Igren Demos

Neimoidian Majordomo


This slender Neimoidian is dressed in robes of dark greens and blues, with a ceremonial headdress that makes him seem taller than he truly is. The majordomo moves with grace, radiating both elegance and superiority, and his red eyes seem to focus on a distant spot, as though seeing something that no one else sees.

It was discovered through a data file given to the heroes that Igren has been contacting an Imperial communications relay somewhere in the sector. They couldn’t be certain who he was communicating with, but they know that Demos has been transmitting information about Darga’s dealings—particularly his slave trading—on a regular basis. The most recent communication specifically mentions that the slavers that Darga has been dealing with are unhappy with their merchandise. Additionally, several messages mention “the prisoner” but provide no further details.

He is suspected of an assassination attempt against the heroes, but there is no evidence.

He is also suspected of being force sensitive but this has not been proven either.

He is suspected of ousting Darga and taking over the Hutt’s operations on Cato Neimoidia.


Igren Demos

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