard Credits 20 All (Split)

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude

Session Log

Session 10 Log
Star Wars Live Stream 2016-10-13



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