Session 14 Log

Tygaran2 has connected.

Garrion: howdy

  • Shahyr has learned to ‘Dodge’

Garrion: just messaging the others to see where they at

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: howdy ced, you beat most the others

Cedric: geez, everyone is late?

Garrion: yeah, i had to coach tonight so i was a bit late myself

Taragnor has connected.

Korbyn: ah, here they come streaming in hopefully

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: yeah

Garrion: ok, just got out of shower so let me finish setting up

Korbyn: ok

Jamil Deen: Don’t forget Discord T

Taragnor: yeah I usually just wait till everyone is here to conenct

Garrion: ok, wife is out of town so let me make sure kiddo settled in before i get focused on this

Shahyr: 4 5 6

Taragnor says to the GMs: Dol Malik updated their character sheet

Korbyn: Sense advantage for me

Jamil Deen: I’m actually not sure how my new talent is going to work with the different rules on engagement

Jamil Deen: Hang on, let me bring up the talent text

Jamil Deen: Shit, I’m having some kind of issue with my browser, hang on

Tygaran2 says to the GMs: Shahyr added a Talent

Jamil Deen: Yeah

Jamil Deen: Yeah, seems simple enough

Jamil Deen: She’s gonna be late

Garrion: The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points4 Dark Side Points2

Jamil Deen: Shit, I’m going to try restarting my computer, got something weird going on

Jamil Deen: brb

Korbyn: about time

Tabris is disconnected.

Duty: 53
Morality: 45
Obligation: 98

Taragnor: yep.

Korbyn: Dol bravely goes into the station unarmed

Taragnor: heh okay.

Taragnor: ah okay so double effect.

Korbyn: so try not to murder someone today

Taragnor: Well without any weapons it’s gonna be hard anyway lol.

Cedric1 has connected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Shahyr: (( you guys will jut have to do some social roles on your own.. that’s all ))

Sachi has connected.

Korbyn: ( we need to find place to stay, or can just stay on the ship ?)

Sachi: Sorry I’m late guys!

Taragnor: heh.. well Shahyr and Prasla are probably gonna be the major players in this mission.

Sachi: Got held up at work (also, was at work at an abnormal time)

Korbyn: np. we just starting

Sachi: mew?

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla updated their character sheet

Korbyn: " should perhaps head to the main chamber or perhaps a bar and see what sort of info we can pick up "

Taragnor: (What was goal again? Just finding Darga and questioning him?)

Taragnor: “Well there can’t be many hutts here… so people should have seen him.”

Korbyn: well we can tell him that we escaped the Domo’s take over and have tried to hook back up with him, being loyal and all

Taragnor: yeah figure we’ll leave that bit to Shahyr or maybe just have Prasla hack him

Korbyn: " one would think, but if he has an operation here, he might have hidden agents and locals "

Taragnor: (Does Prasla have her hacking gear? Or was that banned too?)

Prasla: (I don’t think I technically have “hacking gear” other than a datapad >.> )

Prasla: (Lemme see how much that costs though)

Taragnor: “Yeah we’ll have to be careful who we ask. Of course if we caught we could just say we’re still looking for work after the majordomo took over, he knows we never got along.”

Korbyn: what the buy in, we know?

Prasla: Ah, just 500cr for basic slicer gear, that’s not too bad

Korbyn: 10000 credits or one Milllenium Falcon?

Taragnor: well none of us can afford that.

Taragnor: Unless we want to put up the ship. lol

Korbyn: ya, I only got 1100

Korbyn: dealer ?

Taragnor: heh yeah dealer and waitresses heh.

Taragnor: More droids taking union jobs!

Shahyr: “Let’s see, J and K have been pretty good in the past of chatting up people and worming out details, so I guess they can ask around and see if anyone knows anything about Darga.”

Korbyn: boring

  • Shahyr turns to Prasla, “Luv, maybe you could tap into space control and look for any logs or scans of his ship in the area?”

Dol Malik: (think that’s our best unless there’s a terminal that Prasla can hack, but atht’s probably more risky)

Korbyn: " ya, I can put my ear to the ground and see what the locals are talking about" ( street wise check )

Prasla: “Hehehe… Already on it!~”

  • Prasla grins, tapping at her datapad…

Korbyn: ( best to see waht we can pick up from random chatter, then perhaps Kit can focus later on )

Prasla: (mmm, I’m not super good at hacking)

Dol Malik: (Damn.. Lando has his shit together.)

Dol Malik: (What if we gain access by jacking in direclty through that cyborg?)

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh)

Dol Malik: ah okay,. yeah I wasn’t sure when he took over

Prasla: “Ummmm… I ain’t saying I’m not the best… But we might hafta find a real slicer if we’re gonna dig into the systems here.”

Korbyn: heh, Lando probably like 10 right now

Dol Malik: ah. wow.

Shahyr: “GUess we can wait and see if the boys dig up anything….”

Dol Malik: “Seems like asking around is our only alternative.”

Korbyn: (not sure if want to come out a say it, more like if there any famous folks here )

Dol Malik: Well I figure we just ask if theres any hutts there or something. I eman they’re giant slug creatures lol.

Dol Malik: Someone is gonna see one.

Prasla: I’m gonna commit a Force die to my ongoing power, hehe~

Prasla: I get to upgrade the ability of Vigilance and Perception checks once

  • Korbyn is gonna see if he can make contact with anyone more on the outside of the law, underworld type… see what the scuttlebutt is.

Prasla: I’m like, I’m not seeking something specific (yet), so I might as well

Prasla: Oh yeah durp

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla Gains 1 rank of Force.

Tabris has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Cedric1 is disconnected.

Prasla: Roll me one, I’re smart~

Korbyn: ok, I ignore the setback thanks to my street smarts talent

Tabris: Well let’s see if this shit works now

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla added a Power

Streetwise Check Ability Ability Ability Ability
Success 8

Korbyn: wow

Dol Malik: holy shit.

Prasla: o.o

Korbyn: literraly can’t roll better

Dol Malik: That’s the natural 20 of star wars.


Jamil Deen: lol nice



Jamil Deen: Is G talking? Can’t hear him


Jamil Deen: Okay there he is

Korbyn: he is stunned

Korbyn: looks like I broke the roller

Jamil Deen: Nah I hear you now

Korbyn: any hints of something bigger?

Jamil Deen: Well seems like my shit is working again so far

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated their character sheet

  • Korbyn will relay this info to the others.

Korbyn: ( any hint of Darga ?)

  • Korbyn will let Prasla know about what he finds out about the computers

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen added a Talent

Korbyn: so need to hack in from the inside

Jamil Deen: Can I get caught up real quick on what exactly we’re doing right now?

Shahyr: “That doesn’t sound like something a group of unarmored people with two non-lethal weapons amongst us could do.”

Prasla: “Mm… Sounds tough…”

Korbyn: ( looking for info… )

Korbyn: (security is good, give us extra access )

Jamil Deen: (Yeah that might work)

Shahyr: * for Jamil – ear to the group about the situation as it stands on Bespin, K went the route of learnign about the underworld side of things thus far

Korbyn: and got 8 successes… whee

Jamil Deen: lol okay, so I haven’t missed much

Korbyn: not really

Jamil Deen: Do we know whose Obligation got triggered? lol

Prasla: (lol our robot buddy)

Jamil Deen: Ah okay

Korbyn: Dol’s

Dol Malik: (heh yeah I’d have to do something actually brave to get the boost)

Dol Malik: (Well maybe if it happens this sessionmgith be brave if I’m unarmed heh)

Korbyn: so they well hidden or well payed off

Dol Malik: yeah.. questiton is how do we find em. lol.

Shahyr: “Huh, kinda sounds like Darga’s got someone handling information control around here.”

Dol Malik: “We could take a gamble, make ourselves visible, and hope he reaches out to us.”

  • Korbyn will come back and let others know what he found out. " I think perhaps if some of us join the security force, we might have greater access to the place "

Dol Malik: “Well if they’re accepting applications… that can work for me.”

Shahyr: (( sound slike prices have huge markups.. so as far as rest and sleep goes, out ship is our hotel… that’d be my choice ))

Jamil Deen: Heh yeah

Jamil Deen: Are there slots to enter the tournament left or is it full?

Dol Malik: The tournament entry fee is 10k

Jamil Deen: Oh lol, fuck that

Jamil Deen: Unless we can get sponsored somehow

Dol Malik: see if switch will sponsor us? lol

Korbyn: guess we can rodevou at the ship and discuss tactics.. anyon else pick up anything while I was gone??

Jamil Deen: Heh yeah wonder if he’d be interested

Prasla: Hm… T and I were talking and it might be a good idea for me to buy/scavenge a multi-goo gun and weaponize it >.> (it’s in the rules, in SM)

Jamil Deen: Though I’m also not sure how good any of us would be at sabaac

Prasla: On page 45, hehe~

Korbyn: " yes, Switches name came up from time to time, but not really for any specific thing"

Shahyr: “I’m no force user, but I’m getting the feelign information is on a huge lock-down. I doubt anyone here for the actual gambling has the kind of details we need. We should sit down and think of alternative methods of getting information.”

Prasla: It’s a self-cleaning tool you can load with lubricant, adhesive, acid or whatnot, like a super grease gun

Prasla: You get an automatic advantage to repair a droid, starship, or vehicle so it’d be nice to have one for mechanic purposes as well actually

Prasla: And yeah~

Korbyn: the ship have long range comms or no?

Prasla: Normally it does 2 damage and has Disorient 1, Ensnare 4, and Knockdown but you can add an attachment (a high-powered pressure cartridge) to up the damage to 5

Jamil Deen: I keep getting some weird message about Java running out of memory or some shit

Prasla: I use Foxit Reader instead of Adobe tbh

Prasla: Seems like it’d make sense for Kix to have~

Prasla: So it wouldn’t be suspicious to have with her, unless someone happened to notice the overcharged cartridge >.>

Prasla: Yeah hehe

Prasla: lol

Jamil Deen: Custom launcher, heh

Jamil Deen: It’s never done this before tonight, I’m not sure what’s changed

Dol Malik: yeah I like the 64-bit

Jamil Deen: Just got alert that computer is low on memory and to save files and restart programs

Jamil Deen: Don’t know wtf is going on

Dol Malik: Sounds like you got spyware or something

Prasla: Weird ; ;

Korbyn: some memory leak

Dol Malik: Probably want to run a malware scanner or something heh.

Korbyn: sure

Korbyn: the ship have long range comms or no?

  • Shahyr will at any rate

Shahyr: “Don’t suppose we can find out who sent that?”

Korbyn: " perhaps we can try to contact Switch and see what info we can get from him." ( I assume we can buy or request long range comms, not sure how that works )

Shahyr: “Sounds like a lead right up your ally, Luv!” * smiles at Prasla *

Korbyn: " might be good starting place "

  • Prasla grins.

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla Updates Equipment Loses 350 credits.

Prasla: (hmmmmm… I could either make the Disorient on my goo gun last longer, or I could add Burn

Shahyr: “Might even be some kind of drop point in that industrial area so we can go in fully loaded.”

Korbyn: (probably not gonna be doing enough damage for burn to do anything, disorient might be better?)

Dol Malik: (Yeah burn seems like it gets soaked pretty easily)

Shahyr: (( if torchy were around, he’d say for for burn, but as Shahyr is a KO-ing type of combatant, so disorient. ;) ))

Korbyn: ( well burn is just base damage, if its just 5.. it won’t really effect too much, heck my soak is low and its 4… troopers generally have 5 )

Prasla: (yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking, disorient’s gonna at least be effective across the board, plus it fits her personality a bit better too I think~)

  • Shahyr has one ‘solid’ weapon for a melee type, and one kinda good but low base damage weapon for a 2nd melee type…

Prasla: (Have I had like an hour to apply a mod to the attachment?)

Korbyn: " lets go see if we can get a couple of people into security, maybe the serving staff…. and perhaps go see where that message originated from"

Jamil Deen: Shit, I need to restart my computer again

Prasla: ; ;

Tabris is disconnected.

Dol Malik: (So what’s the plan here?)

Prasla: I looked in the core rulebook and it says you spend “a couple hours” and I have a talent that halves the time it takes, lol

Prasla: So roughly an hour

Shahyr: the plan woudl be to follow our only lead.. and visit this industrial spot and she why people were trying to warn us off. At the very least they DO know about darga.. at least that’s the implication

Korbyn: ( figure Dol and Jamil go check out security, maybe Shahyr see about wait staff or the like, Prasla and Korbyn check out the origin of the message )

Prasla: Ok, gonna try for a +1 Disorient mod… I’ll use my touch of fate

  • Korbyn will assist Prasla if he can.

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla Loses 50 credits.

Prasla: Yay~

Prasla: Yeah, it’s 3

Prasla: +1 per mod past the first on the same attachment

Prasla: Yep~ I got my tool kit with me, it’s part of my clothes :3

Mechanics Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 5 Advantage2

Korbyn: nice

Prasla: Woo~

Prasla: Kinda overkill even

Korbyn: with worse hair though… hehe

Prasla: MacGruber voice MACGYYYYYVER

Dol Malik: Shahyr could probably get in as a guest.

Prasla: The security team probably wouldn’t take me… Depends on how thorough their background check is >.>;

Korbyn: ya, charm a high roller

Korbyn: ( figure Dol and Jamil go check out security, maybe Shahyr see about wait staff or the like, Prasla and Korbyn check out the origin of the message )

Shahyr: “I don’t know.. saying we’re here for the tournament gives us a reason to be around, but right now I don’t seen the need to direct all out efforts in that direction. Persoanlly, I’d rather we all run down this message.”

Korbyn: " we can do that "

Tabris has connected.

Korbyn: if we can make it relatively secure

Dol Malik: Switch is our only lead right now, right? Other than tracking the message?

Prasla: “You wanna try and get in touch with him? Maybe just put out a feeler…”

Dol Malik: I mean seems like we don’t have many options.

Shahyr: “Not sure if the length of the tournament is long enough to complete an informaitno gathering con on any attendee’s”

Dol Malik: Wel llast time he gave us useful intel

Korbyn: he might know some local people we can talk to as well

Korbyn: " lets send Switch a message that we are here and see if he knows of anything going on and perhaps any local person that might know things that he trusts.. not sure if mention Dargo or not "

Korbyn: (probably more like a texas hold em tournament )

Dol Malik: (Yeah heh sounds like it)

Shahyr: "I’ve not met him, but he might know how to contact 66, who likely knows somethign about Darga’s movements.’

Korbyn: ( basically you pay your entry which gives you same chips as everyone else, are multiple tables.. you win your table, you move on to the next and so on, until there only one table )

Dol Malik: (heh poker tournaments work like: you get a fixed number of chips to start, the ante/blinds increase over time, and basically it’s last man standing who wins)

Korbyn: will go for message

Jamil Deen: I can do that I suppose

Jamil Deen: Are we going to try smuggling weapons in or just wing it?

Dol Malik: (Well figure Prasla could try to help us with improvised weapons)

Shahyr: as we only know about a computer terminal, it seems Prasla need to, and Shahyr will go with her

Korbyn: just wing for now.. I tnink perhaps if jamil and Dol maybe become security, might be able to get extra privlages…

Dol Malik: Yeah. I mean, we dont’ really have any one to kll yet anyway

Dol Malik: And seems like the whole station is on Darga’s side

Dol Malik: so probably not a good idea to start a fight.

Prasla: Hm, it says encumbrance 1 or less is concealable and my grease gun is not concealable >>;

Shahyr: more like there a solid amount of informatino control surrounding his operations, so ‘run of th emilol’ folk are clueless

Prasla: Right

Dol Malik: And they do pat downs and stuff everytime right?

Dol Malik: yeah probably not worth smuggling unless we have a specific target.

Dol Malik: Right now we’re still in info-gathering mode.

Shahyr: “Here’s another idea for industrial sector… one might be about to pick up weaponize-able tools, maybe even short range stuff.. like a rivet gun or.. whatever…”

Korbyn: so the guards seem to have weapons?

Korbyn: so if we can get into security, might be able to at least go slightly armed

Jamil Deen: Yeah seems like if we get security jobs we could carry around some kind of weapons

Prasla: “Ehehe, yeah… If we’re going somewhere people are gonna carry tools, that ain’t a bad idea. I just did one up for myself…”

Korbyn: and a certain amount of legitemacy

Korbyn: dol and jamil should try security, rest of us can run this message down.. sound good?

Dol Malik: What do you want us to do exactly?

Korbyn: get jobs, they looking for people for extra security

Jamil Deen: The city is hiring temp security for the tournament

Jamil Deen: So we could apply to be security guards

Shahyr: “I may have played a sucirty office or two, but I couldn’t say I really know how to BE one. Reguardless, my prefered weapoins have already passed the security checks, so I’m good. You guys want to pursue that angle, more power to ya.” * grin *

Dol Malik: heh, I guess I mean, I dunno if they’ll just hire random people, it seemed like an upscale place.

Jamil Deen: Oh heh, hmm

Jamil Deen: Yeah that might not be as useful

Korbyn: still might give greater access

Dol Malik: Yeah. heh. I mean might get permission to carry a weapon, but do we even really have reason to get into the tournament?

Dol Malik: I mean besides metagaming since that seems to be the only real path right now lol

Jamil Deen: Heh well we can go check out the terminal that transmission came from

Jamil Deen: And go in unarmed

Jamil Deen: And walk into their trap

Prasla: mmm

Dol Malik: I mean Korb rolled 8 successes on his streetwise, nobody is saying shit lol.

Shahyr: (( yeah, it s reason to give for us being here, but Shahyr sees no reason to do anything further regaurding the tournament ))

Prasla: (Yeah Prasla isn’t that interested in the tournament really)

Shahyr: we’ve the one real lead.. someoen tryign to warn us off about our inquries

Dol Malik: (Yeah lol I mean Dol doesn’t care about it, we can’t enter anyway… i was just thinking it was probably plot related since it’s the only thing we know that’s going on)

Dol Malik: Dol and Jamil ight as well go along in case it’s a trap

Jamil Deen: Yeah let’s just go with the others and check out the transmission

Korbyn: ( or we can all just go for the transmission )

Jamil Deen: Casino doesn’t seem like it’s going to get us anywhere right now

Dol Malik: I mean if you’re all going to the transmission lets at least be there, since it seems liek its got the ptoetnial of some kind of trap, mgiht as well have some more meat there.

Shahyr: (( whomever has a decent melee and want/need the specs of the weapoins I can bring in, let me know ))

Prasla: (if it’s in the industrial section I actually do wanna bring my grease gun I think, unless someone’s gonna give me shit for it on the way there)

  • Korbyn keeps an eye out for danger or anything out of place as they go.

Jamil Deen: (My melee is decent, Brawn 3)

Dol Malik: I got brawn 3 too… 1 rank in brawl too.

Dol Malik: So I mean I’lll be semi-okay. Though 3 damage a pop ain’t much still

Jamil Deen: Yeah I got no ranks in anything but I can at least roll 3 greens

Dol Malik: Yeah, I mean thatll barely clear someone’s soak

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla added a Weapon

  • Korbyn keeps an eye out for anyone taking special note of them.

Korbyn: ( also not like they gonna have armored as well )

Shahyr: Stun Master, Crit 3, Pierce 1, Stun damage, looks like +4 dmg.. but I should verify

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla updated their character sheet

Dol Malik: yeah the stunmaster is pretty good at leastt.

Dol Malik: basicalyl equivalent of 5 damage with the pierce.

Jamil Deen: Yeah that’s not bad

Shahyr: yeah some do, but I foudn it.. this tabel lists it as base 6 ddmg, like a blaster would

Shahyr: same tabel has other thign s with the +3 type dmg

Jamil Deen: Still twice what I got unarmed, lol

Jamil Deen: I’m imagining those rods from Demolition Man

Shahyr: yeah basically

Shahyr: I’ve improved it via attachement+mod

Dol Malik: Hopefulyl prasla at least hjas her special goo gun

Shahyr: the stun baton, which you’d think is more of a swinging type, just has a dmg of 2… I’ve up the Stun qiality to 3 tho

Prasla: Yeah I said I’m bringing the goo gun

Prasla: Since we’re going to an industrial zone

Prasla: It’s not gonna look so out of place

Shahyr: with that you want 1+ success, and roll 2+ adv to trigger stun 3 which igonres the soak

Prasla: I was planning on wearing the same duster full of tools I always wear

  • Prasla acts slightly exasperated, yet understanding of the guards’ caution

Prasla: “Huh… Kinda sounds like it could be the name of a band too.”

Dol Malik: heh not like we can do too much else.

  • Dol Malik leads the way inside.

Shahyr: hmm.. guess it’s just the chargen being a little odd.. the table for snap baton lists it as +1 dmg

Prasla: “Or a real classy dance clu—ah?”

Dol Malik: (I don’t even know what an ugnot is)

Korbyn: (heh, we gonna need a translator droid)

Shahyr: bespin carbonite freezomg dudes

Korbyn: they the ones from empire that put Han in Carbon


Jamil Deen: Oh yeah those assholes

Dol Malik: Ah those guys.

Korbyn: they like pig faces Gnomes

Prasla: (Prasla might speak a little cause she spent her whole life on industrial space stations pretty much, but I don’t remember if there’s rules for that kinda stuff)

Shahyr: “This is the right place, isn’t it? They don’t look all the intimidating.”

  • Korbyn keeps an eye out for anyone taking special note of them.

Tygaran2 says to the GMs: Shahyr updated Snap Baton

Dol Malik: “Looks like they redirected the message thorugh here.”

Dol Malik: “Prasla is there anything further you can do?”

Korbyn: ( lets each toss in 150 and say we bought one …)

Jamil Deen: Well I could afford one maybe, or do we want to pool money or whatever

Jamil Deen: Yeah 150 each would buy one

Prasla: Yeah I’m down for tossing in 150

Shahyr: SWTOR – Revn arc.. the wookie has a droid head strapped to his chest for s atranslator , heh

Korbyn: can have Shahry carry it, since she the most talkie

Jamil Deen: lol

Jamil Deen: That’s awesome

Garrion: Regarding adding languages to the game: I tend to want a concrete list of known languages, but my personal take is not to add an entirely new skill set, but rather to allow each rank of a Knowledge skill to also add a known language appropriate to the Knowledge. Of course an interpreter bypasses all of this. Knowledge (Core) – would allow a language from species in the core Knowledge (Rim) – species from the outer rim Knowledge (Underworld) – species prominent in the underworld (Huttese would almost always be learned with Rank 1 for example) Knowledge (Lore) – tending towards dead or outdated languages, but also could indicate languages from strongly religious cultures or prominent mystical groups Knowledge (Education) – extremely common species or those with high technical aptitude Knowledge (Warfare) – Warrior species Knowledge (Xenology) – pretty much anything except your own species

Dol Malik: yeah if we can say we bought one for 150 heh.

Jamil Deen: Yeah each of us drops 150 and buys the translator thing

Jamil Deen: And let Shahyr use it

Korbyn: anyone have any of those ranks?

Jamil Deen: Since she’s the diplomancer

Jamil Deen: I have Lore

  • Prasla tilts her head.

Shahyr: “Boy boy. No need to be in a panic”

  • Dol Malik lets Shahyr handle it but I’ll just look intimidating.

Dol Malik: alright I erased the 150

Prasla: “Ah…”

Sachi says to the GMs: Prasla Loses 150 credits.

Shahyr: “Oh, we’ve dealt with Darga behore. He might not have like that last thign we did, but we were on his good side for a while there.”

Shahyr: “Not exactly woerkign for him, tho,” * she smiels gently

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen Loses 150 credits.

Jamil Deen: Marked off 150 from mine too

Cedric says to the GMs: Korbyn Loses 150 credits.

Korbyn: ( I knocked off 150 as well )

Shahyr: “Contract for a rival to find out more about what he’s doing.” she slightly prevaricates

Shahyr: “Trouble for him may eventuate, but more fact finding at this time.”

Korbyn: " Primarily looking for info on him and his dealings"

Jamil Deen: 6 × 150 = 750

Jamil Deen: Wait

Jamil Deen: Herp, I’m mathing wrong

Prasla: lolol

Jamil Deen: 750

Jamil Deen: 5 × 150 = 750

Shahyr: its onelt 5*150

Korbyn: 5 × 150 is 750

Jamil Deen: It’s been a very long day for me

Jamil Deen: Yeah for the universal translator dohickey

Jamil Deen: And figure Shahyr can use it since she’s the diplomancer

Korbyn: ya, once we see they aren’t human we can hold up a finger and then pul lit out

  • Shahyr can sorta do that.. when she;’s focused on Barding =D

Korbyn: Encumbrance: 1 Rarity: 3 Price: 750 Features: Grants □ to any Lore or Intellect checks made to decipher or translate an unknown language

Korbyn: Please see page 54 of the Enter the Unknown Sourcebook for details.

Korbyn: " Primarily looking for info on him and his dealings"

Dol Malik: yeah why not

Shahyr: “Sure.” /me will squeez into the lightly small person sized office

Jamil Deen: “Gotta start somewhere.”

Prasla: “I mean, it ain’t like we’re specifically lookin’ to start drek here, but it wouldn’t be that much of a shock if drek got started, y’know?”

Prasla: He’s after dat gas

Jamil Deen: “Sometimes boldness pays off.”

  • Prasla grins.

Shahyr: “We, we would exactly blend in with your fellows, making it harder for me to smooze anyone. What kind of approach did you have in mind?”

Jamil Deen: “Do they know any details on why Darga might want the Tibana gas?”

Korbyn: " ever hear of anything called Sarlac ?" ( probably spelled that wrog )

Shahyr: “So, you know here these guys are, or where we can find them. I’ve been know to be nicely persuasive. And if threatening actions are needed, the boys know how to do that.”

Korbyn: " any other mention, of perhaps an operations codenamed that?"

  • Dol Malik will keep watch to see if any trou ble is coming

Korbyn: new international trailer…. nice


Korbyn: (is that a Kyber crystal the main char is getting.. heh?)

Shahyr: “I think I might be able to convince them that the money they’re gettign from Darga isn’t good enough to counterbalance the oppression the city is putting on all of you, and them.,”

Dol Malik: yup

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: :3

Korbyn: " anyway you guys could smuggle us some weapons of we gonna need them here?"

  • Shahyr is good to move on

Dol Malik: (Yeah Dol is basically letting Shahyr handle most of the negotiations, I mean without his weapon he’sgonna have trouble intimidating anyone)

Jamil Deen: (Yeah heh, Jamil is the same)

Korbyn: " ok then "

Jamil Deen: (Unfortunately I don’t have enough points invested to be able to do much with my Move power)

Shahyr: “Can you think of any projectile type tool, or short range arc welder or something, that Dol coudl use to shoot peopel, Luv?”

Dol Malik: (I’ll continue to keep lookout btw, since the office is cramped figure be tough for all of us to fit in)

Shahyr: “Yeah, he likes shooty more than smacky…”

Jamil Deen: lol

Shahyr: staying hand =P

Prasla: “Oh yeah, there’s plenty of stuff he could use! I got this multi-goo gun I m-mod— uh, can use… Or you could use a rivet gun, or you could modify a repulsor or an ion thruster into a weapon… That’s kinda obvious to lug around, though…”

Shahyr: straying

Dol Malik: (heh wow…)

Prasla: (there’s literally rules for using a repulsor or an ion thruster as a weapon, so you can play iron man)

Dol Malik: lol.

Shahyr: “Well, be on the lookout for somethign semi portale Dol and the boys can use to shoot people with”

Dol Malik: thats pretty awesome.

Prasla: (they both use Ranged (Heavy)

Shahyr: “We’ll be back soonish, little fellows.”

Korbyn: ya

Cedric is disconnected.

Prasla: You like gotta be a wookie or something to use the ion thruster though

Dol Malik: lol yeah I assume it has a shitload of that cumbersome drawback

Cedric1 has connected.

Prasla: It’s 8 encumbrance and has cumbersome 5

Prasla: Also it has Ion, but you can add an attachment to get rid of that

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: Only 5 base damage, but you can put up to 5 Pierce +1 mods on the attachment

Dol Malik: heh.

Dol Malik: wow… 5 cumbersome damn

  • Korbyn keeps an eye out for danger as they go.

Perception Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 5 Advantage1



Perception Check Ability Ability Ability
Success 2 Advantage1

Dol Malik:
Perception Check Ability Ability
Success 2 Advantage2


Korbyn: (man so much easier when unopposed )


Perception Check Proficiency Proficiency Boost
Success 2 Triumph1

Prasla: ooo

Korbyn: nice

  • Korbyn slows them down and tries to listen to them for a bit.
  • Shahyr reads translation from new gizmo for the others (or whatever)

Shahyr: “J? K? How does their mood seem right now. can you tell?”

Dol Malik: (Il’ll sneak ahead see what I can see)

Shahyr: depends on if the boys can get a decent sense of them

Dol Malik:
Stealth Check Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty
Success 0 Advantage4

Dol Malik: lol.

Jamil Deen: lol wow

Dol Malik: I got a pretty good steralth skill too.

Dol Malik: yeah it was Dol lol.

Dol Malik: “Hey. How’s it hanging?”

  • Shahyr swishes past Dol with a disarming smile

Shahyr: “Hard at work I see.”

  • Dol Malik tries to play it off like I wasn’t sneaking heh.
  • Korbyn will try to circle around with stealth, to come in from a different direction if need be.

Stealth Check Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Advantage1

Korbyn: damn

Dol Malik: (lol we all suck at stealth)

  • Prasla stands near Shahyr, but she seems distracted watching the equipment work…

Shahyr: “Right.. sample. I image big D will be testing them most assiduaously.”

Dol Malik: (Guess Korb knocks over more tools)

Jamil Deen:
Stealth Check Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty
Success 2 Advantage1

Dol Malik: “It’d be hard to miss him.”

Jamil Deen: Heh yeah I figure I could get around them to cut them off if they try to run

Dol Malik: (Think he’s the only stealthy one)

Dol Malik: (Well I’m not sneaking anymore once I got detected)

Shahyr: “You know. Kinda fat, huge smile. tiny arms. But that;’s neither here nor there. I just want to offer some friendly advice. You see, that company you just mentioned is getting ready to apply new sanctions on all Ugnauts…”

Dol Malik: (Well I was just sneaking as the first one lol, so I was snaeking but I got caught and then just started to talk after Imade noise)

Shahyr: “.. It seems production has dropped below acceptable levels, or some has gone missing…”

Shahyr: “I think you’ll find that the compensation you’ve been getting for this.. scientific research… will no longer be helpful for you, considering whats comming”

  • Shahyr pauses for reactions…

Shahyr: sure

Shahyr: I’m also being deceptive

Shahyr: lieying about comming sanctions…

Shahyr: not talking harshly, so I don’t feel she’s being intimidating.. more friendlty warning type

Garrion: i accidentally unplugged my headset

Jamil Deen: D’oh

Garrion: need to drop from discord to reset

Shahyr: explanes sudden silence

Shahyr: given my talent spread, the negotiation route wuld be the best approach she’s gogin for

Shahyr: yup

Jamil Deen: Yup

Prasla: Mhm~

Shahyr: ^ yeah I’m not being angry, so negotiations

Jamil Deen: 7 reds

Shahyr: Congenial: The character may suffer 1 strain to downgrade the difficulty of a Charm or Negotiation check; or upgrade an incomming Charm or Negotiation check.

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 1 Strain

Shahyr: 2 purple now =D

Negotiation Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 3

Korbyn: nice

Prasla: Hm… Can I maybe spot some tip they can use to work more efficiently…? Or something wrong with their gear I can point out? Maybe help our credibility some?

Prasla: mm

Prasla: nm, I misinterpreted a little I think

Prasla: Purr

Shahyr: “Oh, I’m not advocating violence against big D. However, the terms are no longer in your favor. Loss of medical benefits, lower food rations… cutting cost by forced retirement. ANy of those could include you just as much as others. You need to sit down with some of your fellows and discuss what;’s going on. Take a time out. You can certainlty tell them spot checks have been too frequent and you need to stop supplying for a while.”

Prasla: (I assume it’d be polite to point out the mynocks?)

Korbyn: (heh, for sure )

Jamil Deen: Heh, wonder where those came from…

Prasla: ""ey, I hate to intraject in your conversation, but… You guys been having pest control issues?"

Dol Malik: heh trouble is arriving…

Prasla: Oh

  • Shahyr furthered her arguments above… ^^
  • Prasla nods, trying to take note of how many she sees…

Shahyr: “I never said refuse, I just said delay. ANd if things continue as expected, you could be facing the same kidn of danger from the Company.”

Shahyr: “Well, how do you think WE found? Information is also a commodity. I.. borrowed.. some. The Company hasn’t id’d you lot, once. But those details never reached them. All I’m suggesting is that you take a long hard look at your total situation. There’s fast approaching a time with mere money will no longer save you.”

Shahyr: ^ has id’d../.

Jamil Deen: Might want to flip Destiny token maybe

Shahyr: Congenial: The character may suffer 1 strain to downgrade the difficulty of a Charm or Negotiation check; or upgrade an incomming Charm or Negotiation check.

Shahyr: downgrade, and destiny…

Shahyr: Shahyr spends a Destiny Point!

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 1 Strain

Negotiation Check Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty
Success 2 Threat1

Shahyr: Shahyr gains 1 Strain

  • Shahyr just smiles gently again

Shahyr: “Ewxactly. Things change and one must adapt. I’m glad we had this time to chat. The informtion that losses will be less, that Big D will have a dealy… such information is valuable in certain circles. Not need to bother a busy group liek the Company over such trivialituies.” * wink *

Shahyr: ^ have a delay..

Shahyr: “And I’m terribel with names and faces.” Turnsa her back, “I’ve forgotten who I’ve ben talking to already.” ( half glance back “I get paid on the commision of the information’s worth, as well as for my .. diplomatic.. service. I assure you, it’s more than adequate.”

  • Shahyr starts walking away
  • Prasla skips after her
  • Korbyn waits a sec to see how they react, then will follow.
  • Shahyr ’s still looking at pad
  • Jamil Deen steps out from his hiding spot and starts following after them, only now revealing himself even though he’s been there the whole time

Shahyr: quietly to the group "Let’s lett the little guys know about the change in status. The rest will be up to them’

  • Jamil Deen nods

Shahyr: “Hopefull the added information is actionable”

  • Dol Malik nods.

Jamil Deen: “I wonder what Darga’s reaction is going to be to having his supply cut off right after making a deal with the Empire to increase production…”

Korbyn: " nice work "

Shahyr: “I have my moments.”

  • Prasla offers Shahyr a fist bump.

Korbyn: " I would imagine the Empire won’t be happy at best, or think he is trying to stiff them at worst "

Prasla: “Hope he doesn’t take it out on the ughnauts, though.”

Dol Malik: “I can get behind anything that’s bad for the empire.”

Shahyr: (( gogin to roll Disciple for strian recovery, if i can. while my resilience is better, this is all ‘social’ strian, so want to use a more social skill ;) ))

Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 2 Advantage1

Shahyr: Shahyr recovers 2 Strain

  • Shahyr gives details on what she used for ‘negotiation points’ and the resulting actions on their part

Shahyr: “It’s by no means a permanent solution. But the rest is gogin to have to be up to you.”

  • Shahyr swettles back to listen

Jamil Deen: “Hm…”

Jamil Deen: “Unfortunately we don’t have the credits to enter the tournament… But maybe that security job will come in handy after all.”

Dol Malik: “Yeah, hopefully I’ll get a gun to go wtih the badge.”

Korbyn: " do you possibly know where they exchange will take place?"

Shahyr: “Guess its time for Prasla and me to find a lonely old man who wants to raise his rep by having a beauty on each arm.”

Korbyn: " might work… rest of us get security posts "

Dol Malik: (heh)

Prasla: “E-eheheh…”

  • Prasla giggles nervously…

Korbyn: (they don’t know what darga’s agent looks like?)

Korbyn: (well we all together, so might as well go )

Shahyr: “Sounds like a plan. I can start hunting for an escort at the hotel whiel you guys persue jobs at the Casino and case the place a bit.”

Prasla: “Whoa…”

Shahyr: “Hmm, there’s another job you coudl do Luv. They;’re bound to need more techinical staff”

Prasla: “You think so? I dunno if they’d take me… I, I mean I’ve been in trouble here and there…”

Prasla: “This seems like a classy place…”

  • Shahyr was planning on doing so, since they guys all seem to leave the talking to her and she’s used to it anyway =D

Dol Malik: (Yeah I’ll go see if I can get a security job)

  • Korbyn will ask where they are taking applications for extra security jobs.
  • Korbyn will follow Dol and Jamil there.

Shahyr: “So which will it be Luv? Technical staff, or eey candy?” * smile *

Jamil Deen: Yup

Prasla: “U-um… I’ll see if I can get a job fixin’ stuff…”

Prasla: I’ll go with them, hehe~ (assuming tech stuff is close by)

Shahyr: “I’ll meet you at the hotel bar then”

Jamil Deen: (She’s gonna go find a sugar daddy to play arm candy with)

Prasla: chicka bow

Dol Malik: (actually I got a pretty good idea…)

Prasla: (been fantasizing about the ice cream that’s downstairs…)

Jamil Deen: (I just finished a bowl of ice cream myself lol)

Dol Malik: (Unless it’s some really freaky shit…)

Prasla: (btw Kix is hella cute but she’s bashful about flaunting it)

  • Shahyr observes the ongoings…
  • Shahyr thinks to herself ’sharp accents, core world region.. might be our imp… ’

Perception Check Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 2 Advantage1

Prasla: brb~ Gonna get an ice cream cone :3~

Prasla: Away From Keyboard


Shahyr: as near human as zabrak and swtor era Sith race



Korbyn: female bodyguards, nice

Korbyn: clones

Korbyn: they look similar to the ones at Darga’s ?

  • Shahyr thinks sarcastically to her self ‘oh certinaly no imp with covert stormtroopers there’

Shahyr: (( I think she did ther too.. I remember commenting about it anyway ))

  • Shahyr uses datapad functions to get a seflie that just happens to get a picture of him in the background as they exit

Prasla: Back

  • Shahyr has aduqate stealth, but not superb.. so better wait and make plans with everyone. we’ve got times
  • Shahyr will first find a dress shop and blow some credits on a fancier dress, then slink into the bar, manhunting…

Prasla: thought you said “mainlining” and I was like whoa

Jamil Deen: lol

Shahyr: about only other thing i can think of is cahtting witht eh brow-beaten hotel worker and fish for a name, and maybe room number

  • Shahyr is far better at this than tygaran tho.. heh
  • Shahyr Walks up once the rep is back, “They grow then quite arrogant in the Core, don;t they.” (yeah, that’s a thing. one more reason why she would got blow some creds on a new dress and a chance to clean up… she wouldn’t start smoozing until after that

Shahyr: no.. she’d get pretty first

Shahyr: sure, that’s fine.. time moves on

Shahyr: right

Shahyr: and there’s that Zeltron rep

Korbyn: red trash

Dol Malik: lol

Dol Malik: guess I’ll go first.

Jamil Deen: I’ll go after Dol

Dol Malik: (rigging the shuffle?)

Dol Malik: (I wouldn’t trust a droid dealer… )

Dol Malik: (Hmmm…. well I mean I was disgraced using my actual identiy, and I dont’ think I ever had time to make a fake ID so…. I’d probably give them a fake name, sometimes similar like fought in the clone wars and such)

Dol Malik: (Similar background as I do, but just different name, so I can give them some descriptions)

Prasla: (I have to situate my torso 100% vertical in my chair or else this cat will dig her claws into my stomach)

Dol Malik: (Hmm… I assume they have ways to verify this stuff long range?)

Dol Malik: (How accurate are the records they got?)

Dol Malik: (I’ll try giving them the name of someone else that I served with that could be me)

Dol Malik: (like someone of similar age, apeparance, etc)

Dol Malik: (Yeah, I’ll give them that guys name)

Dol Malik: (They don’t know where he is so it should work)

Dol Malik: (Nobody knows he’s on Feluccia. so I’ll use that)

Dol Malik: (I forget his name heh.)

Jamil Deen: (lol damn… I gotta figure out a covery story)

Dol Malik: (Yeah that guy!)

Dol Malik: (I’ll try to give them his background as bst I can)

Dol Malik: (Yeah, Il’l give him all the stuff I remember about it)

Prasla: (damn, I’m basically just this random orphan who’s good at making things so should I just make up a name or what?)

Dol Malik: I’m probably gonna need a destiny point here… so I’ll burn one of those…

Shahyr: Shahyr spends a Destiny Point!

Intellect Check Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Advantage2

Dol Malik: and still failed lol.

Shahyr: (( chat logs for the win… Vazus Mandrake is his name ))

Taragnor: oh there we go nice.

Shahyr: ^ looks liek someone had me selected there…

Taragnor: I guess failuret o remember his name might be an indication my backstory isn’t great :P

Taragnor: yeah I’ll take that.

Dol Malik: “Do I get a blaster with a stun setting or do you want me to bludgeon them?”

Dol Malik: (damn that’s good money)

Korbyn: yup

Dol Malik: (we should retire and become casino guards)

Dol Malik: (lol… yeah they probably wouldn’t want a guy carrying a machine gun)

Dol Malik: “Sounds good to me.”

Dol Malik: (Yeah)

  • Dol Malik nods and follows along.

Dol Malik: (They just need to lie more)

Korbyn: I can go or no

Korbyn: " Afternoon, my name is Xander "

Prasla: (I’m gettin sleepy~)

Korbyn: basically will go with sort of what he is/was… that used to work for some gangs when he was a kid and has been on the straight and narrow since.. figures with his knowledge of the other side of the law, he an more easily spot shinanigens going on and the like.. using name of one of my friends that died

Prasla: (I’m ok with either)

Korbyn: yes

Korbyn: no, is name of someone who died on my planet before

Korbyn: or actually make it someone who is alive

Korbyn: yes

Korbyn: part of the old gang

Korbyn: probably few months before we started playing

Korbyn: so 3-4 months ago

Korbyn: so ya, need to redo that in chat or no?

Korbyn: " Afternoon, my name is Xander "

Korbyn: " well I"ve just best sort of floating about, trying to pick up jobs where I can.. guess I’m looking for a place to settle down some, but haven’t really found it yet"

Korbyn: " yes, it was when I was a kid, in a shit area… it was basically do that or starve.. I did what I had to.. but I didn’t enjoy it….

Korbyn: " my friend died during one of our jobs.. I just couldn’t do it anymore after that "

Korbyn: " no, I don’t think so. we were pretty small time "

Korbyn: " never killed anyone or anything "

Korbyn: " I certainly can and will "

Prasla: (heh, I have Criminal for my trouble thingy so I dunno if I’m the best one to look for legit employment actually >>;;; )

Korbyn: " sure, no problem "

Prasla: (if they’re gonna be doing background checks and stuff)

Jamil Deen: Yeah, bad time for a background check, lol

Korbyn: ( well the galaxies are so big and so many that unless you are red flagged or something, its not likely to be found out some )

Prasla: (yeah heh I’m more like just… lots of petty crimes scattered in various places)

Prasla: (So I guess I don’t really have much to worry about)

Korbyn: (or bad luck that this guy happened to work there before )

Jamil Deen: Yeah I"m here

  • Korbyn goes to get sized up.

Prasla: kk~

Prasla: (aww)

Prasla: “Scuse me… I ain’t real physically intimidating, but I might be able to fix that for ya…”

Dol Malik: (rolls two despairs and the computer explodes!)

Prasla: “Let me take a look!” (computer or mechanics?)

Prasla: What’s the difficulty?

Dol Malik: (guess rebooting it doesn’t fix it)

Korbyn: destiny

Prasla: So 4? Yeesh…

Prasla: Oh doh

Prasla: Wait

Prasla: Yeah

Prasla: 3

Prasla: You didn’t

Prasla: I just derpin

Korbyn: flip a destiny

Prasla: Yeah I’ll use a destiny, why not~

Prasla: Prasla spends a Destiny Point!

Prasla: Not on computers,only mechanics :(

Computers Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback
Success 0 Failure2 Advantage2

Prasla: fffffff

Prasla: “Mmmm… The TRX-76s’re way different from the 77s…”

Jamil Deen: (Is this talking to Prasla still?)

Dol Malik: (bludgeon the worker with the keyboard and replace her!)

Jamil Deen: lol that would be awesome

Dol Malik: (The funny part is if she just totally replaced someone of another species then saw if anyone noticed)

Dol Malik: (Like all of a sudden it’s a twi’lek there.)

Prasla: “Oh… I just got done with a freighter gig, so I’m kinda just lookin’ for a place I can fit in for a while. Gotta eat, y’know?~”

Shahyr: escort service…

Dol Malik: (Mostly I just wanted to see Prasla be like ‘the problem witht he computer is right here, see this red light on the terminal…" and as they’re distracted she just brutally beats the worker with the keyboard and strangles her out with the mouse cord)

Korbyn: please.. courtesan

Jamil Deen: That’s the kind of thing Agent 47 would do

Prasla: “Well, I’m pretty good with machines… Starships, vehicles an’ stuff, droids, little bit of everything really. Computers ain’t my area of expertise.”

Dol Malik: (I imagine PRasla would have some weird drawback where she totally mentally snaps after afiling a computer roll or something. Like the stress of it just causes her to turn into a soulless killing machine)

Prasla: “Yeah!~ Anything I can get my hands inside I’m a lot better with.”

Korbyn: heh, fix the dealers.. we get in…. you fix em to give us good cards…. we win

Prasla: :3

Prasla: “Hey, I can’t say no to that!~ Thanks a ton!~”

Dol Malik: yeah rig the deck.

Cedric1 is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Prasla: Hehe~

Prasla: “Ah!~”

Prasla: (wish I hadn’t used my touch of fate earlier x.x )

Jamil Deen: Heh, using a fake name, I ain’t using my real name and getting lit up on the Imperial Rogue Jedi Database

Dol Malik: (If he rolls poorly he accidentally gives them Master Yoda as his name)

Jamil Deen: Trying to think of one lol

Shahyr: Limaj Need…

Jamil Deen: Haha

Jamil Deen: Yeah that works well actually

Dol Malik: (lol.. yeah do that)

Jamil Deen: Yeah let’s go with that

Jamil Deen: Why not

Jamil Deen: Yup

Shahyr: it his name backwards =D

Dol Malik: (He once capped a guy in cold blood for a crime lord?)

Jamil Deen: lol yeah

Prasla: Hmm… did I give my name to like Darga’s people?

Prasla: Yeah

Jamil Deen: Would Skullduggery skill let me be able to do things like spot fake ID or people cheating at cards?

Jamil Deen: “Good with a gun, good with a club, able to spot fake ID and card cheats.”

Jamil Deen: “I’ve done some small time work, nothing major. Mostly self taught. But I’m good at what I do.”

Jamil Deen: “None.”

Prasla: Actually I’ll give him an alias I’ve used before, so if he runs a background check he’ll find that I’ve done odd jobs under that name

Prasla: Like something I went by while I was waiting for the heat to die down somewhere, like >.>

Prasla: Kyrie Trillix? I just thought of that off the top of my head

Prasla: I reserve the right to retcon that if I think of something I like a lot better >>;

Jamil Deen: “I’ve played a few games and I’ve seen all the tricks. And my father owned a bar so he passed on what he knew.”

Jamil Deen: (Just totally bluffing the shit out of this)

Jamil Deen: “Certainly. I can read people well, and having a good team always helps.”

Dol Malik: (oh it’s clear of everything…)

Jamil Deen: (lol yeah, you won’t find anything under that name)

Korbyn: (oh wait, I typed it in backwards… )

Jamil Deen: (Be like on My Cousin Vinny and be like "No, no, not Limaj, Lesage!)

Dol Malik: Yeah lol I was thinking the same thing.

Dol Malik: They must be desperate to hire some guy with a made up name lol

Dol Malik: (Yeah of course…)

Prasla: Purr~

Korbyn: destiny again?

Prasla: 1 more!

Jamil Deen: Hey man, background check shows that my name is clean with no outstanding warrants

Prasla: What’s the difficulty on this?

Dol Malik: (The “droid” is actually just a droid head and a pile of slag)

Prasla: (yep)

Prasla: 1 green, 2 yellow

Perception Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
Success 1


Prasla: I do get to remove a setback, hehe~

Jamil Deen: And spend that Destiny to remove a difficulty maybe

Prasla: Oh oops you can do that too? Yeah I’ll do it that way

Prasla: Yeah that’d remove a purple

Dol Malik: I dunno if you can straight uop remove a die… maybe you can actually I duno

Jamil Deen: Should be able to far as I know

Prasla: Yeah, so I’m pretty sure it works the other way too

Prasla: Prasla spends a Destiny Point!

Mechanics Check Ability Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty
Success 0 Failure1 Advantage4

Prasla: pffffffffffff

Prasla: asssssssssssssssssss

Jamil Deen: lol geez

Prasla: well, I guess I don’t get the job

Dol Malik: dont you have a reroll thing?

Prasla: ???

Korbyn: (back to the oldest profession )

Dol Malik: oh I thought you had a reroll on mechanics checks

Dol Malik: nm

Korbyn: (heh, just say you didn’thave the right parts )

Jamil Deen: lol yeah, time to make excuses

Dol Malik: (Time to seduce him!)

Shahyr: ^ does your toolkit give you a boost? Not that it’d matter all that much.. you’d need+2 success

Prasla: (if he actually says that I’m gonna tell him to jam it up his ass when I leave lol)

Jamil Deen: lol

Prasla: lol

Dol Malik: yeah until my check comes in.

Jamil Deen: A woman with tons of experience is turned down for the job while the man who lies and blusters his way in is hired… Where have I heard this before

Dol Malik: The worst part is I don’t know that mycheck isnt’ any good. at least Jamil knows his background is fucked lol

Dol Malik: lol.

Dol Malik: Yeah heh, Prasla should file sexual descrimination lawsuit.

Jamil Deen: Yeah I’m basically just hoping that they’re too busy with other shit to get around to checking me

Dol Malik: She got all these 3 difficulty checks to prove herself, while all the guys were just hired without any tests.

Jamil Deen: Or maybe I can have somebody plant a fake background out there somewhere

Jamil Deen: I dunno how that’d work

Jamil Deen: lol yeah

Jamil Deen: Yay XP

Dol Malik: yeah heh.

Korbyn: bah, couldn’t do 5 more.. then I"m force rating +1

Dol Malik: I tried to bravely stealth my way forward.

Dol Malik: and then bravely made a bunch of noise.

Dol Malik: a coward would have run upon making all that noise!

Jamil Deen: Totally

Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 3

Dol Malik:
Discipline Check Ability Ability
Success 0 Advantage3

Jamil Deen:
Discipline Check Ability Ability Proficiency
Success 1 Advantage2

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 2 Advantage1 Triumph1

Discipline Check Ability Proficiency
Success 2 Advantage1

Dol Malik: nada.

Shahyr: wow.. 2 dice for the win…

Prasla: ooo

Dol Malik: wow prasla got a triumph.

Tygaran2 says to the GMs: Shahyr updated their character sheet

Korbyn: 68… getting close

  • Shahyr got 3 =D

Tabris says to the GMs: Jamil Deen updated their character sheet

Tygaran2 says to the GMs: Shahyr updated their character sheet

Jamil Deen: Is there some way for me to get a fake background that matches the info I gave them planted out there somewhere? lol

Dol Malik: lol could talk to Switch

Dol Malik: bet he might be able to do it

Jamil Deen: Yeah heh, that’s a good idea

Jamil Deen: So what would I need to contact Switch? I thought we had his info already or something

Dol Malik: I figure Dol doesn’t really know if his backstory will hold or not.

Jamil Deen: Well I mean we had prior dealings with him though, heh

Jamil Deen: Heh, okay, guess we can do that next session

Prasla: (i’m a get ready for bed~)

Korbyn: obligation

Korbyn: switch

Korbyn: for the favor

Korbyn: technically I think he got obligation to us

Korbyn: heh, don’t he owe us for saving his life

Dol Malik: poor prasla.

Shahyr: I’m sure DOl will have opinions on how to deal with the 4 grey haired clones and the arrogant imp…

Dol Malik: hell yeah.

Jamil Deen: Indeed

Jamil Deen: I am the law here!

Dol Malik: Dol heard “License to kill”

Jamil Deen: They were card cheats

Jamil Deen: I saw them

Dol Malik: lol.

Shahyr: well, closing in on 2 am here. so I’m off to bed

Shahyr: night all

Jamil Deen: Yeah I need to crash too

Dol Malik: okay I’ll cya saturday.

Tygaran2 is disconnected.

Korbyn: ok, later

Taragnor is disconnected.

Tabris is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Session 14 Log

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